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Single-Point Lift

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Paul DeBartolomeo demonstrates a single point lift, in which air bags are placed in a single location beneath the object to be lifted.



It there. Mild forty by adult male welcome the -- minutes. In this segment we're gonna discuss and demonstrate -- -- properly place and inflate high pressure air bags to perform a single point lift. Single point lift is when the -- of placed in one location on the -- to be lifted. The lifting force is applied to that specific location only. In this scenario we have a person pinned under the rear tire as the cars slipped off the Jack. We opt for a single point tilting lift a tilting -- -- we're just looking to move one portion of the vehicle off the specific area. The first thing we want to do is stabilize the vehicle on all sides. We want it -- the tires -- the vehicle from rolling. And we're gonna -- stepped shocks at four points on the vehicle. Prevent any on. Suspected movement. As we say our victim is pinned underneath the -- time. We're utilizing a single point tilting list. So we want to set -- lift up his close to the victim as possible. We're gonna choose a location directly in Florida rear tire to construct -- -- stack. When we're lifting on soft grounder asked -- we want to use a solid base. As a platform to lift off. As you can see the five -- -- a solid plywood base. To use as his foundation for his -- back. In this scenario we're gonna use stacked their bags. We always want to place the larger bag on the bottom the smaller -- on top. -- stacked their bags the benefit is that we're gonna get the increased heights of the two back together. The limitation is that we're limited to the capacity of the smaller back for. We want to build -- -- stack as close up to the framework that vehicle as possible. We don't want to lose any potential lift by building up with the airbags we want to use our craving to build up. As the one firefighters building -- -- the other firefighters built building the capture stack using a two by two box -- We want to try to get this capture stack is closest hospital lifts back. We wanna get it past the mid point of the vehicle so we don't have teetering look. A live stack is built up. -- to the underside of the vehicle. Now we're ready to inflate the -- the proper technique for inflation is to inflate the bottom back slightly above point 5%. This will give us a nice -- foundation political. Once we achieve that we can lift off the -- back in an alternate between -- top and the bottom. -- -- As we begin the -- we want to stabilize -- about privy. Using the four by four -- the wedges. The maximum we want -- -- the bottom -- about 50%. The maximum for the -- back to seventy but there's. Any more than that we didn't do so that was cool isn't very unstable and this. Ideally you wanna leave the back slightly softer in the top -- a little morsel. This allows the bags in this together. Bonding so they won't slip out. We've achieved our desired -- In fact the air bags down and captured on the very things that. Once a Lotus captured transfered from the bags ribbon week. -- -- -- I bought the -- all mailbag the watching trading minutes.