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Ron Siarnicki interview

Wed, 11 Mar 2009|

Ron Siarnicki of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundtation talks to Bobby Halton at FDIC 2008.



I don't volleyball world eroded if the IC 2008 and -- -- good friend Ron sort of -- The director of the national executive director of the national fallen firefighters -- thank you there's been some time with us today thank you for all you do -- And thank you for. Be -- comes at the -- again this year present. -- what you do with their all the people here DNC. Have a good show absolutely and I would miss it it was a great event. It is a premier trade show for the -- service. And it's always on account let's talk about a different -- let's start off with a group of two different attitude to people with -- and so start with America as we today. I was able we have -- and were able to do surprise presentation. It was good to with the absolute jewels of the of the fires are sensible Mary McCormack who. It's kind of a mom to all of us. Julian McCormick's mom like that apartment you know really -- true visionaries and you mean -- understand. That he and he saw what FDIC would be. Thirty years ago absolutely. And Mary is -- -- She is just one of those special ladies whose commitment and her entire life to make the fire service -- this -- excellence this is what exactly. Which we gave -- today. Actually prison to merits and on behalf of the national all our -- -- Sullivan excellence which is the highest award the foundation can give. To a person who was committed. To the six thing Favre might safety initiatives everyone goes -- campaign. And Mary has been helping us through her roles in the fire service. Through safety and for -- survivability since the start since this whole initiative. Came out of -- summit in 2004. Just -- torch. She's carrying the message to make the farm service person that firefighters don't on line community -- for that we wanted to recognize that. I wanna I wanna greatly if you don't know where McCormick she's director of the of the -- -- -- fire -- -- instructors association. They do great little conference from Florida every year were from early supper out of space but correct a little more education -- but lately -- conference and and love marriage supporter and everything she doesn't she also still runs the honor guard competition here every Saturday it's. She does a lot of the honor guard and you know it's funny when I see here I think of now I'm talking almost thirty years ago was the first time I met her. I had the advantage of going to the program offered with a -- company officer developments in DCD. That was up enough Framingham Massachusetts. Too weak residential course way back then. Designed to help first local supervisor in the fire service to their job. And I met her and and -- gains for rotating in personal have to absolutely all those things or just phenomenal lead setting in motion where we -- -- It was a of the early -- early basis of the inspections program. That Thomas had told people things they don't want to hear it this way. Exactly -- it was a great -- that thank you for let me participate photos from -- very special. She has a great. Great role here. And see all those facilities and so what better way than with partners to recognize -- -- -- -- -- -- just spoke with a little bit ago so absolutely great friends and Danny is now the chairman of the board correct that over couple months ago. So it's only a little bit about that he's relationship he's been there forever -- has been with us. And has served in a variety of capacities including vice chair. It's analogue this past board of directors meeting in January at which time are then chairman Hal -- -- -- he -- -- retire from chairmanship. The set the record straight he's not retiring from the foundation awards for his mistake. An active member of the board of directors chairman emeritus. -- as matter of fact he was given that title at the survivors reception in Washington DC. That's a congressional fire services institute dinner. So we are excited about that -- and announced taken over as chairman. Has been working with us. With both -- survivor programs. Are -- service monitored it and prevention initiatives. This front door and to keep the foundation move forward which is world -- -- the new vice chair. Actually the vice chair will be decided by election at the board of directors meeting in July so the way that our bylaws bylaws -- establishes the board meets three times a year. January July and -- the memorial weekend so. And -- officers come from -- -- so they decided since. There was a change over in January it would give everybody a chance to regroup and decide about a vice chairmanship. And I probably happens -- to export. When is what -- -- we doing this year in an expert this year's memorial service will be October 3 fourth and fifth culturally. Assuming that sets us up I'm so glad that you're correct to -- -- -- That's the fifth sixth and seventh which -- Friday Saturday and Sunday. Which is always that we handbook -- -- -- -- far from management follows. And we will be doing the activities and it was perfect and as as we haven't passed unfortunately we're talking about to almost -- 115 families. Which is a tragic number -- all to itself on probably could take whole other segment of your show at some point fascinating year in terms of multiple. The -- on the it's it has not very reminiscent of nineteen. In terms of multiple birds. From office. Hostile parties. Did it's it's been tough because in the number of multiples in the majority those multiples are involved in actual firefighting operations have not seen that. For a -- -- to. And so -- the weekend we'll law also have -- Charleston. Which will bring different flavor to the weekend unfortunately because of them asked. Of loss to the current that. June at this percentage for -- but one of the things that we've reached we have -- huge initiative underway with Charleston Fire Department. And we are working through -- South Carolina firefighters association. To help deliver the behavioral health needs. We've built the complete counseling services unit down there. And they -- service and the members of that department and the surrounding departments. As we wouldn't lose sight sometimes there was like six or seven other departments of responses and it is -- -- and those different apartments. Witnessed everything that the Charleston where they're reporting for national societies and some of their -- for continents and last servers are. So we're providing those services through. The counseling services unit using that torture -- Charleston department of health services. And actually what's interesting is the model that was developed for at the end line from 9/11. Was taken and and applied to Charles. And war. What that tells us is that the lessons tomorrow from nine -- -- -- -- related to -- on the -- to -- -- intervention. Is is setting the trend for the -- for health needs for firefighters who witnessed tragic occurrences. And it helps us to do with that and ticket. Back to allowable or analyses of it is for quick. Which is what it's all about helping him recover and rebuild lives so. It's a lot stuff -- -- -- There is a tough week last week with the compliment for an interview with the former. Chiefs this morning -- was Cuba this -- few words. Tough tough to put them there. It is and doesn't have the one with Erie Pennsylvania. Couple -- it is to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was your -- flow and those those plus -- -- -- didn't like London's I was your growth forests or it was funny because -- speaking to my -- it was a all farm -- -- to chaplain spoke of human father read these over tomatoes. It would firms. Actually it's some -- sizes of firms aren't particularly -- that vacuums. Blossom and and what put the tragedy there is. You have one firefighter single moment it is an apartment with -- -- and we'll help them when we were there. Our local assistant state team which as a program we started a year -- through the Department of Justice. In Ohio team and now. Intervened and -- they immediately got some intervention -- the department mobile and the family level. That's a program that if there's a line -- -- -- -- if -- reach out -- -- -- -- those resources if they want of their available. If they decide not to that's fine tooth was there as a resource. Only if and when they Edmondson. It's -- times but it's it's a great program because it's providing. -- health counseling honor our -- C survivors. And a coordinator health especially with the pieces of the paperwork process. Immediately if the department soldiers just -- So remember if you have -- melody the -- and if you haven't had. You need to -- that you need to understand -- the resources story need to understand the emotional or amnesty programs out there that help people handle the funerals. But the on the funerals there is -- there's a whole cycle of life the is that senate and disconnected and through the national -- firefighters. You can help -- reconnect some of their lives. To some semblance of -- absolutely and it's truly all the firsts in this them going through all the firsts appearances after the death. First first anniversary of its first birth the first landing all those different things and it's the long term. That's what the -- national phone partners foundation is committed to. And we do have training programs for apartments on how to prepare for and deal -- -- -- down. We have spaces for people who want to be part of the response teams. And of course -- have the prevention side announcement so it's -- up there it's all Fareed it's all available. Through a variety of programs from -- -- -- and restoration private park -- thank you for. Opened fire engineering. Thank you for help and FDIC thank you for -- and everybody has been affected by far -- and in addition to its great work it's -- there's -- my own -- -- God's work and thank you for what you're doing there. Think you know one thing you personally. Incident and -- -- -- that partners announces new things from. -- sorry -- but we -- we were on the road. And you be careful out there.

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