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Steve Bernocco and Phil Jose

Thu, 2 Apr 2009|

Steve Bernocco and Phil Jose of the Seattle (WA) Fire Department speak with Bobby Halton at FDIC 2008.



I this is -- hardware on the road -- and FDIC 2008. And I'm very pleased right now that -- interview until my great friends from the Seattle guys. Another team before normally but we don't have Casey we don't -- with us right now what we got Steve -- -- -- And we got -- shows and together they make up as. For the Seattle guys and it just finished their first book called air management of our service which is really landmark publication -- that's -- Tomorrow the country in the teaching here for four years now. -- for -- and relentlessly beating up these guys who were just the most wonderful people and some most -- people that he's here. And really decent people to. Just salt of the earth and thank you so much for being here today -- see -- -- congratulations on trying achievement award holy cow. That's that's big time stuff from him that's that's something that's big stuff. Holy cows do what we say we're in need he -- -- I was I was I was -- and it was there -- really an honor to be nominated team. Events like that is truly humbling. Now you -- Really program. -- management. Four years ago and exist hosting us tonight you guys grown men and here it is. And it's going full guns announcement PA standard 144. -- People don't understand the nuances of standards -- rest assured. You may not be laws. When something happens and some guy you know so many cheap suit man and address are gonna. -- -- know why he didn't you know know about it right just because the standard as long as and he should know. Talked little about your management books available. Think you'll come buy it now. -- Obama and freshening books and we also have it here at the show down and the bookstore downstairs and so readily available for people to purchase. That's about 550 pages which is always good -- to -- on the subject and and most of it in a very few very few crayon drawings and there I think there's some stuff for people these. -- -- -- -- twice and a decent and I had more time -- written less. When you guys working on and I think are usually it was originally the Gutenberg Bible. Is -- it was so much to say about doing anything about. Well you know what you do you bodies were just trying to preach the gospel of fairness -- is that's attribute point that we picked I -- we you know I think now that's for use probably stolen from someone well what we're doing is we're just trying really who. The problem is we're -- firefighters and we're talking about interior structural firefighting. We're -- firefighters go into these buildings. And die -- -- critically injured. Because they run it here -- these buildings. In an ancillary part is what we're trying to do was to prevent that that's what we want to prevent and I wanted to have this guy's running air inside the structure. The statistics from I think count promising 1990 to 1983. Which is really kind of intentional snapshot it was a 63% I don't I don't -- More recent stuff and apologize. It's that's about to say nothing has changed much lost to -- to run and there are no. You know and it was such thing to me to -- retirement. And you guys -- -- inspired people to keep looking and more critically. When your air -- -- You don't have much to go until we know path you know this he thought he thought this for years and yeah of this smoke in today's structure fires just it's toxic. And couple -- so that we know that is -- is gonna drop into the ground and then you gonna be unconscious unit. If you're lucky enough to get out you're not that far from a door. It you might suffer the effects of all those toxins carcinogens. Those poisons you read it. So and depending on how -- believe may be I think that's the thing that I learned from you guys -- and look and listen you guys for three years. Like a really -- headed irishman out there who works in the Fokker services. -- -- -- fire and I would my guys gets dropped like third period front she takes one win. And he false stint in a crowd five amendment -- skin -- and right there he drops writes the room literally outside the garage and problems. Whom we learned -- -- was its all about the individual to. I mean what plus tracks you may not affect who may not affect anybody can kill it almost killed this poor guy great guy to just naturally great guy. -- healthiest guy in the group too that's what really. You just scared the heck out of -- that is healthy strapping guy. -- -- Hydrogen cyanide. Doesn't know who that guys it doesn't care that's what you -- him. And trust inside. We're having problems I decide it's actually we're calling it now it works in combination would play and on that telling you anything -- But it works in combination with carbon -- to get an escape inhibitor. So this is what -- firefighters are fighting it actively fighting off people trying to rescue we have our captains. Actually fight off. It was a big man 66 dignity and he was actually fighting off. Two other -- -- like -- -- personal fighting and physically. Anything in it was out of -- him breathing in toxic smoke luckily our guys dragged him -- -- -- -- full respiratory arrest thank god he's with us CCC. But that could only other -- Some call the minutes and every far from secure risky because you before we knew -- We didn't know -- and and you know these guys being combative really -- you know we're here to help media attention to us. Now we know. The option can't there's no team capability because China carbon monoxide you're qualified to block in all -- Great book. So called forward when you see here management you know sold down the road tickets that previous snapshot two years five years. 11. Yeah it is -- is that I think airmen was -- I think it's that transfer you know attract people may not completely realizes -- yet. But it's is coming in in this it's this doesn't it firefighters can't do we know from our experience that you can train firefighters to do this. Figure is 75% of their -- that they can get to the citizens 75% of our apartments headed for a percent to citizens of the -- Or send -- an aside point 5%. As a margin margin for error margin for safety net for your family for your wife -- your kids for your mom and dad. 75% to be aggressive. Knock down drag our firefighter that we all love to be. Breaking stuff and and and taking names right that leave -- point 5% margins so. As this moves forward what we see is is once people. Except your management into their part apartment even a little bit they never turn around and go back. You never they never go backwards they only forwards. There's departments are all over the country. As we've talked people here to FDIC and people that we are for the book it's not just happening in Seattle says it's happening in Phoenix as a result of the -- terrorism. It's happening in Alabama and Florida and Texas. And -- -- -- New Jersey and in Minnesota and in -- spreading across the country so it's it's common to the fire service. We're going question is -- -- are people going to be agent of change. And except -- management change are they going to be an agent of resistance. Because the sooner or later the resistance will be completely defeated. It's only -- individual choice individual fire departments are gonna change are we gonna resist. You know I always thought that. Life without -- release. So when I read and the album featuring academies -- -- plastic bags over the -- hands and put programs and we stopped some kind abuse that is kind of guy abusing recruits thing. I thought it was totally gone. But when you think about it. I think we've all done his kids foolishly put Saran -- office. When you get that terrifying moment you can't breathe when swallowed something lodges and you can't read. People need to remember that when you there -- fire it's the same exact. It's terrifying realization. There that's the only thing separating you. From god and and you may not be read. It's really interesting because -- you know talked he talked about there being an important resource is just as firefighters. What we're doing right now is we managed to release our resources and every fire we manage a lot of different resource at the same time we think about. Engineers chauffeurs a national water and energy company's. Officers managed accrue to their people right. We have the incident command system -- the strategic level to manage our people do you accountability. We -- have so many things are gonna we're watching the most important thing you know arguably and I get it's inside structural. And when I love about your book and -- -- all about you guys approach and -- I wish we had. -- -- this is moment. What I love about what you guys have done -- -- rather than just rely on technology these are great systems out there countless books that are certainly -- Electronic telemetry systems you've taken -- to -- level with your book and -- -- brilliantly written. To where every firefighter. Go on him to you three can take care each other's -- can watch each other can help ritualistic connected. Because that's the key to survival if you can't -- him. The red team will get to actually what you aspects that you got that folks to keep came to the audience lets you -- dance with who robbed him. And and that's who's gonna get yet. When you read -- management book. That one little tidbit of wisdom doesn't come through you missed some point. You know we really are brothers' keepers and yet we provide service that community but we have to provide service to each other all time to. And remind one another about -- management is smart funny and smart business. Because you don't know if -- -- is going to be -- perceptible you don't know. And you could be good -- job for thirty years and one days accuse interest rate concentration right. Price wrong spot wrong time and and we've we've kind of tragedy. Listen guys I'm so proud you think you change your -- -- -- -- that -- phenomenon -- a huge book. I got. Her management for the fire service its for know go fill -- show hosts and Galliano. It's available from fire engineering it's a must read 1404 is -- very important standard. Very important standard not just for the fire -- -- for you as an individual. A bombing -- -- on the road and be careful out there. Don't tell us.

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