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Rick Lasky interview

Tue, 18 Mar 2008|

Bobby Halton sits down at FDIC 2007 to talk with Chief Rick Lasky of the Lewisville (TX) Fire Department, author of the best-selling book "Pride & Ownership: A Firefighter's Love of the Job."



I welcome -- rule following all of them alive again today from FDIC 2007. And now with this morning as my -- partner from Texas and my best friends the whole world. Tremendous writer we all know offer pride of ownership of the firefighters of the job. Written just dozens and dozens of articles fire engineering. Is exclusive to fire engineering. He's a member of -- -- advisory -- magazine show. Truly great leaders in America -- -- city great friend and a brother. -- -- -- -- This -- my assessment and it should and have us live or where or how are you. You know world. You talk about this before. This shows and I actually yes yes -- -- you know I can explain my feelings about it yes you know coming for years. Is -- magical it's estimated there you know you just recently we're just talkers war you know we're looking at some firefighters and and -- -- Kind of people quote record -- -- time and utilize these young explorers and our partners inner -- is bouncing around here either way. You know little -- from the Ewing who yes it is all over the place and you see the guys. Talking and just it's magical power houses cars and some magical thing. Such as it is hundreds of times people put this together just. -- so. It's pretty easily what's funny is even legal guys like us are bounced around like little rooms this is just -- ran across the -- should see. -- -- -- -- So cool this. You want at all and it's. -- -- -- -- your stereo or your Richardson different from those. And you get to -- these guys have been here before optimistic. And New Mexico refused to -- -- locker room. You know you have to like kind of proposal regionalism under his grocery store is I'm just gonna wander. Around you know reasonably we can keep moving in the remainder through those who have got a -- -- -- my buddy here he will need. Training achievement award which pictures. I should well it was is here we're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While emergency room program that'll -- -- six years ago -- twelve yeah one -- -- I was there I was six years ago. I was ahead not letting securities. Is back slowly with well we're talking twelve years. Anyway with the same -- program which then evolved into the hole really issues involved -- -- You know combat the whole deal and I coaster and it's gonna hit as hard as you can to -- -- to leave the drill field issue for me. Which took a class -- a great guy -- great guys and you know curtain and -- a great job. -- have been properly handle themselves rave reviews. Really it's. Is record music -- Burton didn't. Have been which yes since beginning and it's kind of funny remember you know when we first brought the program -- -- the hopes a general thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My wife totally all the articles in our house photographers are going just -- user's permission you wouldn't do it. And the first group of instructors Regina Norman. That these -- Mercury those -- the finalists I want to that school that was I was that originated historical thing and it just grew and thank god didn't. And we taught is treated trainers we want people out there teaching. Their firefighters citizens who weren't -- And project and I you know we we came together rather than everybody -- I think we're doing most of when he was 240 students. And then. You know if you threaten us and we can sign this year. You know -- want to remind him and John has separation anxieties -- ironically his listeners. This is so different. This is what I'm supposed be dirty right now we're outsiders must -- -- -- reigning -- us original reason the -- wouldn't hear yeah. Has not bad it is thought or whatever but obviously chicken in my mind and they do meals out there he's going to people -- -- they. You know you Basra on -- -- -- programs look for conference's. It's Iraqis it's math -- anybody an argument and reasons and make of -- -- that's not true it's true. -- -- -- -- -- -- The view that the hardest -- -- is for years with Jack Murphy when he was secured the questions of where it. It's the biggest complaint we always -- -- I can choose no I wanted to find different classes can't -- space and how people just come -- those classrooms employer. And you watch means that where -- -- next knows what -- all. And it's like the commodity hurt capable of images sort of bag of marbles and -- -- -- To get to the next program and I think I really truly if you look at yourself deferred. Oh absolutely and and thank you for coming back into the classroom -- job -- cannon fire alarm for me and then you did pride and ownership and and John did his. -- -- -- it's it's in the program about about this is a firearm what was right what goes wrong definitely case studies and the -- -- And this is hard to believe -- from universities very -- about things. And here is no different. New different you know underage their bodies. Is the fact that he is -- problem telling you. Right up front was killer hours and he doesn't want them -- for differences we've got to get past that. And who get down and dirty -- -- -- -- this -- -- this -- -- -- to make things. That's the private -- is when you read your book and and here it's it's it's about that is. And it's much -- can encapsulate -- her -- it was kind of to do. Our 45 was which would be equivalent to about twelve ripples of -- six months. On. -- And then the first case that. She's the go to the -- in the cycle. Through the only delivered this special window. I don't cross it was like when it -- -- -- like holy what's here. I don't know them. Network -- you know he's. It's almost that you haven't talked about for years what it was -- -- gonna go. It's just stuff that we've been screaming about the kitchen table or drew -- -- in the field the stuff we've progress this is this. And -- an appointment -- -- if you're fired you but -- Archie. For our student who doesn't blow job -- and a secure watching -- doesn't monitoring these for you -- just to that point. You know integrity and principles mean everything to me and who and -- series. 16116. Initiatives whatever it takes up no I don't care I'm -- scenario gets serious and and -- -- -- in the classroom. Well they're doing some hands and make and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sermon yesterday on its -- them values exit. So you don't support initiatives that now. -- -- things that support -- percent. But don't talk about her values that's part of our culture and they're fine they're they're alive and well in the loop inside -- -- and -- -- -- Relate to this is somebody that kind of twisted into the programs that lately especially with your voice and -- -- you view them. Promised as a -- and an enormous he's gonna work out which assigns. Few things to heal some other stuff -- if he's home. He's gonna pull through movie like doing you know firemen conscious and a little bit and a it's fun evening. And I -- to a time restart what your kids are obscured the want to -- my turn to your own we ought to my house. I'm in the podium speaker yes that's -- Rental house in Texas where they'll go -- -- like a week but -- and my kids in the backyard pool. And these or -- was home from maybe -- help us move. And you get a break these trains -- get a break these guys will run in the pool there's women and hears sirens and a man on the PA booming. Come on all of us all we know you're there screaming into this money. McClellan accuses the ability to. Under the rest of the story well it's not just kind of -- not real slow him. And walks over -- -- human species list. Yeah unfortunately -- that was certainly -- Let's put it very well. But -- -- you is probably GRE and we used to joke about you know my own zones you know. -- fighters -- well he's a rocket scientist yet you isn't there for it but. But. Something had hit and we were -- and we had a loss -- -- taxes and -- 33 year old color -- when your judgment -- military. Q liberal rating you know -- -- sixty foot strip mall heavy iron into practices in the kind of cheap as well. -- to us from. Statement this fortunately. Overhead comes down -- achieved this where bird kills. That the biggest -- -- thirty year veteran was -- and the -- with -- mechanism. -- -- if you reform which are few issues committee which you ransom note about it was very problem what is your plan. Come together -- hopefully it was. Do everything for you. And all our guys. Opposite kids and that's going into this characterizes -- that you guys you will you -- and we've -- trained him you know people aren't your people probably the most in all this stuff. And that's when they have kids in this and I want answers goes you know also senator -- -- -- to -- far Priscilla. -- -- -- -- And I asked who come up -- that you trauma is -- executive job where your productivity and -- years yourself questions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is either cry you don't want to before we hear who refuse -- -- and this is this has the bad attitudes as bitches about the travel time. And -- just -- a two -- training today. -- you want what what would what would the officer would. Man or woman here that just has direct together you know. Officer that here she's gonna make you. You didn't do your job you know I don't care -- -- today this is important and they're there to be your leader Richard -- second. And I think with the guys that kids in this -- components. It's -- -- to wake up call it's we went off the human to South Korea. We wanna be who who would you want your kids -- into that building was. This guy over here -- this here. Your answers here. -- You know and you list or and you think -- generation to generation most -- in -- us again. Each man lost his mind. Both -- well I guess. Suns lost their parents -- economy. Just so solution that's what we're talking so here it is teachers who started this reference that's right and he was a strategic. Absolutely memory is right here over children Tommy's right here -- Good again I was not -- and I really believe that. They're they're they're working through all of us and one other -- -- mention -- things to do. I want to point brand new column called roll call and Rick is -- the Oracle's they're getting guys -- -- -- And you know kind of funny guy here and there that it seems that in. But we're doing a real different kind of peace and and roll call is going to be peace it's going to be more selective than we've ever done before. It's got a team that's got a purpose. It's gonna focus and Rick is really kind of -- and that forests and the other day it's -- -- -- from. From our real -- Diane -- We both dorm and we both nationally and what does she achieved here she's got -- -- start she's -- second life I mean she's. It either -- wise and have no problem the solution to remove them ammunition. He should you know -- -- -- -- adore. But anyway. So -- -- innocent you know for for reasonable. Don't act on the principle that -- my years ago -- yankees we don't put anybody's name on anything is that. Where -- yankees and that is like hopefully she's already reported on random thoughts he -- you for that book. Quite got out of business oh. I didn't god what -- yankees is like and that yankees that means that acts. How stupid does not gonna it's the -- opinion put -- apple could -- and. Well you're right that whole series that was you and guys and we need to do. Pride and ownership to refers to last -- -- total imports more programs. Through there a chance to get to and it was acknowledged that. Weren't we we need to place -- in the hands of the company Austin officers -- either before roll call -- -- -- during. -- to drill for the next days or it's something doesn't go over or just that piece of information regular officers from your rather than be wrong and -- features. And -- -- commentary -- Taken up when three ring binder in every month we're -- hearing room every month -- every other month. -- every month. But -- -- -- muscles -- and we've got we have -- 3900. -- And we're using -- about 212 hand selected. We're not -- order -- -- hand selected. Handpicked. Authors of guys really what's Google's goal and his tenacity and highly edited and you were taken and -- and and no disrespect but we're really taken these things -- it's a completely different ball. And nationally appropriate and I can take this -- form put it out there. You know start moving these things place where -- can download all this and for the time being diverted to other articles for the magazine. Hello mom account got you hey hello at all and I decided. The component -- -- the -- We have Arenas actually you know and this agreement Internet business that we don't mind if you photocopy -- -- at the library and and the mountain -- -- -- And that's it and most guys you know inherently. If he's if he knows what way to to know that. You know you guys walking to consecutively -- -- -- read this read it reduced from -- -- You don't really read this from these guys and well policy before we close and that's it for years. Series classes teach about trying to give compliments everybody does such a great job for our services that there -- absolutely wonderful people. Is to see the impact that magazine him. So he was using the we've. The impact. He's not here but it would appears to us has been real when -- your office. They molecular and three issue for engineering and when when he was moved to share and it takes me over that sometimes Jerusalem as the troops to activities. -- dirty laundry and it's like no what's your past. You know nobody they were heroic what they did is they they brought sell them. It's of the federal forces you to get out there. I mean literally since day today oracle my life I promise you he has saved literally hundreds of our personalized pressure. And I I think the Denver Colorado our department gave him. That department those guys who will do that are currently have no idea what they've done this -- and ask you packed your magazine can have. And its new book is out -- from mark I think personally rip out their orders -- -- real loser here. What happened to fall. It's fine -- -- he shouldn't should I. The reason he didn't. We're we're parker showed up an interview community here. And save my kid off duty firefighter on occasions. -- and being. Pride and ownership of the job is nobody like this it's it's art science and -- -- -- the world from subway or cirrhosis of some -- doesn't know from them. You know and most respected -- -- that -- doc yes. Doctor lawyer Indian chief. -- -- scheme and I think the united -- I would always joked about that and I I love those two businesses I just mentioned are credible but you're right there's no there's nobody -- you think about. We want from a family you wanna talk about values. You are talking about people that. I mean how the volunteers -- -- -- -- departments are still doing it for nothing. And don't put 3% using that I mean there's no -- volunteers to get up for foreign born and going home -- you who your real job. Tell me what kind of person. And I -- this on camera resistant the one born and show them ashore after 9/11 we're gonna start the fire service won't -- -- would be -- this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's that's even easier ourselves and that's that's which -- -- pictures here. Go ahead and doing a beautiful firefighter. Technique that's because the kind of person takes the -- -- kind of person. That will do that forever. One of our -- -- Cops fireman's -- -- the military. It's that person and it's it's -- -- -- but. This I would miss for the world. If there was ever is great you know -- is get ready for college and and was -- spectrum as they wanna -- -- -- tournament. You know she's got her. He refute or at least twelve she wants to be an FBI agent she's all hooked up with net gonna -- working to rescue workers -- providing. My son so you. Once go to Texas that he wants to get into sports writer because it US -- -- to reelect ray Barone has really -- is as deeply about those that's my boy -- something. They were doing at the age that him. Oh when he was on the line up pretzels pretzels and -- -- -- had -- it's gonna be sort of the pinnacle was less than are there. Yeah we should -- -- game. You. He went there it was we use all -- and oh yeah the nose -- -- because of what this does that cost him. Good seasick looking -- yeah. I it was today I mean I mean. That's -- hundred router we will put it fourteen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The finger at the link -- walk off with two outs and we -- -- Do you are gonna down. I cannot Rio unbelievable. You know I mean we're blessed really who have less -- We're blessed to be relentlessly partisan. You -- -- -- -- family job's. Friends. All of this ends. If -- MW -- -- from all of us is through your brother on the road got to question these days.