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Mike Nasta, Anthony Avillo interview

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

At FDIC 2008, Bobby Halton has a sit-down with Deputy Chief Mike Nasta, Newark (NJ) Fire Department, and Deputy Chief Anthony Avillo, North Hudson (NJ) Regional Fire and Rescue Department.



I welcome on the -- probably -- and -- live at FDIC 2008. I've got two eight cast members from good fellas here with me today -- it's. I've got to I'm like -- friends. Deputy chief Mike master. And deputy chief -- -- -- out of -- and it -- -- north Hudson in Jersey both tremendous firefighters in huge huge contributors to -- engineering. And also to FDIC. And -- is also the author of foreground strategies best selling textbook here from a fire engineering. Probably one of the most well written textbooks and histories of fire service in terms of getting the job done correctly. Some guys thanks for coming. No longer welcome to on the road and we really appreciate it and I also runs a -- sources here at the -- program. We look forward -- decent site to do hands on training -- places that I accessible. You get. Safe obviously the -- can be to run down where they clapped money -- And just if it's not conducive to any particular class that we can run safe. Both present program had a few politicians -- its impact I have a pretty good this year you know it was a little little tired and this -- -- -- that its list of sites and this -- too early instructors they do great job prepared to make it work for us. -- -- And -- it and are you working on. Vision version two and it's taken edition's second edition. What you're looking at what what what -- what's ultimately we want to get anywhere when you think you missed the first time around with a book that you want what what's going on Mozart's. It's due out in July. And now I first wrote the book we had just been involved in the regional position of fire department in north Hudson for maybe about a year. And in that time in between then and now I'm just kind of real lot more experience. Again through a things like if this he had learned a lot Warren and I just wanted to pass that on its. Much bigger expanded -- -- a lot of different information in there now additional information on especially. No management -- ground and some things I've. They're exposed to over the years and I'm looking forward to -- -- he cannot while they've been cut many in the words of many of the pictures so. If they do have a cousin and sanitation in New Jersey that -- -- time. Now what are you teaching here -- issue -- you -- -- you can hear all I did the truck company hot search with Joey Alvarez was believed there and bunch of guys from New Jersey and in the trying to poke in your class really. It was packed. Wait. -- lit the fire and fire Marshal skip and a sound man that was. -- and operational dangers and yet we thought they were in wrong because. It was just piling in in the line was out the door and -- it's great I was gonna commencing -- -- forgotten. By us and more. Hopefully if bottles I did it with their own stuff out early on they -- throwing stuff like its mistakes and everybody makes a lot of our problems Nixon. Tax -- simple things where you -- strap buckled waist strap -- accuracy VA eleven. He likes that kids. Don't just how things not not mean it'll read ability to believe conditions. Market knowledge and -- destruction. Simple mistakes and -- keep -- point to doing certain procedures. No this operations there is there's a lot of my new ones and we try to stress itself to wallop because four point keeping ahead of the game that is it doesn't become so -- everybody thinks is such a physical. Job as it is it's more important keep ending game -- -- that. You you wanted them. Well again that the biggest issue there as we can't impress on people we're not gonna tell you anything you don't know. But we gonna come around to remind you -- things that maybe you just haven't been paying attention to and that's we find you know we're. We're killing too many guys and injuring too many guys doing common operational. Procedures you know working above the fire stretching -- -- working off the roof and -- find that a lot of times the the casualties occur because it was either not addressed prior to the fire and you know the company office before offices not necessarily doing their job turning a blind -- for the safety issues. And really it's paying attention to -- -- ground you know when and that's the biggest issue that we just try -- impress on. -- -- -- -- Critical look at ourselves it to look inward appeal was -- -- us and sometimes you don't like to do that. You know but -- know we -- is to do exactly that we don't wanna be critical of you know guys before us but or we do wanna learn from you know -- -- -- you know. -- preventable future. Yeah exactly what happened -- -- it is an obstacle. It's from. Receivable due back next year for sure absolutely I didn't god -- blowing -- -- me. It's you know you'll hear an anti hero my god willing we love it here it's great that's the best witness. Once you get -- That's right it's -- carriage of diversity. Canada's. Religion -- this show on -- are. Absolutely. And the fact that will be and we do that these search class -- come and bring stuff back. And acted upon we learned here -- pass and on. -- if if you've learned here it complete itself some players. Sequence. About elvis' -- from -- and lounge and there are. I have to C 2000 -- A good time remember being careful out there. And we'll see unions.

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