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Danny Sheridan interview

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Danny Sheridan of the Fire Department of New York talks to Bobby Halton at FDIC 2008.



-- I'm Bobby -- and welcome to on the road. We're live right now from FDIC 2008 I've got my good friend Dan shared and prevention 46 -- NY. And thanks for -- and and I wrote and you're busy -- -- for -- here. We've been writing like a rented mule treat them that you talked multiple family love fires -- -- employing. Fires is that this time around how to go what what was that was important firemen be aware of most definitely bodes. Well. -- think -- you know what I've seen my. My time on the job is when -- first on the job. I guess -- to seventeen truck can we -- -- in the middle of the projects vehicle projects you know the nineteen story -- proof will borrowings and I just like we call me on the job that it was league. It wasn't a big event to have -- project for and what do what I've seen evolve like over the what's in between when used between two years and have been fine -- far it's. Is basically. When I got on the job you know the low income housing. Viewpoint section eight welfare you know. And they didn't have -- furnishings you know it would have you come as the appointment to be couch and -- in just a few furnishings you know. -- the far as we're pretty much you know. Routine you know -- strips of torn in half and sometimes -- recorder you know. Welcome on the -- -- in -- and what it never really mattered quiz as far as they really -- going. And what happened today I saw that changed it it started happening about 1012. Years ago where people's just. Started amassing more things in -- and I know and I notice -- affordable sort of change. Like you know we've we say. The RB to use go up and GPM go down or vice Versa earned I noticed -- -- going I noticed normal plastics performance. I noticed -- these areas that people have more. Dvd players computers. Stuff ever stop to stop in general -- Foam beds and couches and so now you went from 8000 to like 181000 -- use and what happened was I guess that the far as we just intensive going to win those who fail and now we're dealing with like when do flowers. And we still using the same tactics and we got -- few times -- we don't know if you -- 9690. Billion avenue. And we had -- -- just take a step back and well you know we have to just address -- we can't continue doing this. Nonchalantly. You know taken this kind of nice one -- And now. Now -- -- as far as and it's -- advanced you know. The heavy followed I mean -- made -- I get to department now it's like I came -- any form of mean people have stuff wanted to -- the whole way. On -- sofa beds couches and and we're getting -- much much -- farms so fuel loads increased hotter fires so you talk about. Detect except to change them tactics have to change come on something's that will learning and I think. I think we've pretty much -- is that we have to we have to put coupled with global we have to designated text it. We have to keep the evacuations they would close we have two -- one has to be evacuation has to be attacked. We have to -- one half we have he's asking for mentioning. If we don't have control of the apartment door. Then we have to charge a line in that stairwell. And -- we have to treat their -- As part of foreigners who and we have to federal courts get that far back. So some kind of almost transition to a high rise. A scenario versus just the multiple dwelling -- most definitely most us. A win now -- -- fact I mean when was always a factor. And now it's becoming even more. Having fuel increase the fuel loads stills for. So what else to -- while you're hearing could. -- around the show much at all yeah well I was kicking around me I was taking some samplings and -- -- -- Make myself better -- just trying to get the of people stars you know we had a couple great articles recently as -- -- of one of the April or is it coming out today. And -- decide finisher and go across my desk. I wanna I just and one on. Concealed spaces -- fine you know actually finds these -- -- those places and again it kind of ties in with the area and it worked and as when as a firefighter lieutenant. You know as you know everyone knows that the South Bronx had this. Wave of -- seventies. And when I came to the forums and 86 it was facing legal vacant buildings. Be that project buildings vacant buildings and we had you know sprinkle in some occupied -- types intends you know rounds -- But what had happened. In the last probably fifteen uses these -- -- being renovated. And when they renovate the buildings. The voids to exist and the -- you're creating new voice. So now you can have a a regular flat -- for moments before they'll put -- a -- Koppel. In a hole on the whole floor. They -- sprinkler it put the sprinklers only come to the top of the ceilings we still have the school it is still -- -- -- vegetables wiring in such. So. You know it it's has -- -- problematic yet but. I see the potential as fast as these going to -- -- what's going on mutually America recently America is is that wrong. We've slowed down a little bit but -- we're regrouping as an organization we're trying to get more insurance has been developing more programs. We we've done so far in -- feel. To date in the last six years I think we extremists. Who want to firefighters like a firefighter one level. And they want now they want more they they they wanted. You know. Better -- now and so we've taken a little step back right now just to. Maybe develops new core courses on -- education. Some parents -- More advanced engine ops good for you you know so it looks fantastic everything else is good experiences way to get promoted him in chief. Chief hopefully. Before the summer standing room like they'll be there that I -- decree that from. Did you and your says you thank you for visiting with us throughout the revolving home and I'm -- -- and be careful out there.