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Peki Prince interview

Wed, 10 Sep 2008|

At the Baggers meeting in Tulsa, Bobby Halton talks to Assistant Chief Peki Prince of the Peachtree City (GA) Fire Department.



Hi and welcome to on the -- about -- and we are here in Tulsa Oklahoma my hometown. Well actually constantly -- just outside -- so it's kind of fun for me the on the road my friends and. Thank you prince was the deputy achieve his second in command in Peachtree City which is in Fayette county and it ends just. Big counties it's achieved in the great state of Georgia Georgia so yes I got -- -- -- -- -- We never got the stuff you know you never cut it don't know what how people like you like the fact that's correct that's good that's good account -- working. And is very -- show and welcome to on the road well thank you I'm not I think -- had accurate Tulsa. Those. -- honored to be here. You humility. -- -- and -- kind. So we just a couple of serious -- news yes I'm through injury and -- moment folks who operate here parties. I know you all are. To -- -- much nearly did not and how comments that appeal tornadoes. In Georgia are common usually in the evening -- We do have processes in place for warning. Most of our communities to which is absolutely wonderful and but it's not perfect he would continue to refine them. Our public education processes are work in process and again we get out to the public. And and we try to educate them on how to be safe during those issues and how we learn from you. We take the lessons learned in and bring them home home. But those -- great response I watched it and don't work but I electability Georgia that was it for the state team first yes right and services. And the -- -- -- comfortable with it. It's the integrated. Khaled he's actually phenomenal lost -- -- just a -- people do they did and and a few of the guys who -- under that system went real well it did so it was a combination of preparation and leadership I think -- let's -- -- -- -- -- before them of the very change this is an evolution of leadership. The discussion -- seeing I think. We don't expect hurricanes in Virginia we don't expect them and -- and we don't expect them on the East Coast facing becoming more proud. It is as the only out for it and see them him. So that was. Absolutely phenomenal again. And most of us are standing watch in the basketball okay right and then you look up and you see that the scoreboard swaying and then -- Right and things are against it -- and -- like. It hot in them fortunately. There is no life safety issues that really occur because the preparation in the immediate response -- rescue department. It is phenomenal job. They GMAC group which is -- regionally group assisted. Multiple counties around. All came together to work -- one because we -- and and we have communication or increase that. That are delays are not significant and then when these events and that's -- thank him. That's the real key move forward in the future I think that up but she's accused you know catastrophes such. Unbelievable resource but a local stabilization. It's the -- yes. You know really it is going to be key. It is very instrumental in the communication that goes on. With that group is unbelievable. Mom we know each other by name we have each -- cellphones. And it it it makes it a lot easier so when that page goes out. You know exactly who the resource is going to. And needed to follow -- what. -- -- -- yes the question do matters and we use twice a year it's just old fire fighters. That we just so. You asked the question what's going to be like 2030 years what's the Aleutian. I think that's -- I think will cool. Almost civil defense no. Responses and that are usually. -- Control. Some Americans think that he was time for -- somewhere and we when he trucks and it's not it is it's really common goal. Those of us and sharing that we -- us. -- we learn a lot of Katrina. Everyone -- it was a wonderful opportunity to. And and I don't think we did that better job no we didn't we we prepositioned. More resources of that event than any other than that history -- Our system and no one can anticipate this -- -- three states. And when the crews went down this goat was unbelievable turned -- five states can get through it all the damage but three states that were literally. It's almost entire disaster so I think -- -- very successful. But it is the local communities being prepared immediately that. The federal assistance is going to be like coming. It's like a forest fire -- California's system use -- -- -- job but it takes some time to -- -- and that's there. And big bend national park where we -- far higher. They see Ford yes -- mobilization that pentium four hours that kids like these things in the. These times then that's -- -- these systems work of the first time. Our -- on the grounds that process work on the ground. Originally you know and what do questionnaires and gotten me yes and what -- really turned into world was slightly response. -- helpful information. Oh. Yes. They really turned into kind of -- to guns. Because the locals were tied up bigger projects. It was kinda cool and I think that's another piece out. And we're gonna see more. In response almost. -- -- squad 51 constant in recent real -- he has stated it's absolutely amazing. -- -- -- -- -- -- Next month the fifth anniversary music. Turned career this guy and -- he's ever -- wannabe. It won't. We don't want -- -- Fire -- tires I'm good I'm glad she used it. Message to and it's up. Some words -- somewhere Egyptian noble in that sense that gives it. Yeah right. Countless answers. -- -- It's the moment it was -- microwaves are and care on care and yet support. Tell us about your -- My department. Isn't it can't. It is Peachtree City we are -- -- square miles hand is and -- community absolutely beautiful community. We have to lakes non golf courses. Very recreational driven and we have a phenomenal department our personnel on could -- -- that -- We -- -- -- where competition department. And we -- out. He he really dynamic combination because it is one. Rank structure and again just as our doesn't care if you're male or female doesn't care campaign volunteers. And it's seamless that's something we take great pride in it is that the seamless organization. Our volunteers. Have to become -- keep -- -- one within a year upcoming on -- again first responders school. We offer you -- -- paramedics we have several on your partners and Herman expo. Our -- that of course has to be -- linemen in the you -- not mean that there. The energy in the education in the commitment. Of the personnel there is yes. Amazing -- community or you found ordered her move grow and we have -- recently with this council instance semantics -- and now we are working together with our council. In our city manager for. Expanding our service element -- -- -- if -- your question backers who knows what's gonna look like what's. If you have to take that same question you yes. How do you see the services you provide. Peachtree City. Within thirty years ago that there is urgency ten in ten years I think that's citizens Peachtree City. Will be demanding more from us more than they had ever and we've seen that continually every year because or consulate in -- And we have been I think you're right -- of the top ten retirement communities. Moral people -- yes I guess more -- -- and we have communities retirement communities coming into this. So we will be on -- -- -- margin that's the man rushes. Show us. And just as we're talking yesterday -- home with right now we have five people working for every person on Medicare. And the years -- vary according to government statistics the freedom. 3131. -- yes that changes the amount of income because it spreads it out and -- will be. Dealing with health issues will be dealing with people -- have been you know there's been struggling now to pay for their medications and -- So the -- service and thank you must is gonna continue to grow -- -- every TV multi discipline multifaceted. And I think we're gonna become. You know attention is because they were doing too much I don't think there's ever the line too much but I think what that we are gonna become. Is more clear on what our needs yes into the -- in terms structural firefighting in particular. I think that the days of crews going in with -- 35 people who are around. Are numbered yes I think that at some point in time on residential will always do -- -- usually there's a safety issue. For pleasure always gonna put others' lives and -- but that's part of who we are yes and that will never change against. But I think in terms of commercial protection. Commercial farmers have become much more structured events and ammunition. They shut it's just stuff. It is. And that's from openness and I think that we're changing that mind -- it's truly amazing I can say is home. Our -- training. And I can see that changing. Well are we really gonna risk. Everything for that building when we know that building pre planned in and in their finances to replacing it. Including those in the room right off the sound good at all but that stuff that we stuff that we would have to do -- -- objective for. It's inappropriate. For stop for stopped parolee expression on her books and should before -- Yes and one of the things -- like to bring we can't transport service and we have a long term -- So we take paramedics -- -- when you walk into a room and you look at a patient. Do you. On -- man cleat kind of make an opinion of the outcome. On that I just gets an assessment is it something that they're not. Going to make it -- in the next couple minutes. Is that something that may be dame might not make in the next couple of hours and how aggressive you have to be or it's us stumped -- in there can be on. I think we need to take that same thinking and processing our ground. -- to building assessment excellent reviews were to -- -- as a pragmatist I love take a little bit differently not just what can you do. Was why should you do what is the outcome of our actions and if it worked different. I guess is she'd be yours as it is the -- shot and yet there's -- doesn't mean you know to secure definitely for the bystander. But the building shot that -- it's not gonna make it right -- a defensive posture. And I think that's. I think -- to fuel loading those buildings are becoming more common yes unfortunately. Because I don't think I don't think that our ability to hold -- water. Has kept pace with the ability for the buildings to generate -- -- from these rates pastor he expressed. You know and more dynamic fires -- -- interest who were technologically behind her in some respects I think that we have to become. Smarter faster. You know. More intuitive and more aggressive when appropriate yes -- defensively continue women that align business. Yes that's it that's the key to I think. That comes from training experience. Just a -- common sense is it's an announcement school constantly yes -- there's nothing wrong and I think that's a big piece of. Of wisdom is Google -- it's. A lot of military gonna tell you there's a lot and did some news. A lot. There's. -- -- -- -- -- -- Anything that themselves kill you and get yourself killed doesn't make you hear him again so it's it's uninteresting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know doing crazy things. But brave heroic things involve risk and it was -- and that's -- that's hard to sell. It's just ourselves. -- -- -- -- -- -- You have doing yard. You -- And now on the static where I am I am Columbine. Now on I am just absolutely ecstatic have. -- -- -- core of people -- amazing we're getting some truly amazing things done. On officers and -- In and do things different and it's your fourth yours there. He said yes they -- experience on and making new kids and young people eat -- on the new alpha. -- You discussion about old opens you know -- again after finishing story than it was at a group developments were -- -- important yes they were killing rhinos and terror for visitation. And an anthropologist who didn't recognize behaviors -- this renewable elephants to show them what the appropriate -- analysts. To maintain that that balance that balances and Winston and so you guys units -- elephant. -- that that keep that balance. So yeah things are wonderful in my -- and -- This is. And he prints and she's from peach tree city yes in great stated Georgia so it'll never let. She can. Help you answers to questions to -- our fire. She's not coming Baker Hughes the younger people in the -- group which -- we always bring in that's it that's approval elephants that -- young elephants is well it's a balance so yes you're. You're the young elephants I am. And that group's work we couldn't be happier. Thank you -- -- -- Let's. -- thank -- so let there be careful. -- -- -- --