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Art Bloomer interview

Wed, 18 Mar 2009|

Art Bloomer of the Kearny (NJ) Fire Department talks to Bobby Halton at FDIC 2008.



Hi and welcome to on the road Bobby Alton and we are live from FDIC 2008 -- here with our bloomer and art is a veteran instructor of FDIC. Has been teaching here for about the last five years it's -- -- and I gonna talk a little bit about his classroom size is not at all -- -- -- little about search and talk a little bit about. It is structured FDIC -- what's going on back in New Jersey for arts art. Welcome to on the road -- home thank you for stuff and appear that reminds me up so you're a teacher for about three and a half years four years or. I've been I start out as a hot instructor. Two benefits from class and not. Cut -- interest to a question presentation get myself out larger venues so laden excellent opportunity here and I really appreciate the chance to do it. We appreciate -- north's one of the guys that were really reaching out to the guys can do both and as we have a huge cadre of hot guys that come and teach. And then the the mystique has always been. You -- -- Hutton and hang out for us that we don't. -- -- a whole other crop of guys that do inside -- stuff but. Going forward what we're looking for -- be -- take that. The guy that can do both worlds into fixed -- do -- do absolutely you know whatever you're doing hands on the income of the classroom talk about it. I think that's that that's probably the real connect we've been looking for over the last few years to make FDIC more successful so. -- the tips -- want to get out there that folks have listened to us that is if you wanna get on the ticket. And -- -- on a hot team -- almost a guarantee in the classroom. If you got a good classroom presentation to put together -- -- so how did you come up with wants us enough at all it's a great it would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Class presentations I just look back to a funeral directors as the wasn't a lot on -- Isaac wolf. Republic search placement just and one -- -- class on just. Left -- right hand search and oriented search. For the topic that kind of gave a little bit of -- -- opportunity so when you get to the it's insane. When you've already got pre planned and all that knowing your your response -- was very important but. Looking at certain things were happening -- and fire scene and how is an effect if I'm the company is going to to work to search. What the other companies on -- we're doing that the engine company was doing its job to its best ability if it was running at the problems. Because that's gonna affect my search. Looking at certain schools -- required for that type of structure. And just he did this the size of the building the everywhere from. We have a vast array of different sized buildings from. The smallest little wood frame building to monster large warehouses all different type of building construction which. A lot of the -- Trying to get the concept across that. You do this already knew had to think about all these things I've been on the job for while veteran firefighter. Really has -- leasing -- have I just want to get in the think you're actually doing this and maybe spend a little more time. On the far -- paying attention to looking at clues that are gonna make. Your your search safer more effective. And to keep yourself natural it was a big thing as the because problems. You firefighters constantly getting trouble doing searches you're always -- -- one of the hardest jobs don't -- well isn't that one of the reasons why. Yes we talk about. Guys get lost and disoriented they're actually guys -- -- search. If you I think if you look back at a lot of the guys that have unfortunately you know paid the ultimate sacrifice it's been doing a search situation. And if the buildings gonna. Come down it's gonna come down -- matter what if you -- collapse situation. But did when you search and sometimes you go that little bit to -- of the building especially with today's PP can you can get in for than you -- two years ago. And -- if they can if I can throw some schools that I'm just too. Make the search for them quicker and safer -- to listen what's going -- to fire scene that did not get that tunnel vision. You know just looking for -- victim to pop up I don't know with you know make that big grab him get outside and after the accolades so it when -- when when you're talking about that and his next -- of the problem staffing and search. At these these issues are huge issue that's when things my department in particular we're running -- -- and truck companies and and does a lot of work to be done. The first if you got a flat roofed building you know we gotta get the little the buildings and that's one of the things you don't do that. Don't of the engine company and you're not gonna be -- point inviolable victims the the big thing with. Running short trucks and we. Try to get. The priorities straight with the chief -- got his hands full. With a lot of stuff going on and it's easier when I give these guys -- tools. I think about like how -- gonna get in -- search quicker and the main issue is huge from and it's within most forms I think there's. A lot of problems don't we just this out here this week of getting phone calls back and -- about. Lot of -- aren't good managers little -- fiscal problems so it's I'm gonna make it worse. Policy cascade of issues -- it if you start of cutbacks in the engines truck the food the most fundamental things have to be addressed first search being one of them. I prioritize it means you got for the fire -- firefighters and actually got a medal in the firefighters get -- the fire you know and search. You don't always presented with that victim at the window -- the people who use -- and sometimes you know getting right information. Sometimes -- language barriers in trying to get -- information from people what. -- -- not hanging out the window you know you have to go -- -- form and that's it it makes it harder with less people you really. Can't to a good concise and -- -- with just. Short -- engines -- -- company so had a field inside the classroom -- -- with it. You know the first carry data as little rough I've done a lot of smaller I work puts more groups first your -- kind of overwhelms. And then this year coming -- as my third you're doing the presentation. I'm getting much more comfortable. And they need to put music around this year -- is who isn't more overwhelming but I. I like I like -- I can just picture in the division. It's it's that's kinda hard to do with. Some of the guys that I noticed this year and 100 men right at regular profession predominantly male that's yet it it's I'm getting more content -- I hope to keep doing it. As I am very great things about the classic has really exciting -- this is early break when they enjoy it and doesn't contribute heroes -- great instructor were glad you're accused you're still -- with fire engineering. Support in the fire engineering team. Would think the overall conferences certainly can only get better here atomic cannot hear it. The the level of information is always seem to get better and better and lot of Good Friday instruct you can't beat the and out of different diversity have -- here from all over the country and all over the world of the information coming in. It's phenomenal I I I love coming out here I mean I get is. As much as I'm able to give out here I get as much and has sometimes more and you know just the networking and getting to talk to people listen. Thousands took their presentation classes well we appreciate having -- your experience and helpless and support us like you do all your moment in particular when. -- arts writes regularly and has always. There for fire engineering we love haven't -- had a few -- cancel them. Articles so hopefully though all. -- pan -- well this absolutely sharing information that's what's important given to us this is our program -- Altman were on the road. You be careful out there.

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