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Joe & Chuck Downey interview

Tue, 19 Aug 2008|

At FDIC 2008, Bobby Halton talks with Joe and Chuck Downey, sons of the late Ray Downey, of the Fire Department of New York.



Hi welcome to fire and hearings on the road Bobby -- and we are back again this year live 2008. And FDIC and we couldn't be happier to be here with our best friends is rooted in -- about foundation the sons of legendary ray Downey chuck and Joe Downey. -- -- that we had last year -- at a you're -- you down so yes look great to have you back in chrome removed them stage show as well as well we'll see you join a -- -- always carry this thing. Lisa let's not get along great yeah yeah total the Brothers. It's okay if you can thanks to you ever come back and. For those you -- there may not know we do the courage of our foundation. And it's in and it's a legacy foundation for chief -- and if there was ever man whose body. What honor integrity courage. All the values the people talk about -- around today even. If you didn't have to tell people. -- just out of what he did want. And so I was totally enveloped in and -- teaching tool belt and his culture. Then you just couldn't help but -- from the very person -- them. As a teacher but as a friend and fellow firefighter Baghdad it -- question call remotely that problem -- -- -- -- Nice to -- because people don't understand that your dad would get up about 530 or more. So on a short answers -- and he would. If you're smart Indy. We catch chief I mean. If he wasn't fast. It is good slowest days can slow -- actually get up on it taught it you would talk about it won't talk about. And that's how I got that because you dad has -- out wrong. And fact that it was just you know to a homeless people put all our guys running back then thank goodness that's where things we'll talk about today to. But first let's talk a little about the courage and -- foundation and what that does. It is in your dad's memory. We're met people making donations and -- -- -- this fall and we honor farm every year reminds us what you're -- would have done so to speak. This year we have a really good guys we think -- -- We. That you know here we got to meeting yesterday before we knew we ways we get to meet in the lobby is tremendous -- very humble. You know -- back. Sort of didn't want approaches but wanted to say hello. No we were talking about it and we felt that he did -- again -- -- military. That type of person seems like he used in the short time we spent would have. We felt really wanted to meet him and he was the -- -- that a great job how how do we do we get -- might -- -- might become the courage and. Eleanor -- how's this work. Well there's nominations sent -- throughout the country and there's a selection committee. That. The national -- firefighters. Alumni and the association -- they both get together. Look at the nominations and then -- top trio for some years are presented to. The next step which is Joe and -- and Bobby and and well this. About six of us on the final selection committee. -- that you. Here's our dilemma and this is -- we're talking -- today. Firefighters much like your dad. You get used to say storage -- system Oklahoma City just its first world trade just through Asia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just doing his job and all the other jobs he did. This -- -- we need to hear from people now you go online and download the courage and valor nominations. -- it isn't a direct immediate and -- -- Names of them juveniles and their. Or -- wasn't the checkered Joe there you knows are out there we need to hear your stories yes absolutely there's so much courage and -- out there every day. United States today. These guys need to be on for what they do day in day out. Home humble part of it is going to be put aside at times we got to recognize and we're proud to recognize him -- -- dad's name. How many they should be proud to submit their applications so we could see -- they -- Yeah. Did and that it definitely I think what what what you -- in that. I mean we grew up with it my father was very humble and so we said doing your job but someone my memories of the -- apartment. When I wasn't even on the flight home was that -- metal they receive an award he was very humble. But that was a great day for the Stanley he's been on it -- what he -- they wanna be on it and I think like. Lieutenant cobra also today he said the two -- those two little kids that we're able to survive through that and it's and I think here we don't we we don't like to talk about ourselves we don't like to. Our ourselves but. It's a great day for your family and obviously the Stanley of those who -- so deftly stepped forward and send us here. You know any actions any rescues and -- anything. And that senator and I got to be for this year 2000 itself it from January to January -- -- look at 2008 so this what's happening right now in your department somebody think that. -- grate grabber did something heroic. Don't let us know would really appreciate it we'll put to the board now. It's not enough -- from look at the couple one pitch this you would do the first -- running at FDIC. In Baghdad's incursion but every year we do for -- run. A Long Island. So yes about that lets see if we can on Father's Day Bob we have a fun run and we started seven years ago a small event. We've grown to over 2000 run his 2000 -- Stan Lehman is that they cheer on the run is -- about five indicates it's fun. Not only a funded state fund run and secondly it's a family -- -- Barbeque DJ penalties for the kids awards prizes. Raffles it's just a full day of Baghdad most of people come to life. -- Beer truck obviously with five -- what -- town businesses. This isn't dip walked into -- total outweighed that you know my mom still lives and we -- -- up it's on a football field -- Knights of Columbus that my father started the football program you football's on the -- hockey program and so would sit. It has a lot of meaning to us what we grew up we were always down at the football field hockey field and that was doing community service through the Knights of Columbus and so we we hold the event there's thoughts and finish there. Like Joe said. We grow each year and this I -- for 5000 people. That are at this event. From the kids run is at 9:30 in the morning on Father's Day and we wrap up by 12:1 o'clock sometimes. Actually this year -- they're renaming the complex to get to -- what's complex I've definitely got yeah. -- they just put a softball fields with the football field and are at our event where again. We named him its just another -- -- -- if you were to be next year that the -- 2009. In my years right that's the -- DIC. April 20 -- We're gonna run here. We're trying to squeeze these two guys to -- Saturday. And I really thank you for every other companies do this culture education. And appreciate it. We really want to get you run the second annual rate into the Saturday. And we have a couple hundred guys signed up already. To -- this front -- Friday morning on our guys are actually from those we couldn't be prouder. You know. You -- would be mad at us. Steve -- You men like you -- and the man we honor today mr. doll from Indianapolis and men like -- overall. The list goes on and on your PD -- and you know some of the giants in this industry really taught us -- it and tell us out of the gentleman tell us how to treat one another with respect and dignity. That's really what the forresters. We we go around pound their chest and we go where you fear most of those guys -- Those guys were all quiet channel. Men and but like father burns said this morning. You know -- -- You -- all. -- Great story that was it's. If you're -- FDIC -- -- you missed a great positive great opening day. Next year will be better. Donna Brothers will be back with me really appreciate -- taking the time to listen to this this morning. Really it's always funny guys thank you a lot of screen what you -- time you know and if you look at all. -- courage and valor and remember the following this year. And here in the Long Island area Deer Park on Father's Day. We'll -- -- to dedication of the new ray Downey -- -- -- complex so from fire engineering and it myself to sit out there. And this is Bobby -- on the road.