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Eddie Buchanan interview

Tue, 24 Feb 2009|

Chief Bobby Halton sits down with ISFSI president Eddie Buchanan at the 2008 Fire Engineering Weekend in Fort Worth, Texas.



I am welcome to on the road probably -- I'm here today we are in Fort Worth, Texas we just wrapped up. Fire -- weekend Fort Worth -- -- -- my good -- Buchanan from the international society fire service instructors. And -- and I -- have a couple of big announcements to make we. And the deal together fire engineering and the international side of pressures instructors. It's always get that acronym wrong I don't know why -- have struggle with that that society yes. The society. What we're want to let everybody knows it can't come into FDIC. And -- fire fighter. Join the society of fire service instructors. Please. You'll get a 10% discount to FDIC. Which pretty much means you get to joined the society for free. To our -- are only 75 the -- -- -- yeah so it's a win. So what we're asked what we're -- tell you about is that the reason we wanna do it it's not just to grow the society. Although that's one of our one of our. Goals. Is that it matters this is this this is the instructors conference. So if your common and it doesn't matter if you're firefighter thirty year -- You're an instructor -- teaching somebody passed on somewhat so join the society what what -- also one of the benefits again and while there there's. That that's a huge benefit in itself and we also get 20% off of -- and -- things books and videos as well so. You put those things together it's it's a no brainer if it pays for itself but some of the other benefits of the FDIC is about training firefighters. To be -- and you -- come -- -- career as we talked about today at the conference. And that's where whereabouts was a perfect match just our annual meeting. You know -- the -- actually. Some other things you -- there's that the networking that that comes with sharing information. And and it and get the information out there when we need so when you have -- -- -- that you can again help. -- what the boards podcasts as one of the things we're. It was all right guys I don't you haven't done -- RG dot com and heard any show. It's along with seeping from his hosts the things that are happening in if you're not a member of the fire engineering community did in the community decide he's got a page there -- the talk about the podcasts and this week we're gonna have the -- were actually from the area here who just opened up a new website that's called honor their sacrifice dot com and and he's gonna interview to the guy young guys young guys just started that in fire engineers working with them as well. And we're helping them to further that endeavor and they're good friends of ours and we're very very proud to see that that's taken off and didn't talk to him. So what else out with -- Doctors at George you -- -- which through instructor the year award is in -- award this year we bring into the main stage that's right and a lot of folks we look at the history of the George because toward the training achievement awards that -- You're usually people -- -- think of national level instructors and one of the words -- wanna get out the folks is that it's is that you don't have to be a nationally known speaker to win that award we're looking for. An instructor who's making the difference. Out there -- in America so places like got a shot as a captain Dmitry you know it's it's doesn't have to be. You know most polished of Booker and a -- things you can be if if you know what instructor that's made a difference in in your career in your life -- That's a strong candidate. But you may -- -- consider nominations and get the application at the magazine and web site web site -- magazine. And as and submit that it -- review it and you know -- look forward to reading those nominations and now what happens only pick somebody. What do they have to do them -- affect them what happens. While we're gonna provide unique to -- the the big board you're gonna you're gonna -- you'll have to remember that to decide whether to -- that's right you know to make that point you will become one you know about -- what network year. Automatically. And for that but you know we're gonna. Yup on the main stage you go Iraq if -- never been FDIC to appreciate we -- main stage. That that that's the Super Bowl of all things to do with fire training -- sustain any I've been up there once and it's the most humbling experience and is definitely like the highest honor that's out there are training stand and that spot. You know that that you gonna do that is just of the recognition of the networking. It's just it's. We pick up your ride in yet you know if you win your coming by you're coming FDIC and and -- engineering and you'll be the -- -- fire engines and in the instructors. And it's come to a 150 classes 38 workshops 22 hot revolutions. -- the greatest show on earth in terms of -- program of this respectable shows out there. God bless them but there's nothing and I never has been anything like FBI say it's church -- -- -- it's it's just going to church. You go there every year and and you fugitive. The it's not only about the classrooms and hands on training -- all happens if this should be with your Brothers and sisters. The programs up right now -- FDIC dot com go take a look at -- you'll see a 160 classes no repeats. No instructors teach twice. -- if you guys are teaching in the workshops and committed to a classroom like -- last did you talk chief Norman but that's about it. There's no repeats there's no guide -- at ten and -- intention to again -- attention Monday Tuesday Wednesday. If there's somebody want to see -- their class you know when shots it. Does the place where we showcase not -- the greatest town America for our service but the greatest of them coming -- Comerica park service and we're very proud of this year's lineup I think we've got. Probably the best of the best and thanks has guys are going to be -- and and Neptune -- -- after development. It's the place today it's the only place to be in terms of for the fire service in terms of learning and now. You don't need to be formally and instruct. We need to get that out but every decent firefighter. Is instructor if you can't teach you can't -- it's just that simple. So come to FDIC learn how to teach one how to -- sit down hang -- what -- assaulted on Norman -- -- -- I mean the best of the best walking all -- the politics it's a -- it's humbling showed -- -- You know you figure what the heck am I doing here -- these guys but and the nicest people in the world and they'll tell you right up front they put their pants on one leg at a time. Just like the rest of us. So it how society anything else -- thoughts. It's -- all right well we're we're really excited about our relationship with by engineering a red eye -- we've we've recently just -- -- distance education symposium. That went very well and we're we're -- that you know the things optical with a trainer budgets. Facing tough times -- and technology we've we've talked today about the website -- and a common. How can you leverage those those technologies to save your training dollars. And how can you. Get more bang for your vote for your hands on to you know that's what people they've missed. -- -- How this distance education -- -- be applies not so much about the distance education is that it's. -- give you time to be hands on with your with your troops when you have a time when they're available. You know sorts that that's all we've been focused on so we're excited -- futures were very well that membership is -- A dramatically and and we're just trying to keep up and make sure everything happens. So we -- to make. It's just a solid commercial but remember. The voice. And all the archive shows are on their critical shows go to -- -- dot com go to -- -- radio can't listen Steve and heavier. Cranking those out you got Cheryl Orvella father Rick -- -- to crane Jack Murphy and you've got the very best -- with the average Joe firefighter. So -- there for everybody. -- the on the road series pleases listening to get a chance. -- over -- fire -- community join the community you part of the community it's free. And take advantage of it. On behalf of my good buddy and you can myself -- -- all the more on the road. And -- be careful out there.

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