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Fire Ground Survival

Thu, 11 Feb 2010|

H.O.T Evolution – IAFF-IAFC Fire Ground Survival Program Taught by fire fighters for fire fighters, this comprehensive program focuses on Mayday procedures and skills fire fighters need to instinctively make it out alive, including: • Techniques to avoid becoming entangled and the skills to free ...



It has often been said that when there's a fire. The only people running in the wrong direction and toward the fire our firefighters. We put our lives on the line. Entering burning buildings to rescue anyone still inside. Climbing onto the roof above a fire to ventilate the structure. Entering the basement to get to the seat of the fire. Working as a team to save lives and property. And we know that sometimes things happen. Firefighters. Are lost. To honor their memory BI AFF identified the need for a major campaign to reduce line of duty deaths. To a powerful new initiative of fire -- survived. Every fire -- no matter how large or how small is a dangerous place. It's imperative that we know what to do and how to do it if we find ourselves in distress. The fire grown survival training program we'll save the lives of firefighters. It is a comprehensive curriculum developed using data from near misses. Close calls and firefighter fatalities to address the critical elements of fire -- survival. Information from the United States fire administration. Commits nigh on BI AFF. -- AFC. Underwriters laboratories. NF DAX and the united states military has been used to develop the five part curriculum. The program includes sections on -- -- prevention. Being ready for the -- Self survival procedures. So survival skills and firefighter expectations of command during a May Day. We -- know the difference between knowing about something and actually being able to do it takes practice through a formal training program. Firefighter fatalities it compiled by the United States fire administration. Indicates that the largest abortion as dramatic fire -- fatalities. Resulted from firefighters becoming trapped and historians. The fire ground survival practical workshop gives firefighters the opportunity to learn. And actually for. Form potentially lifesaving actions so they will be able to do what is necessary should they become lost and disoriented. Injured -- on -- -- track. These actions include. This entanglement. Firefighters learn and practice the latest techniques to avoid entanglement and the skills to free themselves and should they become and -- Low profiled. Firefighters learned that that's just the latest techniques for maneuvering through a narrow openings including breached the walls. Upper floor egress and firefighters learn and it's just the latest -- escape from upper floors with the minimum equipment. -- of survival is something that we only you know but more importantly we need to be. Trained on it and practiced with him. It's come -- day plus -- in your mind he realizes that you must contact your partner's clothes line. That's. -- Attendees have the chance to run through the practical exercises. Talk with the firefighters who helped to develop the course and problems. And about how to implement programs in their own departments. The nature of the activities you may perform while involved in the fire -- survival practical workshop and requires middle judgment. And a high degree of physical fitness and agility and dexterity. And this may include strenuous exercise in varying environmental conditions. Which requires physical fitness strength and stamina and and involves the risk of injury or death. Those -- will actively participate in this workshop will learn first -- of this new training to. BI -- -- this proud of this new -- which we know we'll save our members' lives. It's the start of training is gonna save your life began in situations like these when you experience these are the conditions need to be -- you need to have some type of without truly -- receive. This possibility that somebody else would. That's right.

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