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John Doyle

Mon, 22 Dec 2008|

At the Baggers Meeting in Oklahoma, Bobby Halton talks to Chief John Doyle of the Cleveland Fire Brigade in England.



-- welcome to on the road -- that we heard Tulsa Oklahoma with fire chief John -- from Cleveland. Cleveland Ohio the original Cleveland. And the UK and Jones chief Cleveland now for fifteen years -- that's our past fifteen years and before that you were written. Can five service and six months in Kent international. Matches that we know from Manchester United soccer team which is very popular here in the us that's -- thing. -- -- -- hear -- yeah now wasn't that in the back when it -- He lost he fights who got four years ago for what's around -- -- -- -- the -- that. OK okay nearly as much as you've ever. And you think we in the -- of -- and -- you go up we all of that thing -- little surprise. -- -- was kind enough to come jobs very active for engineering. And he has has written for us he has spoken for -- extensively. Both in the US and and our national shows always has -- great audiences and great appeal. Tell us a little bit about Cleveland council about your your city now where you work. Are looking -- place which is components hostesses. Population -- that -- some 50000. And a very unique environments and that will fund that would -- but I just I knew little about it's as. It assesses the majority of the chemical petrochemical industry in the act in them. With pro since fall 2% of all that candidates petroleum I would process won't decide the -- petroleum. Do the key factors that its highest level of social deprivation. We help more people people who -- that the with a look after themselves high incidence. -- manageable diseases. Along comes disease. Prices. It's also go to highest level -- teenage -- friends say we sustained because of this so. Environment sustained over more types of Firefox's. Than many of the proposed and the United Kingdom. The reason the attack this is the content from against -- justify the movements. But within on the paper and sometimes. Because that promise because profile. And as the -- of oppression we -- at times that's why would do from Texaco with -- people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You have to come it is some -- to give -- my skills. -- -- -- It was a well question about it that's why although businesses is tied it fundamentally. Reduce the risk just that you would -- -- of it. 95% of my articles. -- I -- -- and is it the -- element and thus it is. Looks of the environment is very much influenced by a lot of them good investment and would you haven't put so of the world loans lessons the states so the people feel disaffected and empathy with of the most of the system writes it. It's the young people. The door and hope that often exploration development ambitions so with the -- You're gonna what was in the -- -- environment and receive schools inference from people do not necessarily. The did not consistently. So -- is almost the two guns -- -- go to service. Expense. -- five Matheson those bills. -- example Bobby -- do of course this would -- five -- what kids in the oven in the same place. One day and -- -- beat. -- So limited I think we've -- risk assessment of had to move would -- that we can when two certificates. We. That these parts and we will find proper -- -- Friends that we give specific it would go a little tidbit there. That's when you're probably going. And put us the first time about this handsome thing is that. This is that it goes through for the possibility shows what they've don't they can -- to do we sent them -- that you're gonna charge you mentioned David Beckham. If it back from that good. -- 250 million dollar contract. So that much that's -- try to relate to it but also helps private business. Which -- response. But he also. It helps them connect with the open book you'll people who people. So. Do you bring older folks and this program to -- it was an altercation. That helped takes elements that kind we also. It shows what if we do with -- let me read -- we've -- A -- over. The United Kingdom -- some some kids. Very difficult environment -- can. The Apollo loss. Like a lawsuit with the got to keep away NightCall restraining order the smallest size on social behavior -- -- These hospitals threatened to the community do we bring the man. And we teach them how to do our. Home safety I think cope with those of -- that program so we go in and so -- -- Fifteen smoke bombs. Check that their lectures -- that remains this -- -- -- Issues have slipped through some old smoking and these kids that connects it was open but. Suspected and the bar is the kids can see that real people have no. Old files and design from science America and show us but I hope thoughts and goes they'll think you know its insistence that go along with them. The law of to confident. That connect to their kids because it could just. Perhaps -- -- with them. In the case enough that front in the -- -- so -- -- -- see changes in the. Besides the community stuff that you don't know you're really involved in the industrial chemical response outside of it bridges interest in his American fire service. When you call the brigades. In the domestic side of it but we rarely interface with those things we we have some response capability -- in the UK. Having listened to. I'll just -- person in our thoughts are on -- Struggles to meltdown -- wonderful guy great great presentation. He was saying they had done some pre planning for months. But that Rumsfeld kind of exceeded them. Planning expectation -- I would -- -- There tremendous. When you here John -- -- description. Really the responses was exemplary I think -- better. Wonderful job and and much like. Your community. Cleveland most of -- -- -- great -- of petrol for the airport's only airports that office so really have crippled the UK what is really. An international. For for troubled transportation but. We'll get if you look at it hey we are the doctors and we've been talking all sisters. Of itself not proceed has been -- -- privacy. Jurisdiction. When it comes circumstances people. What is -- that the components of that successful. Mitigation of the risk and and and and nothing that. -- -- though the -- can't together with a walk home -- -- -- -- conference. And make sure though there were doing the right things. That. Would go my pot a little -- -- -- syndrome. The -- bonds -- Could -- in the -- was thoughtful -- -- my return to six times with some 150000. Bottles of bottled. -- point threat that we have leases. I was talking with a very -- from the mine and this is the capability and mentioned that yourself and become friend of mine who's the managing director of the outcome that essentially what dividend. So while we work together. You from as much I was user's account what -- go on the results we put we don't do anything until we do them. I didn't have the trust to other systems on the people to the candidates. What's with people it works. Do it in our selection if you look and -- then decisive -- the -- -- fragmented and know -- together with the same. Because of what this well. That's at that that trust every social relationship from the -- and -- you've been working with another from Marsha Williams a long time when developing. Almost an international. -- response program -- that come along where you guys. It's go to -- you know from -- credit to Jeff. To tell you so -- -- -- -- -- I don't Jeff overthrew it five years and my first experience when he was ahead just I would today it's intended to -- -- That got him ourselves. So that's the ability -- -- the prize that is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Drilling systems felt like count. What it does it provides the software system whereby you can do crisis disaster management business recover and organizational development. And what Jeff's company -- -- -- days. Is all the knowledge that exists in your balkanized sanction. You took -- consulates and capture the -- people -- So toxic intelligence and you've also got -- in the with the disaster. A lot of people who issues the waltzes. And subsequently. You put your results and to do -- with the fire you but your results to ensure that this doesn't know what it really shouldn't it. -- you know of any profile of a disaster as those second and it's history process by which can. Far no. Way initial disaster of Katrina and he prime -- for example that. What's test system test of that this is provides that it's much hookup for about results. So the people she did with the incidents. They can do with -- -- Paulson. Some -- the other thing in -- -- and we don't either through software. I think all of my people who system at all. So it. We'll have a firefight for humans -- -- -- What's what's the biggest difference you've seen it in the UK park service America our shores in terms of structural firefighting. Well this terrific things really it's so I don't know it. I think some of it is -- missive. These societal codes from the United Kingdom and -- -- and yet can we don't half -- So always see you guys on roofs we go. -- Now I know you're incredibly -- and incredibly. Capable but no because from from from the guys say that's that's -- you have some of the essence show. -- the strokes is also require a certain level of firefights and and we we've got 55005. Finances. Because we're incredibly small and connect we've got national standards got national systems on god national -- the sounded. And we lost two guys in in London in 1990 wrong on PA guidelines. And don't you know ropes. Basically noted the things spokesman David. And it was a wakeup call and what was good in the UK. I think it's consulate's front what you call it just you magazine does well well the others do of the -- -- -- -- -- so we set up. Activities and those. Who -- to learn the lessons lessons violence is. You don't have to do the right invited the right people when you did there I think you have neutralized on this -- -- -- -- from everybody together as a armed. So some of operational procedure is a very -- -- -- that keep ourselves safe. And -- into connected and that reinforces itself. -- -- think in the states. And this is not criticism this is more of this is that it is not even though so I -- things about it because it's so widespread. Because so many different influences -- what might work it won't place. May not work -- accepted in the other. And I think clearly when people start doing statistical comparisons between the UK Sweden the United States is that they forget. You you're comparing apples and oranges yet I was out -- nation of 300 million -- one point eight million firefighters and and such -- diverse. Social economic and construction. Population densities -- -- UK. Geysers and thousands of years older than us husbands -- more subtle but you. I think that's the case of days but I think. I'm going to take credit. And office. -- the fire service that if millions. Majority thirty years of -- -- Annika is that you have small time. -- months since then you can November knowing systems I would go that instant on systems are based on what Bruno together. So what's good what's -- across the world and became pay of particular credits he sells. You're always position and you know -- good in south let's -- you always good news. He Telus has there is nothing that's you know it's -- the -- -- the defines this. -- the finger -- -- -- could really largely use of language barrier. Africa. That we have as well yeah -- it a vegetable thing that really. Rooms through because semifinal thoughts to the can you fire -- and and guys thanks we're alternatives that thing we try to -- the best possible -- photo community we care. And I'm seen some really great integration. Can and the real gut level between guys thinking Jon Mills. Chris large and and people talking about -- we did this were doing that there's if there's a million lessons for guys to learn counselor. About what to do for their communities from Cleveland. And Chris is doing -- phone and the guy next folks. Fascinating stuff and I think what happens is we get parochial we decide that. You know we don't wanna be wrong solution to a that we can approve -- right. But let's see that anymore between our two nations in particular I think that's who have. American firefighters -- absolutely perfectly ease -- comfortable with their British counterparts and their Irish and Scottish counterparts. As well as I think that everybody in the -- -- -- they feel -- -- -- assistant we've really. We've we've gotten past that whatever that was -- 120 years ago and I don't see that anymore. We have. Young man who come to the offices. UK firefighters. And that you know we just signing copies and occasionally keep asking this. On music and you realize. The construction techniques are now becoming. Universal. -- rather than national. And and the people between universal. Yet the things that Israel this the -- the -- guys back and we'll be -- too -- in this an Obama thing -- -- also noticed there were about right yeah that's great about this but these obvious this this insatiable appetite so because I think. If you -- -- a nation that's developed on it's not on the US sees himself and we are emotional maturity of opposite. Well we'll settle I think it wouldn't I think. Think that's true. UK and the French and the Germans and there's very few cultures I think that the European cultures and -- And in the Asian cultures. We really have a thirst and you just curiosity. There are two cultures -- -- very happy. With the status quo and got lost and I think that that's. And that's fine but there are those. -- you guys are sailing the seas before it was you know even reasonable. To think about doing and I was just purely based on curiosity. I think this is where we come comfortably in a particular through millions. This if you look at the United Nations India and China. That go lots of though on what guys didn't I don't think anyone group of people could not supposed to guard -- -- -- put together I think we come at a different. He's -- and that we're we're planning on John's going to be coming to India with -- circular of our shows and -- our Middle Eastern showed us and I think that's important because. It's coming of them are miles an -- yes exactly and McCain -- came -- -- -- five miles an hour and ten miles an hour. But it's coming -- them -- hundred miles now. But do -- -- what's been confident because technology because some of the way humans. Pro recessions is that the rights the rights to change is never an open -- and hope there's gonna placement Schieffer host with -- and -- It's -- be just some incredibly. Inundating this tell -- of the world was flat. I would disagree I think it's almost on K if I have relatives who was watching together and -- -- -- -- it's not it's not flat pilots. Another thing is I think it's you know to use -- -- of you polyps that. You think you go that's -- that comes and -- Iraq. -- true. The minute you think you know at all as a lesson learned there. John thank you so much -- can't -- here in the states and we'll see we'll see you later tonight but. Thank you for being with us I wrote -- god bless America -- and god save the queen of --