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Frank Ricci interview

Wed, 18 Mar 2009|

Frank Ricci of the New Haven (CT) Fire Department talks to Bobby Halton at FDIC 2008.



I welcome on the road Bobby -- we are live from the -- 2000 and it was my good friend Frank -- it. -- frank thank you for joining me on the road thanks for it -- -- of the icy treat me phenomenal great program everybody in the country should come here check this out appreciate that the institution -- is normally dress like an undertaker. Just right now. Change here a little bit but I. We -- -- over with such a reverse culture from New Jersey phenomenal class and they and we have a lecture tomorrow and search tactics okay. Just like a good union. -- union boss. Frank talk a little bit about fact it has a dvd several dvds out now but the first -- we -- together with smoke show. And what was smoke showing about briefly and because it's still out there on our website your website -- dvds available for free. Was the point is functionally. Smoke -- was way to -- however I mean really. So much that he -- to fire service so it was a way to honor Tom essentially what the whole purposes is to show that tactics have to occur have to occur in years. It can't -- sequentially. We need proper staffing to control the fire and it's only way we can -- the bill. And -- -- it came upgrade subsequent to that I -- did you when did some more testing. And you got involved with some folks and and you and I got together and kind of talked about parachutes and helicopters in the fact that. Today firefighters use a very high -- is technology columnist CBA. She was -- to deal with the environment that we have to deal with -- nor do -- -- smoke. All proxy combustion. Filed with the SE VA is it's not a perfect piece of equipment that will be taken fail and we can run out of there becomes the story. So you -- at some folks who are making a canister filter device which we all know had some major issues back in -- back in the day in the sixties and some folks tried again with some of the technology that polite. Kind of -- ration system. So tell me about this filter that you're looking at now that you and your work with what's the story there. The new filters phenomenal it's totally -- technology from the military. And it's your last chance it's not there to extend your work time it's there simply. The clicking and get out even with -- 1404. Emergency breathing techniques. Firefighters time and time again we're still gonna find themselves one there whether it's a -- -- failure catastrophic failure or simply the fire Fredricka it's -- it's not the whole answer to the problem. And that's one nice thing about the manufacturer is that they're committed. Their whole programming assesses the kind of teacher. How not to use the filter but if you had to use filter this is how to -- and I think it's gonna save our efforts lives and it's pretty remarkable that you tested. Yes how did you do that aren't we worked for young university -- the -- from around the country curriculum in Maryland Dallas Texas. LA county's only city New York City I just imagine if you haven ought to and we went through an actual -- -- not 1403 viper medical study where we burned furniture. And content you find that in normal fire put in -- -- you burn real stuff real stuff in the editing extra safety controls as they do with any in my life are -- to ensure farmers survival. And we -- -- -- put the filter on outside. And then go in and then be evaluated by Yale and performed remarkably but and you think that in next level and I wanted to try to change over inside ideally you environment. As a signal -- on the road. I originally thought it was a great -- -- but. It's different when you're wearing a meter and -- they had the -- on me are crying wolf runs meter and it's you have an ideal which for action cyanide could see the number of legacy and Lincoln. And for -- monoxide and -- Florida might. Fire engines they're -- -- like this really -- good editor. But it works it works unbelievable well and -- and thank god it did and you though as we've. A whole different story to -- sent to the filter worked. You got that done now he had had enough of a monitor -- you but there was also -- other modern going on while you were doing this Honeywell provided a great deal of moderate. Yes and I think that's -- was that we still to this point don't have a full understanding of the environment that we operate on. It's a very dynamic environment any changes because you injured in the way we designer house when it goes -- -- -- Some furniture we monitored yeah action -- action level that we had at the top was I think eight point seven. And on the floor can go below 19% and what we're finding is remote from -- -- compartment there is enough oxygen to sustain life with a filter. But even in statistically rare instance where there wasn't enough oxygen to -- still provides a benefit. If you look at the nice things we see fire part -- they ran an error they report their masks for so first thing you'd suffocate I teach for it. It's a tactical objective to try to get the mask back on fire for it if they have the cancer and you simply click out and clicking the positive -- shoes -- Now this is not a positive pressure device -- this is an on demand you have to breathe -- -- -- here almost like you'll negative pressure meals right. So there's no there's no rush of -- this is just the filtration device on the best example is it's about like breathing through three dust masks that you get it on the -- -- -- put three dust -- on a little bit difficult to draw -- here but again this is your last chance. This is -- sign that you're going to be using on a daily basis. My goal is hopefully were peripherals have wanted to know forever and ever use -- -- -- -- objective. So in conjunction with that we're looking at the filter but you're also -- you just said never to use it using I don't know how to survive alive or how to escape. So you've been working on a dvd with stuff. I guess Jim Duffy from Waterford Connecticut myself and it's actually a week dvd -- is about when he instructors. Jim. A crank or from the library -- from the line is instructors from large apartments and small apartments coal fired for survival techniques prevention intervention. So. -- -- -- to say what we. Put so much focus on revenue invention kind of turned stomach. Well we took it. Tickets at a different level we putting prevention had it would get jammed up in the first place then we -- itself rescue had to get yourself out of trouble. Then we went -- to rapid intervention. And then the last part is safety the mistakes that we continue to make over and over -- time and time again like stretching engine three quarter Wynonna. Commercial building fire. Air management problems in this -- that we shouldn't know. Wearing your mask when -- overhaul you know hydrogen cyanide -- and all that's us there and you know strokes cancer also keep working for. We need to get that message out -- what else is one of the projects you we've got one word. Tricking your sleeve over the last -- nicely -- -- building blocks that stress it's art -- thing I'm actually. You brought me here and false pretense is that the -- -- -- free toaster oven. Well obviously are getting close -- and I got a hundred members to sign up I think we're at 200 members but we have a PowerPoint slide. Up there -- it takes all different building blocks. Let -- know attendance fires -- community site opened up. Two weeks ago about -- guys and gals on there and is it training site it's for. It's for mature conversation about -- -- issues we've formulas several groups -- Formulated tactical building blocks and his group just grew and grew and grew that's for the toaster -- thing comes and and version it was a toaster. That's -- your I don't take a couple of days it's going to be a refrigerator washer drier combination. But -- Which I thought was funny so how many guys and gals you have -- -- right now. I think right now there's about 200 but the thing is it's it's not my group it's our group and you can get a hold -- the slide. You build your own PowerPoint slide and then you write a paragraph -- your name under it to explain the slide and send it to me I'll put it right up on the web site and that way. I teach forceful entry search but. Eventually you know you and me on the and it's could get input from around -- you look on here here's fresh slide it -- this on its its phenomenal way to use a meaningless. -- went down to the -- training where we -- John -- and far from -- Children there was -- -- some things forceful entry I have never seen before these guys from believe it's. You're always learning always always always -- great experiences and -- great website for our engineering. Communities -- at a party dot com community we can put in version community dot com. And then you go to -- building blocks after become a member -- -- PowerPoint slides with explanations that you can use to develop your own training teacher guys. That's what version is all about it is amateurism. -- gets -- we we we always are looking at the new guys the fresh faces the future. And and clearly that's part and parcel of who you are and forefront and everything you've been doing since -- -- -- -- about. Firefighters say its survival and doing our job effectively and I think you. We tell me be probably even know really you excited to knows you've gone as far as you continue and a and push everybody's. Comfort zones was with why no one enough -- -- so often is what we can't do that. Well one. And I think that your one of those guys justices. We can we get that. So it's it's a real honor to have you on the -- -- -- and you're gonna be here for a long time. Hopefully someday and when I'm gone in Europe you're running the show I can come and Tommy and sit down -- -- funny. But that's. Through this -- itself a great people thank destroyer -- elementary is remembered for your service thank you for coming and thank you -- do for us. I'm -- -- were on the road and you be careful out there.

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