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Glass-and-Metal Storefront Doors

Fri, 5 Feb 2010|

John Buckheit discusses forcing entry on glass-and-metal storefront doors using hand tools.



It. I'm John Buck item back -- other fire engine and training minutes. We're gonna talk about. Middle and list storefront though it's very common door. And they present some problems. If you remember -- occupants or one of our previous. Discussions we talk that the best way to get in -- and it. True emergency or fire it's gonna spread this gap between the -- the door in the door itself. We're gonna take a power saw and we're gonna slice through this area. And that's gonna expose. The keeper of this -- and we're just gonna cut that out of the way. Doesn't -- -- to -- the door to century absolutely way to go and in stores. If you don't have let's -- War made you have serious gas leak or something like that we don't want -- use this orbits or malfunctions. You don't necessarily need to give up. At that point. It is possible especially. If the door is built into. A similar. Truck framework of -- medal. You can simply take you -- again. Skating here. It's prejudice and even though that that ten and of that -- Has significant role. If this is all similar material may get enough that you and you can -- the store opened. You just have to be where if that door is outward opening door. It is possible to pop it and how that -- that -- one no one inside of the offering tools will be a lot. So the solution for that problem would be to have your ought to reach over your shoulder while you're doing this and portals lot of pressure on it. And that would -- could come out -- an I would opening to a sometimes is indications. The -- -- but I tell you that it's in what I would open book. Sometimes like -- this to a concede that the hands so we know the hinges on our side it's now we're opening to a other times they may have complete -- not gonna go see it. There's no rhyme or reason some stores are set up the help the people leave the storm. -- -- going to be -- sometimes they wanted to lay you. And it's inward so had never really tough it's outward Warren opening. If distorts set into area masonry wall. You're gonna have less likelihood of spreading this we are creating significant damage. You might try to -- it's gonna -- War Stratton so you really only wanna do if you have a father senators emergency it's not going to be an option to try and slip it. But if it is built -- -- showcase window might get away with that another method that is quite useful. And if you refer back to our training minutes. We taught you how to. -- blocks illness to residential to us. The -- was actually. It can be quite easy to do. And you'll have good success would it. Use -- techniques that we that we taught you get the bezel -- off. Crank out the -- in the and that at that point. You need your modified. And to -- -- -- joint parts. That you used to crank out the sold the particular region here. And there's a -- -- -- gonna depressed that -- And you set -- and of that tool and that's gonna retract that -- and you can get in the occupancy. What's nice about this also is when you're done so you -- -- award totally -- -- something like that. You can also re security occupancy and that's all the backing. And you'll have is -- many words. That's. Just another look at you store front doors -- their very common -- problem so. Like I said primary axis going to be with that council. -- -- -- -- -- -- And you can also go through -- Thank you that's been -- training minute I'm --