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Ray McCormack interview

Fri, 27 Mar 2009|

Ray McCormack of the FDNY talks to Bobby Halton at FDIC 2008.



I am volley all the more on the road and FDIC 2008. -- I've -- with -- my good friend rate McCormack from truck 28. And in New York City -- used to be the hardest working firemen I know Arafat now here's a chart to -- lieutenant thank you took up -- -- -- within chocolates and and and how you like in the truck while -- your truck I love it it's in the same firehouse is -- engine and a great people I work with dignity decency -- working hardened -- -- exactly yeah truck traffic that Greg get back to my roots as always there's always that truck engine Malia. Battle going on makes a great. And raise the star of training -- are voicing some great tips out there Q any talk host -- forces here's to anyone man -- an article after article it's nobody. -- more prolific right now in terms of attacking the problem from really all the angles and you are I think. Terms the fire services as far as leadership from looking at things I gotta tell you went down -- lecture class. And guys -- common -- And shattered your about your class because of the public -- -- well. I want to -- as the insurer news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- class ever hadn't heard from at least a dozen. That's great that's what we hope for my assembled a team of instructors from around the country. He fell as use these holes -- daily they're experts at it and I assembled a fantastic team. And -- -- great presentation try to open up people's lives when you come to the fires that house. And your engine is parked there it's got holes on it. People don't know why it's -- that way right what's the history of that post world and most people just accept what they have we want them to see. Maybe they can make it a little bit more efficient you know you're able -- changes over years. Maybe you need to have some on the proposal. That's what the classes. So what will fight what it -- five stations are six 66 okay so so what you'll what what we had the Detroit bundle which is a quick. Double -- -- for -- to that puts to attack lines in service rather quickly. And they -- -- with a lot of success out there. And we also use the -- which is pretty well known holes -- We also did the New York -- -- fold which introduced that to a lot of -- -- -- like that -- also at the Denver stamp Michaels well. We also did a thing on how -- just. Know how much goes you have moderated by the way you -- the -- in the -- you can quickly look at the -- and say okay we have 150 feet pre connected right there. We did. Several static -- -- for a long stretches we just covered basically all the holes loads that are used throughout the country -- the most common and what happens is. People go to their fire academy. The only holes -- learn is the one that job uses and that's sort of like a shame because. I guess that people get -- in a rut and our class was to just open up people's eyes and say you know want. Maybe that's better way and a lot of the students you know what I picked up a lot of stuff here. And most of the feedback that I got was great instructors and that was -- I couldn't ask for -- -- -- heard the same thing too and it was actually 211 kid had a really insightful comment that we had to hang around to do that. Hokey pokey with the -- Dave price was -- great guy you're gonna be a great -- That the -- message you know I found two loads of work great in my department needs it to those -- yet. This won't work greatness for the town those -- work right now for a town. That's a think of firemen us again and again I want me coming back year after a year and that's -- output in the book you're gonna work anonymous yes definitely hear from you and that's this -- and stuff. Well a lot of times even when you do training on the engine company from minus rating they have utilized training and life -- -- for one history. We have to get back to how to coming off the fire truck how -- loaded. Could it be done better I mean this is this is not just some periphery issue this is important stuff because. If the whole load isn't -- -- wasting time in Russia at a -- in on that -- and go to fire. And -- wasted time -- it was -- well you know what happened here at the stage two of the guys came up. And Dumars -- the -- -- your class came up and they -- did the host bid on the stage for a cause -- sloppy. I just can't have. This yeah -- I don't. That's and he and he knew how to do that -- -- He was thinking like smart guys that are smart guys so much so what else is going on in training that's coming on it working on the book yup we appreciate that puts it more videos coming out of what -- minutes right here at a training -- a -- and -- a lot of positive feedback almost exactly what we hope -- would be -- short. Burst of good. Common sense information operate safely and effectively that's a fascinating. Get in there and get the point yeah -- You want. It's the world's accelerated and if we can learn a little bites like that -- movement in between called it out go try it -- mobile. Which do -- -- so. It's possible. Turns out. There at all. In fact they did the two classes yesterday that line boss for. Third time here and in generic company the company -- -- which was. Both classes for. You know farm Marshall was -- -- fifth. And they loved -- so that. And justice just to be straight up the guys -- when he answers to some whores or pieces of work weapons. This -- there's so probably part of that company and I'm glad it's change you really want learn everything go right exactly. That's kind firemen everybody knows should be and -- -- and me. It was right we know we got a lot to do we really appreciate you spent some -- -- this is my pleasure you know back to teach again next year we'll see more trainers -- And hopefully we get the book done by the end of the year -- so. I'm -- -- -- -- the -- and remember be careful out there.

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