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Mike Cabral interview

Tue, 29 Jul 2008|

Bobby Halton talks to 2008 Courage & Valor award winner Michael Cabral of the Fall River (MA) Fire Department.



Hi and welcome -- -- -- Haldeman we're live again. From FDIC 2008. That's my distinct honor right now to have with me 2008 courage and valor winner. And ray Downey award medal winner recipient Mike come brawl. -- from Fall River, Massachusetts -- integrates. Saving rescued two young children -- my housing project fire. -- sold about Fall River a baseball reverse have a good job you get. Approximately -- well you can publish the fire department and then -- to our -- to. I've heard today it's it's that you it jobs -- even six and a half years now -- also Guardsmen in army right. Not amount like denying you is. Is -- -- that your Bosnia's election laws so. Good received a news service military news service fire is still didn't service don't do yet her -- So tussle about -- family from. From foreign born and raised. Ramblings from mom and great point 20 okay you're the youngest. Congress twelve to -- -- well. My -- the oldest of twelve so. And their families. And that you know -- was -- through my uncle that was here who surprised by the -- speak Portuguese -- up up up up. So there's a lot of our folks -- that they're not for the country to tell -- -- little about that night what happened that night you were on duty. -- duties. Coastal storm came and we want 1 morning. Structure fire reports destructive filed a local housing project. And as we approach to seeing on those heavy smoke coming from the area. Wound up -- was -- of chaos. People screaming and reports -- that there -- two children trapped on the second floor. Now you step through -- and an engine that's so 22 firefighters with history firefighters were you what you're what you're -- like. Have driver outside. That's -- okay it's okay. Some instructional line. Is is is going to be there's a second floor for a -- for our second floor second floor. So -- looking at all this chaos she got. Good fire on the second floor. You know one guy would -- help you stretch a line -- you decide to go elsewhere. Well I knew I knew time was of the essence you know the amount of smoke come around the building -- know. There's -- make -- in law was going to be a recovery. Not a rescue. So took initiative. So my assignment -- me up on the second floor line. -- country. Who. So -- in my -- officers. Cross over his ability and. -- -- First of homeland did I realized it was a battle. Came my way across the whole. Feel my way around. Hope of course what felt like a -- -- -- find out was. And no victim in the credible or -- so I continue my right hand search. Came across event. In my suite and felt my friends with them fumbling three -- boy who. I continue my search book I wasn't successful -- second -- to make the call at that moment. And felt that I have to get involved. The tough decision book. -- -- -- See you take the little boy. And they say they -- went downstairs kind of quickly and had lost my forehand. Stand alone what. Across. Anything for us coming down. Lost my footing and slipped on the stands and she -- little -- out your outside the line distort -- head up the stairs. You already done pretty heavy duty -- -- some pretty difficult conditions in your -- -- beaten. What's going -- -- what why do what happens now. All I kept thinking -- was second victim who. And then of course scanned for estates of the forests and as soon as I. As in the building this. On Brothers were -- right. Based on his ministering to seek you know. Paranoia to make another country that was -- -- on -- to me in the country. Follows a line that can. And. -- my footsteps. And I knew she had to be and in the victim had to be in that room. Thing was I know exactly where. So -- made my way around on the -- again. This time -- -- on top of the. And really swept it. I felt the wall that was up against the wall and when I searched on the side of the event. Between event and the wall. I felt the hand of my second patent six. So -- so taken her. I was making my way out. Retract my my -- and. At these special live versions -- I was a came into contact with -- you know my Brothers though right there find the fire. And mistakenly you know with all you know no visibility and stuff my -- was inadvertently pulled off my hand. And I took in some smoke and at that point you know. We tend to -- it was -- you know. -- -- also -- and until that night and -- -- the second victim to hand me it was his way building when. So we get the little girl no interest -- -- -- she -- survive -- issues in critical condition or two lines. So if you hadn't gone back up my equipment he has. -- made the right decisions tough decisions and realistic you -- cruise together division. That's the difference between thinking firefighters are -- was just -- you know bookmark them know that you conditions you make a decision. And really. You apparel. Was secondary to these -- which -- -- a little bit about this story that found out after Mike wasn't all the fire was started by. Disgruntled ex husband of another resident -- -- Trying retribution to an ex wife or something like building on fire. Was. An ex boyfriend on the -- All the export at the moment. So this -- and this was almost hate crime bills. As a real bad guy trying to hurt these kids. And and you got between him a bad guy. Did he do wonderful thing. So we think of all this attention as a really humbled quiet guys the cracks -- up -- -- You're perfect just just kind of -- we really didn't. Students from -- -- But it's a great story -- because. What people have to understand is that firefighting is -- -- It's more art -- so -- and sometimes we have to make decisions that -- against. What we normally would expect what we know which remain. Only when we think it's gonna result somebody wins and -- You did that he did it correctly dated heroically and and you do right. It was funny because we -- -- you don't oppose a joke if that if I was runs in the firehouse where. Put you put them on news didn't put up for rewards -- -- -- months ago so we're really glad you did as your mom and pop so here. My congress vessels pass the mom and my mom is the schedule for. Mom and my wife I mean -- -- -- and here's -- -- you're gonna take an avalanche. Of the abuse from yourself which of us through this is gonna get ugly early in the parent. They're all pretty proud there. We're pretty. We're really honored you're here and we think you we think you really were present -- values and principles we think. We know the fire services. Lot of people out there who want to fire services. What the fire services talking -- -- Vandalism and both of you who -- in the community. You do -- And you should be damn proud and and always be proud. And keep training keep teach you guys in front favorite to Fall River -- try to stop and say. Come on now. -- -- -- would be happy to have this stuff see us. My thanks as I -- -- I don't -- all remember the careful out there was volleyball on the road and FDIC. We'll see -- here again next year.

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