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Holmatro - FDIC 2007

Tue, 18 Mar 2008|

Learn about Holmatro's role in helping educate responders on extrication and their coaxial rescue equipment (CORE) technology.



With the people -- posted here the having champ cars. They're a sponsor of champ car and -- -- You can 500. Is it vital the rest. For those a lot of other -- it's good coverage from. Absolutely we're really happy to be affiliated with both those great organizations. We do provide the the tools that the Indy 500 -- -- -- -- of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- watching on -- Great -- In addition to providing. We're. Racing across the country you'll also do a lot of training. With with the parks service nationwide. With that'll. Well. We believe that not only you have have the best equipment you need good training so that you people know what they're doing enough how to effectively products. Here at -- -- which is really it's it's the training show in the United States. We we -- -- and we bring tools and we support all of -- hands on training has to do with -- -- box heavy heavy vehicle and automobile. We also as a manufacturer we provide. Several different. Products that are that are geared towards. Training on basic expectation for the rescue so -- we've always some believe that education is is a big part of what we do. So not only are you the nation's leading supplier of tools you'll through nation's leading supplier was very -- Agassi to say that. We're back with very Barbosa a -- when we first talked with little bit about. More technology and what we're technology evolved out. What exactly is -- -- account. -- -- technology it stands for co axial rescue equipment and what we've done is we've always been a company known for innovation. We try to make the tools easier and better for the rest you're using one of considered problems as always remember that's when my system the sequence of coupling -- on coupling. So what we -- is -- created a system now -- -- -- to connect to both the pressure and the return line in one stroke. Automatically locks and and when I disconnect I can disconnect and reconnect. Under flows like -- quickly and easily change between two -- excuse. For having. To shut things down like we used to -- rescue tools to make that switch we want to do that. No not if you have -- technology. So it's really important on the rescue scene that you focus. Really on the education -- going on and on your patient not so much on the hydraulic system that you're dealing with them. And it's and from a training standpoint as well you spend a lot of time on the traditional two line system. Teaching people how to hook up and disconnect tools which basically it's an estimated training time again -- this it's it's it's really -- -- it's fast it's easy it's. And -- disasters. -- things -- backwards. That sticking out of the minutes exactly which -- a side benefit for us we were lots of different programs providing products that they amount on. They're apparatus for different customers it's also easier for them to use and install. This technology here is that we'll never see -- work what exactly went. -- -- what we've come up with here is. Using our core technology it's -- allowed us to extend. The the plug and play concept to the outside of the rescue -- should you choose. Lots of fire departments will have chaos final -- -- dual -- whichever term they used basically to -- -- operating at one time what this allows you to do is have a a pump mounted in one location on the truck. And run your -- so pre connect to the outside of the apparatus and because of -- technology again it's a hot swap plug and play concept. You can go any point on that truck. And actually plug in a rescue -- -- and go to work. But I've -- pump in the rear compartment and the incident right. Can plug into the right front with this and I'll proposes doing all around the truck. Absolutely absolutely does a lot of things for you. Here's a sample of one of -- in line -- fittings and basically it'll go through the -- -- here. We offer both with and without a -- depending on where they want about it and some battle -- we'll put it like you were just mentioning Sam. On the front bumper right and left sides of the front -- so that when you knows into an accident you also can plug right in there. Tony expects a couple prove your side by side. That. Obvious it is that is people here in the center and that and noble puts -- that about. Well Sam what we did this our engineering department and R&D folks. Took a look at the the old and standard way of doing stuff which is when -- -- several pieces together you'll run a ball through. And and ends up being slowed down by -- not. This is good but when you start making more powerful tools these components have to get bigger the problem with getting bigger as they impede. You accessing parts of the car that you need to -- so what we did we started with a blank sheet of paper and we came up with a new system that we call on arrival for an integrated bolts. That is actually you can see that there's no -- Or not sticking out of front end -- this tool. It makes it much more compact so accessing tight spots is easier and also it allows us put a cover over this that's stainless steel. Because that we want our tools below await the body of it's made out of aluminum which. When your stuffing it -- -- -- some of the tight spots the rescuers were forced to stick it into it can damage -- him. So this gives you a nice move compact protected front end of your. Analysis do you have to -- -- That it -- that in -- thing. Yeah exactly you know it's it's common on the rescue scene. Even during the day that you create your own shadow especially of cutting down into -- -- to cut and resort you're working inside. Cutting brake pedals. You always need some sort of -- -- there while it was kind of and inspiration of -- ourselves guys and a lot of we take some of the new lighting technology. And integrated into the handles so we did just that all of our 4000 series rescue tools come standard with LED lights. Inside the handle -- power -- one double A battery very easy to change two screws in about three seconds. You can have -- thing back on there and around for six hours continues. -- -- -- -- People see -- -- group today while Sam aside from are are cutting edge rescue tool products were also manufacturers. -- products such as lifting bags and -- And we also provide -- several very compact. Self contained tools that are used by use -- teams. Hand operated -- -- tools and battery operated. And I think we talked a little bit earlier we also manufacturer quite a broad line of educational products that. Really doesn't matter what brand -- -- use the education is still. It's still right behind. -- anybody involved rescued. This. By far beautifully. Like Molly here. -- Rescue product. Thanks -- -- Thank you Sam thanks for some.

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