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FDIC 2007: Opening Remarks

Fri, 22 Feb 2008|

Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton addresses the crowd at the Opening Session of FDIC 2007.



The education director for DIC and editor in chief of fire engineering. Bobby -- And. -- -- Thank you for -- for helping us -- our. -- -- And thank you. You're sharing your passion and your loved the first service -- those. That glorious music those distinguished honor guards. Those flawless voice is -- inspired words and sending me an officially open FDIC 2007. Please help me in thanking them more time. This is a good morning. No actually this is a great morning because this morning I'm honored and privileged to welcome you all the seventy ninth annual FDIC. This year for our engineering -- six elevenths anniversary of its leadership of the fire department instructors conference. Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who helped to make this possible and to put together this unique fire service educational event. Fires here and -- well so very grateful to so many wonderful people on so many wonderful organization -- We like to acknowledge our deep appreciation. Current president and -- president's support. The recently received here in the city of Indianapolis. You know here you cannot find more enthusiastic hosts. From -- that you -- the cab drivers and I've heard the bartenders are very friendly also. Even the mayor of the city. Add to that the incredible men and women of the Indianapolis fire apartment. Whose passion alone for FDIC makes us all feel as though are really being cared for by our own Brothers and sisters. I'm asking you also to join me this morning saluting probably the most important part of FDIC. -- structures. Our deepest thanks -- our deepest gratitude goes out to some 500 plus world class instructors. Who committed themselves. So there are FDIC experience continues to get better and improve. They're willing to spend. Hundreds of hours of preparation -- -- valuable time away from their loved ones and to share their inspired passion. Confirms something that every one of us in this room already knew that we are the -- men and women alive because this week. This FDIC. This is the proof that we have the best damn jobs in the world. CF DIC is not your typical -- surveys show. It's deliberately managed by firefighters. It is carefully developed by firefighters. And isn't exclusively produced. Four firefighters. For the sole purpose of training firefighters. FDIC is not only the largest conference in the country it's our conference. It's the only major conference that's completely constructed by an educational advisory board which is made -- of -- that's made up of our peers. It's comprised of firefighters just like you and I and those people -- this incredible show. They determine who stands in the workshops. Who delivers the evolution is and which topics are presented in the classrooms. No other conferences so educationally pure. And that's what makes FDIC our show the fire service to show. It's pure firefighter training and only training and I can guarantee you that this year FDIC is not only larger. But it represents the most intense efforts ever by an educational advisory board and by -- an engine fire engineering and editorial stuff. But intuitively you already knew that that's why you the leaders of the fire service come here to train. FDIC it is different than any other show. FDIC is where serious fire -- come to walk the walk and talk the talk with other serious firefighters. Here it is firefighter trading news and -- trading normally. This is where we emotionally. Mentally. And socially. Hero for tomorrow's challenges and opportunities. FDIC. Is where we durable our hearts and it's only the strongest -- -- they're called on to what we need to do we do. And now my fellow firefighters is to fight fire. To fight the war that never friends as lieutenant Larry di Maria and FDNY peninsula on this tribute book -- the -- of the wall bombs fire. -- -- the preparations for the show began a year ago we began the physical stuff about a week ago. And since then hundreds of the bravest. And best of the -- have been taking their place on the drill field in the workshops. And today will be in the classrooms. This army -- -- -- was supported by a team of almost fifty fire departments and dozens and incredibly generous -- all focused on from. -- one thing. And that's world class training scores of volunteers have given up of their time and their talent to ensure that you and -- in the best FDIC ever. And most importantly. We'd like to thank you the FDIC faithful. Because here your cram into as many events as you can end you're watching -- listening he grabbed -- new ideas and you -- national ones. It's really gratifying to see that this -- larger group of men and women firefighters understand that it's training. And only in training that we can make our jobs safer. -- your presence here today you're sending a message to everyone who knows you and everybody who works with you. That you're willing to do the hard work necessary to drill to train. So that there are fewer firefighter injuries and us. By your presence -- today's show the world that you just don't say you care but that you're willing to sacrifice the proven. By your presence here today you're gearing up your efforts so -- your passions to better serve everyone you encounter. And your dedication and efforts are appreciated. By all you and encountering serve and -- in their time in need. I'd like to take a moment here if you bear with me firefighters here today -- parker. -- would you stand up please. -- parker coincidentally is these are part of a year from Eden Prairie Wisconsin. And he's a perfect example. Where was he recently while on vacation announcement. Colorado actually three weeks ago to today. When he -- snowboarders missing jump. And take a picture is described as incredible error and and fall fifty -- the rocks and ice below. Ward was more than a quarter of almost a half mile below the -- Now ward because he's the patrol officer reported a fall. Them enjoy the rest -- -- on the mountain ski. But not -- parker are not a fire fire. -- climb back up to find a severely injured sixteen year old boy. The -- had a broken femur was going in the wrong direction and -- that was completely destroy a badly broken arm. The -- tell my child's diminishing vital signs that he was busted up and bleeding badly inside also. -- -- firefighter and -- skills and training. To stabilize and help transport that -- down the hill. More news is training to save that kid from additional injury and possible permanent disability he did it off duty he did -- on vacation. He did it because he's a firefighter. Now the boy's friends told -- that this kid's dad wasn't far. They asked to see if he -- long words that he never heard of them and he kept on taking care of that panicked and suffering little boy and it did not about a reward parker that this kid was one of his brother's kids. It only matter toward parker that this kid needed his training and his compassion. Well mattered to me. Because that unfortunate snowboarder was my youngest son my sixteen year old son. -- -- -- It's all you from my family and from every other family whose lives you have touched and made better thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I never knew how much is meant what we did until it was my kid. And now I know. Firefighters save lives you save families. You saved -- -- hearts are breaking news when we need you the most. Thank you. Because it's within those -- see yours like the generations of instructors before you who've attended FDIC. That we find the answers -- -- critical mission. And that answer as you sitting here today no and is the others -- long before you for 79 years. Is that confidence and that courage that comes from training. For that -- passionate and passed -- you from generations of firefighters before you if we're all grateful the entire country is grateful. And I'm proud. -- that -- humbled to be standing here with you today. Engaged in the only activity that matters in the fire service is the only conference with the something nine years of history of meeting that training need. And providing that common ground for building a better fire service a better future for our fire service. I think Godfrey show everyone of you and -- asked -- to continue to bless your efforts. Asked him to continue to shower his blessings on this the greatest nation in the world the United States. I implore him to protect our brave sons and daughters are Brothers and sisters. And our fellow firefighters. Were fighting and dying for our country and -- armed services today. God bless you all thank you let's begin FDIC 2000 --

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