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Shane Ray interview, II

Wed, 22 Oct 2008|

Part two of Bobby Halton's conversation with Shane Ray, chief of the Pleasant View (TN) Volunteer Fire Department.



So we've talked about sprint isn't covered that but let's just. Go off on a personal note for to a something we're both passionate about we both enjoyable and probably members of two things actually FDIC fire engineering and the in international association for service instructors. -- and I know more and hard for three years now to bring. Those three worlds together engineering and FDIC is one would -- bring -- instructors back. FDIC's eighty years old gave birth to the instructors. The instructors. Kind of kind of separation or just some just that simple issue is over time how things happen and most a lot of families now we're back. And stronger than ever and we've got -- -- -- -- Buchanan and yourself up there and for Saddam and some other really great great guys. Leading the charge who might forget they don't want Doug -- Absolutely love them. So we got some great guys back in there so tell us a couple of things that. Couple things we tell you the other were doing in the first would be the the voice what's the voice going to be doing right now. Well divorcing get together and talk about some issues just like we're talking about here. But focus on -- trying to we -- -- weekly podcasts and we're trying we're -- gonna have frank -- -- another instructor. Society member was going to be -- put together a little video like this instructional video. And chain and I and and Eddie and -- -- Bakken. All the guys that I have messiah -- talk about doin'. Role play teaching techniques -- and headed for the PowerPoint or achieve your objectives the idea. Do a lesson plan how do you know bring -- -- life open activities work best value. You know and interject humor -- you -- case studies appropriately and you talk about what happened when it wasn't your fire. You know it respectfully. And I think those lessons learned like you talk about we have a follow. Of not really learning the lessons well. We hope that the instructors will focus so -- because they're the messenger. To get that out -- the troops there isn't neutral plane that that makes it okay. You know there that they're the people -- can make it feel like it did happen you even if it did and if they're good and I think that that's going to be an exciting deal. We're also talking about health and and grow the society the society George peoples -- structure of the year. Is now going to be done back on station and you guys gonna pick and we'll bring it back into the main program and and now we're gonna have -- Tom Brennan lifetime achievement. Right alongside and George to post is gonna come backs knowing that the two most prestigious awards in my opinion the American fire service and no disrespect to the others out there but these rewards that date back eighty years. And now named after you know two men who. Instrumental in this society questions instructors in there and an absolutely the man who. -- -- -- single handedly kept FDIC and and fire engineering. You moved through some very difficult times back in the eighties and nineties and just continue to mentor all of us -- mean truly a guy who was about a lifetime of firefighting so we've got the George B post. And the Tom Brennan and working together on those projects that several other things it will be announced. As as time goes by in the future but the society and chain and -- and Doug. And Christopher all help them to review proposals now and to help guys meant help guys write articles and working on the handbook about -- to firefighter went to the new handbook by the by the fire engineering books -- -- basic -- book went into doing the test questions for. And we'll be doing instructional methodologies stuff along with that so a lot of exciting things haven't heard for Shane and I together as well -- -- and and machines also been -- Bagger now offer. Couple years Mathis has been. Didn't going to be an old face on the back table which I really enjoy this nice I want my friends come -- and and and stay and that. Very important group I think the -- service as well it's one of the most. Effective things I do every year in terms of keeping the connected in grounded and excited about who we -- it's always an honor to be able hosted every spring and in here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Just to be part of the whole. Process if you such incredible legacy -- -- And it feeds is for the fact this is there's so much more. Oh yeah there's that there's a lifetime of work here regardless of where the year eight or eighty heads of some -- and at any moment an editorial -- You gotta be kidding. This I won't live long enough to finish all the things that have an opinion about from not -- some good opinion I just. Thank gosh source going -- for chamber and even just hanging out. This thing around to love us tonight and gone into effect Kevin Cullen in isn't John Doyle goes looking -- you -- and Paul Andrews and -- and our Brothers and violence in the way we -- so different -- -- -- community speaking on the -- them. He's he's got that have you -- things aren't -- this. There's a great backers of the -- -- when we get. It when you know that. When we look at success Seagate brand New Orleans here countenance in the group and and -- rape card. And they he's talking about multitasking and and you Bruno -- the comets that just pop out. But they -- to capture those it's like what we've talked about here in this issue. Talking about smoke detection -- -- community -- inspections. Code enforcement -- option. Fight fire duty in Canada listen you know talk about the fire. It's like when you look at that package. They talked about being multi tasks. Well no doubt we gotta do that but also -- -- wiggle room it. I think that's part of the key to success and that's while loving and although I guess on. -- -- well read -- -- mean it. You know -- John. First look at each other titles during have you had this happen and of that and that's the key I think to a real firefighters that there. If they're curious. And I think that's the key to successful firefighters as they're curious -- -- endlessly curious about how things work about why things are. About how they can be just a little bit better. And I think that's -- that's. If there's one quality that's that we all have this case. That's yet we're curious. And when it really all that judgment at all you know -- but we're very very curious and -- -- thing of the guys and -- among us who are judgmental. Tend to be the folks. Who again this is my opinion have the least. -- reason to be in they look at something that happened they say wouldn't this like you believe that like. I can. And I can't believe that you can't believe I suspect you're the same behavior -- -- academy. That they fail to think about. I guess the thing and that that I take away every time we mean beggars is that what people remember about major events in the kinda -- talking about it a major event. Is that the the people who were operating at the time. Thought that won't. They would do and made perfect sense. Because they're the ones that were killed or hurt -- and they didn't do that themselves intentionally. No windows. So it made sense. The real learning comes not from -- when they. Zig when they should've -- -- why did they think that means it's. And and that's hard to do. And no one wants to hear it. That they want -- units that they want to throw stones. And generally -- the folks at. Probably live in glass houses -- and should be look at this yeah and it. Through the long -- two batters -- -- -- -- read our visionary in the longer I work with instructors. The more I know how little -- know. I find out how little you know every sometimes I wake up so insecure diversify ourselves and find out how little -- -- But they're -- left me off the face of the earth because. Every minute of every day in this job. I'm Lauren and I could pick up a book from Emanuel freed from ten years ago all right it's -- -- -- -- UK. Listen to John talk about what he's doing and in Cleveland I think hole -- -- -- it's brilliant. And he sensors and or command system came from the from Roanoke. And that's brilliant you know and an -- Our customs and -- -- look at our French friends our German friends -- doing stuff. To me it's it's it's an exciting time because as this world's getting -- there. You know our kids are kids kids are gonna have a chance to. You pick up that webcam. And when their buddies in Germany fight fires have been turned his helmet cam I -- that and you have to fight fire in Germany. What we're that close to that today. And we really and I think it's it's an incredible time if -- incredible time to have you know guys like you taken the lead in and really. Explain to us and really practical way wise -- that -- like smoke detectors and -- community fire protection. Is never gonna put the fire service business is just gonna make -- stronger more effective and more and more dutiful we and it. I really think that you know when you were selected Walter chief for the year. There's probably a misnomer these -- and select the far. As he really. You really just exude all the right stuff all. Your absolute it's -- -- -- millions. You associated with fire engineering. And all things we do we really appreciate your support now. Thank you for letting me kicker and the tables and river being and then that the -- -- back in the years in Phoenix there watching me and he's doing now worker came to time of course. Is -- a key and then like working for -- At the time as an intern back in the day so I've been very blessed us. To hang out -- you -- folks in the over the years and so we'll keep doing it that encourage everybody out there that. To do the same and that's and acting in that the fact that it's time it's time for us to do some things different times now. And it's time to begin in law you gotta get involved you gotta get involved in the community getting involved in the codes process. It's a bigger picture than this thing and -- now. Yeah I agree. I think that. You know people ask me about the younger generational. -- and so ambience you know I look at my sons and my son's friends and I see. You know my son dean the helicopter pilot in the United States navy and see his friends -- -- -- on. Who got a degree in physics degree in business and open a restaurant and what he has friends -- -- and and and look at my youngest is. You know brilliant and and connected and taking care of the community himself and his mom. And medium that just this wonderful generation that. But the mistake that mr. Brokaw made and I think a lot of us and it was when we dug our parents generation greatest generation. I would say that every generation. And I don't care what country -- and the greatest generations the generation that's coming up right now. -- and clearly in the United States. Can speak for us. There every generation has exceeded. The expectations the dreams. Of the previous one and these firefighters coming up today. So -- -- we've been good succession plan -- always hear that don't have to get success at this. We are and what doesn't want. The guys who say that of the guys who. You know -- a -- a long time ago that that that your ships -- -- room you know is just me he had no if you think you haven't done it. And succession plan existing thing. Because the minute you get -- you hate again. The I've never met a guy who found anybody yet who the guy who volunteers under the it's like be in the next husband telling the new guy that the holy Moly. That's not how it works in you memory in this business. And if you don't think that's true. When -- -- if god forbid anybody ever spits on the Albuquerque -- -- Or top seller ready firemen from -- matter right now. You have some that -- about firefighters. 55 or ten guys be yup and only history and -- and it's that's what we do that's what we do and we're just so happy have you. Doing what you're doing and thank you to thank you for helping you to -- surface bringing this whole thing back together. And tax let's keep going shows -- -- -- the -- thing done -- -- this time it's go to Minneapolis in September together let's Minneapolis what's the date. I don't know -- -- fire -- -- -- -- or -- -- fire sprinkler dot org that find out today for an Annapolis not to get a holding you would they do. They can reach me about fire team USA dot -- It's got -- contact information over the subject of this and it got to have when your contact list and I know he's on the community safe are injured and -- community and get them through their through the is instructor site or. Just look for Shane -- and you know any time you gotta question this is the guy's basket from about sprinklers code -- about being effective fire fire on about volunteer firefighter. This is a guy that us just a great guy and great for them things thanks for being with us for every minute. Was Bobby -- more on the road and remember be careful out there.

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