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Jerry Knapp interview

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Jerry Knapp of the Rockland County Fire Training Center in Pomona, New York, talks to Bobby Halton at FDIC 2008.



I welcome to on the road -- Bobby -- and -- -- FDIC 2008. Right now we're talking which are now from Rockland county training academy and Jerry's been up their -- now for about one actually five years authored dozens and dozens of articles -- fire engineering fascinating stuff. So just asking Jerry a couple questions about being -- academy. How you decide what kind of training you're gonna put on what's relevant what's important what changes have you seen so what what's the big. Couple years the world and saving our world -- on windows and and now that's kind of become -- normal part of the curriculum if you will for firefighter one on our career training what's the new what's the new buzz today it would certainly do on. I think new -- -- and company operations you can do a lot things right wrong part if you don't put the fire up. Things continue to get worse so we've we've got to back to basics to. Mean sure we get the right amount of water right place right time and reputable fashion. -- emerald and he's saying you never to jump out of a window to put the fire that's true. And that's that's -- our philosophy. We see a lot of companies -- -- -- it would you know bright new engine and the they're not sure how much what are you now and oftentimes they can't. You know -- the line stretched -- in the right place the right time so that's kind of our focus right now. But we're really focused comes from that the customers -- would have -- -- out there yeah. So when we see ourselves as a first line defense and only four. Recruit train. But the refresher training a lot of what we do was personable skills and yet you've you've done something ten years ago -- you need to -- not -- We can do it you'll probably perishable you mean something that if you don't use it you'll lose exactly. That's a good example something that you think that so certainly critical that somebody needs to look at like every year. The answer it is really simple everything. OK everything and and obviously can't do everything every year but I think this we're fires are we -- -- go wrong you know we. If we're football team we practice or our favorite play -- -- we practice that -- -- game. And as firefighters I think when you think about the same thing when we needed to -- -- so much to continue to be sure on that. You know you asked -- question what's hot today. Well the basics are always so -- source staples and and basic truck basic engine basic rescue stuff and then whatever else these companies are dealing with. You know for example we have -- Hazmat team Hazmat -- -- through a lot -- with vehicles. You know tanker trucks so. Which we will focus -- those guys. We've just linked up with our -- bomb squad -- kind of bomb squad. And for you know WMD events or or terrorism events -- -- explosive component and there's the you know can component so we're looking at -- -- close with those guys so. It really focuses too folds very basic and what it -- customer need we see your. Those departments as our customers -- and that's a great way to approach any business. So we talk about doing the basics we talk about doing things what is news and we wouldn't that we -- -- -- out of high training and Europe that training. We have -- -- -- -- and why you think that's gonna. -- some injury that everybody's gonna wanna see it that's going to be something of an issue will be part of every -- -- is humble. I think is I think it will be put I think what -- really important is new was again put our we. Again it -- are probably not until there's a shocker yeah I set when I came on. Engines flowed as much water is that and she could possibly flown. And we just we -- people and we just we just the -- so the fires and then came this whole. Property conservation deal where you want to unnecessary war damage on -- for different running right yours and so and you virtually ground there's no -- That was -- -- And he was absolutely right. -- -- the things on fire. You know. We were -- with it -- -- one time we will look back in this -- of he's just couldn't dash in the fire what does novice when -- -- conserve water. It's the son of 500 fastest and put it out -- slow lately. Answer but we say is this is -- make a 180 gallon and also -- ninety gallons a minute. To close at 32 seconds and ego on that and I think novels -- -- you know there's been some changes in technology to low pressure combination novels I think there are -- great thing. LC operates the same pressures -- -- -- -- so you know we're gonna embracing technology properly. You know not every gadget -- is good for us. But I think there's some some good things out there -- forget you can see once and that anybody who thinks we couldn't move with a better Mosul 250 years. It just doesn't belong in the fire service -- I think is big caveat that there's some there's some real gadgets out there that are great ideas that don't work. And you know the the sales people trying to sell those Tia in and -- -- -- -- -- But the question is did he -- what it disadvantages in. President corporate found the slugs you know as a the short stubby tips that there was this will work to it to -- you didn't shape well and if you're gonna have a smaller board really needs to have that. You know of the design it is critical to them and Alec good stream and that's kind of what our focus is in -- and -- we're we're trying to fine tune what the guys do it's not just work on -- council. Is it the right amount as in right place is the stream is an adequate stream it doesn't have the reach you want. By the way what do you want you know how wonderful this much great -- make -- repeat ovals or your partner in an awful. Can get the same amount of water each time. We do about like things like tabs of phone and determine what we're not too much with with caps we're doing a lot of class B home. You know with ethanol being it's huge it's going to be big deals huge and sort in the issue they're -- is also flow break -- -- -- fire. Not only android phone you need lots of -- and high flow. It's actually double the application rate for -- hydrocarbons so that's. You know we're we're trying to give you guys up to speed on that that you're you know you're 69 a gallon and nozzle -- cover less fire now that your application raised double. So that's been a big -- -- well I think that the national issue is going to be something that is gonna start to really get a lot of traction we headed. Troy Johnson from North Carolina wrote a great piece on that force a few months ago about. That the real technical aspects of and all an -- firefighting foam and brilliant piece I think a lot of people because it was so technical that didn't understand the relevance of -- you know we're gonna need to keep hammering that home. He's a little fires you want to bridge roadway. You lose a piece of realist so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was aware that we gasoline tanks are on the ground and underground sex -- he -- it was -- corrosive to -- a pipeline but when I get an underground. That's you that the government we're here to help go so you wonder about that I mean I wonder about it he mentioned -- the river as well we have the CSX main line runs through our county. And they they -- from cars -- -- and while. What we're pretty suburban now we've we were were older rural when I was going out but it's more suburban now we've got lots of people and -- so. Didn't communities ready -- that part -- -- go to a real incident with you know he'll want Torre got 30000 gallons of whatever. Stolen your town -- -- that and it's a serious and expose the only. The only hands on training class that any. Any fire training event me. History of mankind was right here this lesson also sought and brochures those guys do great work they -- the safety record is tremendous I want national -- resonated -- it's -- illness among their property give us a locomotive. You know let us climb over and play with a you know when things we've -- a -- and we've cultivated that. Relationship with CSX this and when you need those guys you know we need each other -- point. You have no idea how big those things that you climb -- exactly you 24 -- to -- -- -- -- that. Globally we -- tunnel -- mid seventy's we have -- couple tunnels or mountains and I was about a three day adventure. I was I was -- here. Some policy and try to fire department summary -- -- is. You you call will come. The priest give a great talking that they -- you know the startup that soldier gets wounded Vietnam I must soldier goes again among. And they often don't pass away and they said what did you do that you be killed as he recently got totally knew you'd come. The public knows -- come so we gotta keep getting. Better we need to keep looking what's the problems -- the potential problems and keep coming up but how we're gonna do him effectively and and safely. Exactly in -- and do we're looking into things also firefighter leadership and fire officer leadership. What we found that the county level is we build great firefighters. But we haven't -- -- with -- officers or one or pushes now is its its leadership -- there. And now we've incorporated leadership training to all of our all of our programs. So infected and classify Jesus say okay here's your fire for their responsibilities visual officer's responsibilities. Going back -- -- What we -- on this you're taking your team and that game and practice. And you wouldn't think well -- better because what you said. You called you're gonna go alone -- -- -- if there you know. Sure you'll thank you very much for -- -- here and all the writing you do and all the hard work you do for our service we absolutely love the fact that you remember the furniture family. I'm -- -- were on the road. Be careful out there.

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