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Leonard Carmichael interview

Fri, 27 Mar 2009|

Lenny Carmichael of the Trenton (NJ) Fire Department speaks to Bobby Halton at FDIC 2008.



I -- -- -- were on the road live and FDIC 2008. And with me today is our keynote speaker for the Thursday program. Kept money Carmichael -- -- let me thank you so much it from Trenton, New Jersey had no money for a long time and today headed out the park south which talk about what what. What did you think about when we called jobs that -- would you be keynote speaker what went through your mind. Well first I was sort of petrified through word talked to a couple other people's. Think he knows which is you know John Norman Google better and -- let's talk to them to be disorders and listen you can do this it's not a problem. Really focus today one three transit I think that are. Going to be emerging in the far search for the next couple years and and hopefully we can do the right thing and make sure that those things. -- down in and keep them so that we insure everybody goes home. Sort of three things like what what what three things would -- -- well -- -- -- -- mean if you look at heart attacks even this year I'm pretty sure over 50%. All the fatalities. Involving heart attacks and I mean two simple things like -- in the health and wellness program. Making sure people get to physicals responded returned from a long arms seem to be -- emerging trend. That is manifests itself over the last couple years and also -- accountability you know for example. Lack of non compliance -- utilizing Nationalists and management system which is a federal mandate. We -- essentially when you look at this is cystic some especially in -- heart attack area. And and chief -- responses. If we put some kind of mandatory retirement age group volunteer -- regardless of about 665. According Jones statistics. Anecdotally we get cut cardiac deaths by about 45%. And you think that's kind of where we're -- -- you think -- too too restrictive. Well I I also think it's it's very restrictive and in the only thing that -- the problem is we we need to stumble that prevention prevention is on number one. Resource that we can use in -- stuff heart attacks. Against 60% of people who there in the different captain blue shield program -- -- have a preexisting condition. Let's put it domino effect. First you have club high blood pressure in those in this high cholesterol and the next and you don't have a blockage in and you have -- heart -- so we can actually do the prevention. And educate people what to prevent them think that -- -- way. How to reduce those fire upbeat -- it's -- -- what it -- So we talked about heart attacks the second when you're talking about are about responding music journalists launched on. -- -- seat belts a lot of people use seatbelts I think it's ironic that. In many states it's a law all the -- we've seen so you can buckle up and it's a lot every state is it exactly. And you know if you could -- clinical elected to do of the fire truck you know. -- Anderson I don't think the fire trucks are sent that I just is something the cops take us. They're exempt and I think it's motor vehicles as that term that the news at the -- positioning deal I just it's -- getting pulled over by every. Barney Fife out there whether this thing is that he didn't result. I know I agree if if if it's that. Good haven't see -- policy -- people accountable I agree and I mean in the pissed I mean you know hey. -- road without seat -- -- because of this it's it will -- couldn't -- beast in the line on national fire academy. You know sort of change my whole from -- yes. That's. Now what's interest and you have a -- -- about 5% sure this bridges not resign this beautiful girl -- -- corporate she's not. -- buckle up what's the first thing she said but she let me know about. And and she would be very -- Until. I did she's a good company officer if she hits that decision would tell you what's -- this -- -- its -- thing that the men and women that we can trumpets on. Can't be as commanding. As Bridget can. Yes that is ironic. But also I believe that they also has been driven from the -- I agree there's a lot of issues were colonial officers have done the right thing. -- people accountable and he gets washed down because of politics and egos or. Other issues so again in these it's far from the top and we control it from top I think this seat -- place -- war. You know essentially we've really talked about this and I told -- the story of -- my kids' lives these flight jets nicely helicopters today. And so solve this problem to them about two years ago and it was certainly can sit. -- -- approach a procedural actually we doing anything possible to brilliant idea that we do the same way every time. Let's towards emergency some guys that -- and -- It's always an emergency guys always need help because the same -- so that. Sellers don't die. So we had forced things -- lights work are all the doors opened all the compartments closed. Is everybody seat -- and we know the address we could launch fire trucks a lot more safely. I think that's a kind of national initiative we need you to meet that we need to put it in context where you're going why are you going there are you're buckled up let's -- I think that would start to move things on the road don't like we'll check -- and it. And really -- which sits in your message was really strong really you came -- powerful us like you always do you really. It was a real -- but -- -- a great job thanks how did you feel about being up on the big stage that somebody who might be seductive and they wanna keynote I was actually a little. -- nervous little bit overwhelming it's a little. Intimidated. Once you started speaking you just got 6000 closest friends yeah noblest -- -- that's that's a lot easier said than done you know. But it was a very good experience in if anybody stated about ability hasn't reservations you know. You know call somebody who's done -- before get some feedback from them you know so -- it. You did a great job if you wanna see -- -- -- speech it's on fire engineering dot com if you go to our video section from FDIC. Gotta scroll down or Prague at the top of the list as you just the latest -- today and look for -- Carmichael speech on Thursday. And this is speech that's probably met should be mandatory watching -- far -- America over the next year or so and your -- message here we had to say he really -- at home he's a great firemen. He also runs a training company called fire training associates are -- associates is an online if we go far train so yes WWW -- are training associates dot com. You get some great hands on training as -- as classroom training from when he and his partners. -- great captain great human being a great American let me thank you for Vietnam. Wrote while all thank you -- Bobby -- let's be careful out there.

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