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Jim Kirsch interview

Thu, 2 Apr 2009|

Jim Kirsch of the Bergenfield (NJ) Fire Department talks to Bobby Halton at FDIC 2008.



-- -- and this is on the road probably -- live from fire and hearings FDIC 2008. And I'm here which -- -- the front of fire engines and writing for adjourned for almost fifteen years. And always on -- array of topics of senior right on everything from construction to fire behavior. The whole gamut. -- and working in New Jersey yes and is it not Livonia. I'm in park on -- you replied with Burton and bird -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And remember what type of person -- -- -- also you must know note from him was in the Bergen County system usually there's. 190. Is we are -- it is -- fired on these accounts of the fire off seventy Townshend but if I went down yes -- and one count yet. And it's funny because -- -- in New Jersey as drive with it was -- and Jack Murphy -- -- -- go through this and yeah and -- and somebody else's -- wanna block. It benefits them that somebody -- is that it's. It is god bless injures. And has been a lot of great work recently. With or video division. What was right Richey yes extensively and let's talk -- FDIC takes and that's an interest thing. That's an interest in fire for somebody to get when you get a fire engine and engine just that a class and storage and fires -- fires to get -- and if they're not as clear cut as you would think they are they can be extremely dangerous right exactly and -- the closely it was. Pre planning to -- storage warehouse fires. And it really went into it for the company also we'll go out pre plan with this company some things -- -- in self storage warehouses. And the one has to being the unknown storage -- -- -- -- you just don't know these people put into their stores -- and locking up. -- makes commodities can be some some very heavy fire. On arrival some of these places. Sure -- could have a small boat in there with gasoline engine and plastic and literally could have. A gun collection -- could be stacked high with virtually cut. -- many furniture warehouse right exactly as if you look at some of the case histories and what's been found out there everything from. Ammunition propane cylinders of -- hazardous materials that are as well as just yet. You're usual storage lots of -- classic in hospitals so how does a guy looking. It's storage facility and how do -- pre -- so we got so we've grown up 150 man. Three engine one -- department. We have storage facilities it's got maybe 200 -- drive and deals and smaller -- storage which are going to be thinking that kind of that -- firstly you have to -- Have to actually look and see what kind of structured dealing with visited exterior driver type -- -- interior warehouse site -- topic is there are several different types out there. But this comes into some problems again unknown storage big problem. Ventilation extreme lack of inflation in the warehouse -- big problem there. See have a real good heavy smoke and heat condition so those concerns as you -- going to have this of forcible entry issue to -- not only onto the property. Whether you drive -- exterior type of lockers with the interior warehouse type what you have to -- onto the property gain entrance there. If to gain entrance into the building -- to gain entrance to the actual lockers we have three sets of forceful entry probably have to be -- Don't say the the new -- her clothes were just introduces true -- to interpret them. John -- -- did a great job of forceful entry. That a lot of work with roll up doors and a special thing a lot -- locks and keys. Which I'd much rather than and so -- which -- be really useful fire like -- and in our yesterday and access actually skill sets. He's easily the skills that you may need to bring because they residential fire department. Many of -- May not have much experience roll up doors. Here's maybe we could be presented with three affordable -- from Iraq to force exactly and get into. Right exactly a lot of times to different type and we can find them -- may have slats. Usually these stores are one piece -- type two wars relatively thin. But he still have a problem to get through Africa problem -- see some of the slots to us in Wesson actually use released prejudice against small boat race. Do we keep it wanted to Norris is actually a -- applicable at the security gate very heavy duty -- right. And so solution deal now. Let's go totally of the project -- just -- I -- know I was very proud that issue very proud of it yet live fire training yes -- fight trainer quite structures. It's a dvd -- put together with Frank -- he. And it basically takes viewers through preparing a building to do live fire training in it. Correctly and following the standard so that there is fourteen and three comply with federal law exactly so it's a -- issue for everybody who's going to be involved in training that. It was actually -- -- -- your approach to it as your front we're going through it. That wasn't just 1403 it was fourteen with three and then this. And it was interest -- other other things you can do above and beyond fourteen to three which enhance that level of safety. Right exactly and has a lot of 1403 just. Just basically mentions but then you take a little bit further to see what's going on it -- mention something about. You have the ability you shall be permitted to prevent the roof let's say so we actually suggest that -- do you have the roof prevented ready to go. Got the knocked on the interior ceiling maybe was prevented ready you know it's pre and prevented cases the -- -- Somehow goes a little right you can quickly pushed on -- -- invent the -- So we look at that -- interest the video just basically takes everybody through how to correctly prepare the building. Fixing -- is -- and railings patching holes and -- patching holes Woolsey don't have this fire's spread that can come and check in the void spaces. Combustible sightings. Things like yes we look at everything we can think of as you walk around this building and prepare for -- like part. On its interest -- engine when you talk about fourteen with three because you have arena. In this job -- -- I don't get. Letters -- -- good videos from live fire training that clearly was not 143 compliant -- people doing it believe it is correct you know. Most recently left about a week -- gentlemen sent via the video in the shingles yes culture of solar roof. Right and I'm looking at something in the software industry people and you can get additional stand there's more work that needed to be done at home to make it 143 -- Right that's exactly and that's what does this video is about look at -- -- prepared to go out there you know real appears you need to prepare yourself. For that you just can't get a building and then quickly to school burnt down one weekend -- to take some time to prepare that whole building. You may have to take oil tanks you have to bring debris out. You may have to get that he she VC -- pregnant are exactly -- may want to educationally from the building. People who have enough to correct -- -- -- be able to protect her exposures -- a lot that goes into that. Absolutely council is a great dvd francs of brilliant guy had the wonderful human being. Absolutely adore that -- and it's a good things can be tremendous assets of our -- that's what's most watched from must have before someone begins the process of trying to do. Fourteen -- three. This fourteen -- three and if you think you've got forbid you have an accident on the far from you say to a phone and followed correctly I think that may put -- -- -- -- more suspect than. You know just -- no and and no there's no firemen out there today conceded. Right exactly and and we -- the hope is with the dvds that. Sometimes you know it would Pfeiffer -- always want to pick up and look at all of you written language that's in the standard. -- this is while not does not replace the entire standard you should really use them in conjunction with each other. But it gives you an idea of what the standard is talking about and it shows what she really -- going depth with so you're covering yourself. That the safety and -- this whole thing is taking care of properly whether -- the appointment of safety offices additional instructors. The roles and duties of the instructor in charge reasonable these single women -- specialists yes multiple -- supplies read the standard. Look at the DVD. And you're the one will help you with the other. And we think it's a real good addition to what's out there. Then you had an April order Gloria -- -- books and were just like -- -- coming out of time with the again with -- self storage warehouse -- -- last year April 2000 so I -- an article in Hamas called silent force out killers in regards to it would are -- problems as a great article thank -- great opponent and I just remembered doing final I don't -- residents and it isn't there. I would love your stuff it's -- it's very much of. -- even greater from afar adjournment of the -- and we'll have you back again next year all right thank you we absolutely enjoy it. That that the dvd is available now TV Isabel on the -- engineering dot com so go to the bookstore -- -- -- the dvd. Jim -- probably -- where on the road and you be careful out there.

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