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Nate DeMarse interview

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Nate DeMarse, Fire Engineering photo editor and member of the FDNY, talks to Bobby Halton at FDIC 2008.



I am -- on the road -- -- and we're live from FDIC 2008. And it's absolutely my pleasure to introduce you to our photo new photo editor for and -- magazine. My great friend -- -- Marcy thanks from the you know -- if it's currently assigned to an engine in New York City -- sixty and 68 and he's been taken photographs for. 1520 years 1515 years started in Chicago is a photo photo and video guy in done. -- parlayed it into the -- -- job over the actual standing in -- and how I'm an eight inch to an officer Tom Brennan. Coming in before it took this job society and -- this kid he's brilliant insightful. Its dynamic he's got great pictures posters talking about. And when Tommie prince is not about some money you know generally the guys not a 110 years old really did it because his sarcophagus enough. It's meet Dayton I was I was looking for a guy as you'll probably in his mid fifties and it was just really impressive to see I think the future as far as services guys like me and Steve Nicholas -- and you bunch of young guys just Seton at a California we're comin' up but -- -- -- -- -- as the photo editor. You do that you review also photographs who -- need you help -- or covers. He helped me blurb. You can just and tremendous job thank you so. And a great firemen we can talk about firefighting forever but for this interview let's talk about photographs -- -- Kids are the camera a blessings we have photographs of our engineering it's -- our website has he do that. I'll quote I look the stuff I look for is. You know original I look for good training -- am looking for a shot look at -- vertical shot of something that we can talk about them look. Whether that be a you know just a little bit of -- -- out of a doorway we don't necessarily need any large orange cover. -- with a heavy fire condition. I'd like to have something with a little tactics going on a wide shot of the building with. With -- smoke show its wheels of fire shall we canned line placement. And when we needed vertical -- to vertical to use. So we're talking for cover shots than you want vertical shots and you want some action -- the guys and gals doing something. That we can talk about and you -- -- big enough. Photographs that you tell what kind of billing and it is what the problems may have been army. That they may should be anticipating. That now what about if they just want to submit regular photographs -- you looking for there are photographs like on the website and and whoever you does that mean for far focused antivirus is this if we have a series of photos that somebody gets in first do. LeRoy with the first two engine and we can use them to to -- a -- focus on. We we can you know we can use was tunnels but we like to see line placement again. Smoke conditions ventilation going on all all Leo basic. Such stuff that firemen would look for. That's that's what we like to -- so we can talk about it does us no good really to have a zoomed in picture of a window on fire if you get to the building you know we we can't talk about that everybody should fire. So how I got my camera I think this individual pictures. Listen to you really do -- -- sentence of -- my email addresses and Dumars dot fire ENG. At gmail.com I'm sure the put on the screen force. In the and you -- -- -- -- -- -- to just downsize into about 640 by 480. And then or you -- like you know 1080 by 720 or something like that -- it's not gonna clock -- boxes I get a lot of submissions. And then. Just stuff -- to me just be critical your work I don't need to see a thousand pictures of the fire be critically were picked seven to ten. -- both -- and I'll I'll get back and that's what -- my promises is I will get back -- -- -- we're gonna use of what we're not gonna use of you know could be waiting in the wings weren't all so. And the guys please note that senator cover what's the wait for cover right now all right now we're book till march of next year march of next next year and now we might have a couple and the -- actually discuss the other -- so okay exit so. And that's how far -- isn't it Robert most of writers understand that you your articles will sit for nine months to a year on the annually have twelfth. That's at least one magazine twelve times a year so the other side -- -- the web and and use do you do a lot more on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wife send him the stuff that though a lot of photographers that we get normally. They they he sends them -- -- false so he gets it I just say web recover. Usually give that you iron a and then we go from there. It's usually see some inmates work in the April. -- engineering that you just got -- -- -- the thing looks like worn piece. 207 pages of fire training. Take a look at the -- focus that they put together this month came out great. I may I really appreciate you coming to talk to everybody this is Bobby Holton were on the road and be careful out there.