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NIST at FDIC 2008

Tue, 27 May 2008|

Chief Halton talks to members of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's fire protection team about their landmark investigation of fire behavior.



-- -- -- -- on the road and FDIC 2008 with some good friends. Who just conducted probably one of the most landmark studies and his humor and for our service to -- And seriously tremendous work which was started by Steve -- over here and it and great work with guys like cherry -- seems to Coleman -- what we're talking about -- the -- Start off PPV wind driven flame fronts it's kind of evolved into a myriad of different activities. Every everybody who got involved brought some new perspective and through Steve is -- creativity in Dan's leadership. We -- men like George Chilean evolved from FTY battalion chief at the NY jury Tracy. It's evolved into probably -- most comprehensive studies on fire behavior. In in context any real fire behavior Steve tell us how this started from your perspective what you were doing. What what was it what was the Genesis of and I -- -- it was exposure chief -- and some other guys. But how did you get this initial -- and yourself. A lot a lot of it was. Meet the right people one in uplifting and in the Nelson griner and and those guys and there was some questions from the fire service says -- we don't this is new technology we don't how to use it. And so we started talking to the fire service people and -- answering the questions if you feel comfortable with it. We wanna do research to have you understand the tactics that you're gonna use and fired him. Now you're talking about when we're driven flame fronts and Cheap -- -- tomorrow PPV in chief Tracy said welcome we used PPP. To control. When -- -- -- which was his passion because he was CN. His friends as it is is men. Being -- -- -- on the fire ground and in Georgia since experienced quite far with chief Tracy in New York City and George -- some. Tremendous fire fights for those things occurred process research work for you what what -- -- part of that. Well I was unfortunately I was involved in one of these -- women were trapped in the public -- aware enough fire swept through record. And this has been a great marriage between ourselves not only ourselves but the national institutes of -- technologies. Chicago Toledo and everyone kinda working together trying to address the problems -- would meeting on the fire ground. What -- seen some great data and and you know and and I think you know people like George really behind injured Tracy behind it and -- Coleman. We'll break it down -- there was this for years that the use PPV people die. Yes and also we had we had myths about our tax strategies you know -- two lines down the public Korda and through science technology and this was able to provide us with the data that really we weren't effective at all you know I think we were accomplishing -- -- -- -- -- members. -- -- George was kind enough to to baby sit me in a hallway. In Chicago and with the two -- -- -- were there was interest and as we didn't intend to experiences. But we're in a pretty. Hadley charged -- -- record overnight it stairwell just -- -- a corridor. And as the fan lit up the to -- selected each other and it was like stand in front of an air conditioner. How what does that happen then. Basically the fans moving a lot of fresh air up through the stairwell on of the fire floor. And driving out the hot gases -- have the pressure to back. It's really the pressure difference that's providing you that that cool air affect some of the wind driven fires we found. That will not protect the hall that we'll still be good enough to protect the stay here. Which can't protect the hall with that that's way have to look at these other strategies win control devices floor below nozzles things like that to really mean it's not safe to operate on that floor. So it's not one tactics that's all we're gonna have to look at all his other plans always of the ideas and concepts where's where's the research donors is gonna continue. The research is certainly getting continually get back from FDIC. On Monday and Tuesday there's meanings -- -- Other chaired by NFPA they're -- from all coming from all over the country LA's. Boston Portland Washington DC Houston. As well Chicago to -- -- New York. And their common folks from Canada as well they're coming to start talking about how they're gonna implement the strategies what kind of -- SOPs Dresser -- ought to be put in place. To deal what are we learned maybe sometimes the tactic of certainly got a group but over the ball -- first thing before you open that sort of -- would that mean -- not be the right thing you're putting. Yourself in the chimney. We're we're seeing line of duty deaths are situations that are created. Where the firefighters get between where the fire is and now where the fire wants to go in many cases based on ventilation choices that have been made by the far apart. Outstanding Steve did you ever think this thing would get to be as big as -- got -- -- when insurers lectures you heard his passion. You've got excited do you ever think would end up as large that's going to be. -- -- -- is just a matter of time that the the fire service really wants to learn and we're getting the data out there. To emphasize what they're seeing on the fire -- did you start. DC on the fire and you can explain it and were putting the videos with the data so it can be shown to everybody so it's not just George -- -- this. And he's gonna share with everybody. He can show people what it looks like. And out and -- and and and and chief feeling -- -- about me up on the slots at times we hear guys talking about the younger generation and they don't get it and they don't learn right they don't have the right tools. Here we have this young man you gotta be 3540. You're -- -- the may. And only twenty years younger when you left before guilty. And automatically attached to stop companies -- -- out okay. But I mean this is this is the generation of people. Should be paying attention to and -- and be respectful to because they do have the talents they do have the skills they do of the same passion they do the same values that same principles. And in Europe you're the -- to the fire service guys like you. -- -- -- and what about what the FDNY it was going to be what's next the FD enlightenment collect them tremendous data worked real hard and you work with the chief's office and training. It's extremely exciting for us also we've in the past half dozen years we've lost six members to -- -- -- and in the past three weeks we've had several near misses. This is a phenomenon that seems to be where countering a more more often. We were fortunate enough to be able to conduct tests in New York to be -- expose our staff and our chief law offices to this technology. We've had a tremendous response from them everyone now is as excited as we -- and -- looking into the future. Looking it is implementing new tactics and procedures. Looking into purchasing equipment and getting this equipment -- on the field training the field units ironically we've had fans on specialized apparatus. For probably twenty years now and we've never really utilized it to his potential and we certainly never been trained into the technology. And knowledgeable how to use -- professionally -- safely so we know that now when we're -- better serve the community as well as protect a five times. Well I -- speaking -- we have the chief Jerry Tracy who we absolutely love and adore who kind of kept -- -- ignited kept us all excited. It kept this thing Roland hard the disk is available through the through nests in the years that this right here contact list or -- dot com or. Fired dot go and and you can order -- some final senate tea or you know you come to FDIC get a for free what they're just hand them out. Pay attention to it but to Jerry Tracy who knows retired soon we all are tremendous -- -- gratitude is a great educator fine gentleman and he. But the utmost praise for these three gentlemen George in particular issue of the world's finest the densely commanders Stevie knows you're the future and we all of -- magic ASCII so. On behalf of -- -- who were on the road with three of the men involved in the -- when -- claim front BP B study. And we're -- and FDIC.

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