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Jim Crawford interview

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

James K. Crawford of the Pittsburgh (PA) Bureau of Fire talks to Bobby Halton at FDIC 2008.



-- -- on the road volleyball and we're here live and -- the IC 2008. And I'm very happy you have my good friend Jim -- with me from Pittsburgh bureau of fire. And Jim welcome to on the road thank you book thanks again for teaching your classes via survival clashes didian this year and how to go I was -- satan and the students like very well. 120 students. Lot of rapid intervention revolutions. Students enjoyed it. Anything you do you do it techniques or anything. All of well we're we're sticking with the basics I believe in the basics and we we get into some lowering system revolutions a little technical stuff where if you come issues -- -- There's another wave of of the operating he knows Washington good from my from Oklahoma -- really goes through the Pittsburgh -- the -- Pittsburgh real. Puzzled about -- like him. But this merger was developed for about ten years ago -- -- through all the training that would. And then across the country. We noticed there was a lot of common mistakes so we did is we. Put all of those mistakes in the one drill so it forces -- to work as a team. A mall like test operation and the time the event to. And put the realism that was fortunate this kind of fascinating thing is again as a young man c'mon c'mon c'mon. He withdrawal mistakes onto one shift there was economic -- -- to be shipped so I heard does -- -- -- -- them. Anyway so I'll just say congratulations assistant chief of training thank you huge department huge city tremendous history. What are you gonna do with Pittsburgh now you're responsible for the training. So honored -- 656560650. Men went to protect you one of the oldest people who most. Significant cities and our country and what are you gonna do. But we're gonna focus. On the again basics we need to get back to basics and -- and then throwing some specialize. Training. We implemented. A mandatory shift training program that began the year -- daily training. The -- academy issues a monthly mandatory topic. This conducted. And -- we're going to be doing some specialist trained like -- larger -- search and things things like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Things like that. We haven't seen you write much who's -- -- loaded -- we will host nobody we know they told me of how much time you lose me -- chief. If your former life my former -- Somebody else going on Pittsburgh these days -- -- challenges for the part. Or we replacing our fleet. A lot of new apparatus. Coming and interest. To be particularly as -- divide augment the pleated in different you look at it. Did you -- Israel -- as a regular tiller -- worship and we used to be world's straight stakes were looking into the possibility extra business and well right analysts were looking in the may -- the possibility of adding a bucket to artfully. -- can be a lot of research chief because our our streets are very tight and with the hills. We -- -- -- Do the Three Rivers -- It's. -- Lebanese -- several times alone lot of bridges and water lines look at that. Maybe upgrading our marine firefight capabilities. Let's have another planting projects and all falls back to training him he absolutely -- -- yeah absolutely it's marine is going to be changed nonstop. Good good for you -- -- nonstop accurate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anything else -- you come back -- year -- -- -- -- -- good thank you -- government that -- does it with us today. The song I wrote well it -- -- my good friend Jim Crawford and were you careful out there.