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Expo: Kidde Fire Fighting - From the Showroom Floor

Tue, 13 May 2008|

Visit the Kidde Fire Fighting booth at FDIC 2008!



-- firefighting been around for a long time. We have several different brands that we felt we have Angus has been around for 200 plus years of the national -- brand which has been around for over a hundred years. And we've always been about fire protection and training we're always trying to stay on top. The industry as far as the quality craftsmanship. What our products are able to do. How much -- they can take -- -- herself and had a very high durable those lines we have three different Roseland brands -- sell itself flex line imperial and Angus. So on the host side we just feel that we're at the forefront. As far as technology and and durability and you know that and as far as the phone side of things with the ethanol coming out becoming -- -- danger now. We have a lot of people buying -- universe we'll product it's strictly for ethanol bass fires were really excited about the at the big blow product line. Because it gives firefighters both industrial and municipal a different waited for quite an attack fires that. There longer lasting than the typical -- these these are geared more towards refineries and -- it's a way of delivering and massive amount of water in or foam and water previous years you would fight it. Over a period days and now we really have the technology where they can extinguish it and keep -- people a safe distance. Or monitor typically -- about 450 B. And that'll that -- in the range just basically -- -- way when things are on fire also lets them that was much product this is national universal bold one by every. Commonly seen in refineries used for -- -- and all related fires. This can be bought it with her other rooms and five gallon -- 55 gone from 200 -- through. What this does is actually -- the film over the fired creating a vapor barrier whereas normal ethanol based. Or any alcohol based you will actually deteriorate normal routine boom blanket history to -- and will not break down alcohol if you. It's five and -- violence. Within -- stores coupling on the end it's a much easier to hook up to the truck. There's no -- across -- there's no threats to worry about getting more about forgetting their rock stuck in the he's just simply lock into place and have immediate field. You've been a long time supporter FDIC and this is a believer that you're being the main program sponsored. We're excited to be here the same as every year to get to spend basically -- of their customers. Which is really important. It's one thing to have a new product out on the line but it's another thing that to have them touch it feel -- show them how it works. And where the business of protecting people we want them you know we -- but we wanna know they.