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Mark Cotter interview

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Mark Cotter of the Salisbury (MD) Fire Department talks to Bobby Halton at FDIC 2008.



Hi and welcome to on the road volley home and we are alive from FDIC 2008. And got the great pleasures dishing out to mark Carter who has been writing the from the jump seat column for stuff about two years. And notes that it's widely read and you read it online is closer. Marks kind of trying to hide in the shadows there you've been achieved for awhile somewhere. And -- -- back to just -- in the right backwards to -- price may have really nice letters as they -- got an idea for com. Run backwards and seeing things from kind of mission perspective then there. Above that now back there were I wanna be. And the great -- just absolutely great columns. Thoroughly enjoy everything you do. So what tussle -- about you where -- work before. Before now if we got to -- very. Well as you know I've been through a lot of different departments and it's cumulative grade -- sorted out is volunteer companies and for my hometown. Some -- New Jersey. And worked there for a couple of years. And I want off school position system by training. And during that training and it would join the volunteer fire department in the -- -- -- -- my internship and can be an opportunity to try a lot of different towns and the way they operate. And I. Funny graduated got a job with the first Johnson with the city Philadelphia fire department's. Arguments instructor. And in -- from small town in New Jersey that was great because not only did they get to do my job training and -- medical aspect. It was in the city Philadelphia fire department in the firehouse so I got to learn a lot about how the fire departments -- not just -- -- but the -- part. When -- left the city and started. We're committed smaller towns -- local fire department again and what house another town moved to another fire department and that's that. Small town and -- Pennsylvania officially became chief. Took over for chief we've been in place for 25 years so. What I brought there had to not only did you have to be innovative had to work and had to -- this stuff so services a lot of pressure and they actually moved out to Merrill. Were. -- -- -- -- -- accommodation -- -- -- -- -- story -- -- volunteered. And I don't Salisbury and -- and you're right from the jump seat right so talk all of us from the jumpsuit the perspective is this new ride backwards -- -- -- right back for sure that's me guys actually ride backwards anymore but. In the -- the -- Seton so what do you look forward to go what what what as far as -- right. Well. I was talking about -- little bit. Every call you go on -- so much that could be a lesson for somebody else and when you've been going to for a long time. Typically rise up through the ranks and when you go from. They played finest firefighters with them from receiving calls and I'd like that term. To being a line officer than the being supervisors. You look at different things the further you go up and have a tendency to lose track the more basic things. And when you've been to that level than going back down. You're you're forced to look at that you -- forced to do it. So you you have to OK I have to be the guy that knows where the latter is well aware this is and how it works and get it out. I'm not just the guy respected and -- the procedure I actually have to be able to do it. And then. Watching how some other people struggle with that and another part of it is. When your. Working under the supervision of a supervisor who. Maybe is lost track of what you're going through and -- You be humble sides. So again it's a unique perspective and of course that's -- -- I remember from the pitch to you at the time. And as I recall I want to do it anonymously. Because it -- freed me a lot -- to be. A little more candid about what I was observance of for a variety of reasons and I and I appreciate why -- I use my name on it now which is really be. I should say and I won't take clean it up still keep his promises it is -- It's certainly. Maybe what we're careful but what are right. This you do see so much. Which also more credible than it is -- -- comes out there done anonymously. In in my book is your credibility -- American put his name only wrote. -- -- clearly can't back it up or or what he's writing is inappropriate or he's not proud of what he's done and and I'm probably just like on our website now and that's new community page. Which of -- working real well and I'm requiring everybody to one person last names of the -- -- post. And I think that's appropriate you have a right to know -- you're talking to. Actually when 22 or because again calls and -- face or something modernizing its that's. That's an appropriate for what we do and in conversion -- because. That much what you -- so much disagreement let's find it doesn't mean it doesn't work for you as cells where it didn't work you know department or. It's your opinion and trust I wrote an opinion column reference I hear -- guys have different opinions. -- mean -- right doesn't mean you're wrong that's the thing. The real interesting thing is that. Sometimes you know right about an incident. My guys know when -- -- -- and every time -- want to that person said you know this -- this was a real person call me we learned a lot from it and there's a lot of lessons here but. Are you okay with this and every time that's it that's fine when we get that information out there night. That really reinforces. Decisions that you put him then of course I'm putting some console version and you got to back you achieve. It's it's been really we rewarding and good to know that. All the firefighters the -- question they wanna get those good -- out there there's really wanna know. You know nobody knows -- along and has undergone -- it's okay. This absolutely look at me we have -- that stuff needs. -- you how many of the notes on that night. You thought he invented fire density so well known that we really enjoy your columns Morgan appreciate fact is it time to stop in here with us today -- -- -- on the road. Now you gotta face with the name this is -- from from the jump seat on volley all -- were on the road. Be careful out there.

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