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FDIC 2009: Lifetime Achievement Award

Thu, 23 Apr 2009|

John Norman of the FDNY receives the Tom Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award.



Want to be a little at a total mistake that we came with the movie but they get them out of -- -- I think Fred. If you read this from what I would leave. Let's forget that that all of my people would they brought -- all of you the whole -- that is business I think it's going to absorb it as intimately and and -- connected as you possibly. Very important to note. The enemy is fire how the entity spreads convection conduction radiation. And you gotta tell you battlefield you're gonna do battle under fire -- he got a little battlefield. The premier position that the workers in this room that's what have what this surface -- Is that we -- the most popular service with a most excepted service where the most trusted service we have -- limited to our arrested because firefighters are worth saving. His message was always. To make a difference to live life so that you -- leaving -- mark this award shows. Our family. That he truly made a difference if -- -- implies a lot of that. How experienced you you've got to have something -- -- Back in you because you don't know there are times and the thing. God just get me through this you know albeit good boy that go to -- -- I think there everything yet -- -- that. It's a super -- and I'm very appreciative this award. I would just like to -- one simple little message today. Especially -- the younger people. You can't make it. In my father were here this morning he would. You remind -- of the cold hard fact no leader is any greater than the men and women. It's called him. You don't work and -- Occasion which brings tremendous personal satisfaction. And to enjoy the association. With -- marvelous people -- -- privileged to work with. Makes firefighting. Enviable. Of those sounds much more Monday morning. I think like most people it. Had these things happen to them. They realize that they really stand on the shoulders of people who have gone before them people who stand next to them. And and people they admire you can travel around. Preached a message of professionalism. And safety and what firefighters do for this country and I -- -- case you're wondering who Vanna -- is here this is Eileen Brennan Tom brand's daughter. I'm very honored because at this moment I'm about to introduce to you a living legend in the fire service. -- classic officer and a gentlemen. To be more precise. We -- talking about a New York City -- Fuels could hope to achieve what John Norman happens. And today I ask you join with me -- we celebrated his induction. It's the FDIC fire engineering Hall of Fame by asking him to accept the Tom ran lifetime achievement award. Now and -- and I asked John to accept the -- he was very humble. So I'm flattered but isn't there someone else actually -- -- -- flooded but in this someone else. We answered no John there is no one has done as much as you have the fire service. And similar fashion I could never find the words to really express. How humbling it is to be allowed to share a stage which on Norman. For the next few moments salami brief -- recap the illustrious career chief John Norman. John growth of our service has that was passed -- and went our apartment on Long Island. John -- fire service career at the age of fifteen although his mom claims it was the -- -- three. Installing sprinkler heads and extinguishing systems -- local fire protection contractor on Long Island. Working there for several years in a variety of projects John became as he always does a master of his craft. John distinctly remembers working on the World Trade Center and the top of the six is a major New York City restaurant installing designing and working on fire protection systems. In September of 1979 Jon was hired as an instructor with the Nassau County -- department a few months later not to over the same year he was sworn in as a firefighter. The fire department of the city of New York. John served in a variety of assignments of -- -- -- -- busy engine truck companies including engine to ninety. -- 103 and Brooklyn and rescue company three. Who cover -- and the Bronx in 1984 -- was signed -- to EMI's new hazardous materials team. And John remain -- the has material company for fifteen months before returning to rescue three. In 1987. John was promoted. To lieutenant assigned to rescue two which covered all of Brooklyn in 1993 John was promoted to captain later signed as commander rescue one in the heart. -- midtown Manhattan. During that time John participated in the rescues of people trapped on bridges and skyscrapers. In confined spaces an airplane Rex. And even collapsed buildings all of this is the commander rescue one in addition to his duties of normal fire -- and responded as a terrorist incidents. While serving as the captain of rescue one Sean also work. But the command and safety fire commissioner's office piracy taskforce. Investigating and developing -- -- safety legislation. In the wake of the fatal and -- fire -- -- empires which claimed the lives of premier city firefighters. And some six civilians. -- march of 1990 John was promoted to battalion chief who was signed intent before being permanently assigned times sixteen affectionately known as. John was serving as a potentially sixteen brutally attack on the world trade center on the final. After which was designated as the search search and rescue manager for the world trade -- -- John remain in that role for nearly two years. 22 months rather until taking over. As the chief a special operations. As chief of special operations -- was in command of three major -- -- in my branches rescue operations. -- operations. And hazardous materials operations. As the -- -- special operations he respondents all mattresses is a technical adviser incident commander that would function as a branch and division or group director during operations. In 2004. John was promoted to deputy assistant chief of operations and once again designated as special operations chief. He then served as -- anyway chief in charge of response operations for the entire city of New York on a rotating basis. -- included responding in command and all multiple -- fires and major emergencies within the New York. On January 25 2000 -- deputy assistant chief John Norman. Retired. The child's accomplishments to -- -- with via the on line. Is also serves as an adult education teacher is a bachelor professional studies from the university -- and our college -- caught fire service. Just about everything from hazardous materials structural firefighting confined space rescue operations -- instruction -- rescue. -- operations and coordination -- -- course management company officer. He has certificates and document and expertise and just about every specialty which exists in the American fire service. John served as next best expert witness in several major trials in nine states. Including the Cook County office building and several other landmark cases. John has been extremely active in the urban search and rescue task forces he also served as the task force leader for New York task force -- John has developed dozens and dozens of courses and as potted FDIC for nearly twenty years is thought the only buyer institute national fire -- Is the author of a textbook on -- -- and is revered by every bit is revered by everyone in this room the famous fire officers handbook of tactics. Published by fire engineering and available the -- fourteen. We -- that's the shameless plug I'm sorry John. We -- a few John's close personal friends to comment on John's career. Tell -- -- cherry trees. Said that us. Chief John Norman has sought or update laudable career with India and why -- been on the most specialized and active units within the NY throughout his entire career. Is have one of the most progressive and involved individuals respect adaptation and change in policy and procedures that impact firefighter safety. This past experience renowned influence that caused the profound consequence. Of our citizenship. We all wish continue we all wish you will continue sharing his expertise and wisdom I'm proud to call him a brother firefighter minter. That was from cherry from -- Casey of the FDNY. This is good. I've known John -- for over twenty years I've had the honors her with them both on the -- -- in training activities. When it comes to training is the finest ability to rate this -- are -- standard C. I'll remembers working in a training building over fifteen years ago where he personally saved. Me itself from a most unusual pigeon -- pigeon. He and I as this from hallmark case in -- teaching -- Last and that's a fire academy at -- of the burned building with them. And I told them I went I went the top floor too close to steal windows. I told to start lighting off the fire on the lower floors as I started to leave -- pigeon trapped up there flip my head over and over again. I went to duck and run but in the smoke and darkness I ran into a brick wall I hit my head so hard that I bet my leather helmet -- almost knocked myself out. As I was making my way down John sensing something was wrong came up looking at me we made it out together. But John almost died laughing and to this day we -- about it. So again through the greatest -- via my fire -- of all time getting attacked by pigeons and fearing for their lives I would pay a hundred bucks -- -- of that. I can think of no more deserving than John Norman for -- prestigious award John has one of the best firefighters and it worked with the New York City and one of the best instructors that -- -- talked with. Battalion chief John Saul -- had this to say. I have known John for my entire career with the FDNY and he has always been focused. And motivated professional his interest and dedication of our service began an early age he -- never strayed from the trail. In addition to being a firefighter officer chief -- an instructor and a contributor to health and safety of the American fire service. He has retired from the fire services receiving the Tom -- a lifetime achievement award. I predicted -- will continue in the development improvement in the fire service Jon be it from me John. And all loss. John on behalf of myself and all of the other firefighters. Who have not only benefited from your great writings and your wonderful book but also from your tremendous classroom presentations of which I have sat through dozens. Would like to express my deep appreciation. For all the time and energy. An effort that you've expanded to make all of us a little bit safer. -- that's from -- all of our hearts. -- Jones. Please rise with me and give respect and honor to one of the greatest living American heroes. Assistant deputy chief John Norman 2009 recipient and Tom Brennan lifetime achievement. -- proposed a few words. Please oh please call. Which was a little -- So you're switching. Thank -- -- folks thanks for coming. Thanks for being here for the -- service for your department's. Certainly like to thank all the folks at -- well -- engineering that all the -- that have made. Everything possible year to year. Here at the FDIC certainly the editorial staff that has worked on my books. -- fire caring magazine as well firehouse magazine or regional government starts -- -- -- And I will say. You forgot to mention. The second book. I'll take that second opportunity make -- -- it. The biggest purse that I have plank in his room however is my wife and 33 years. My wife -- Has. Enabled me to do all the things that I have at this point including. The editorial work -- my first book. She was my typist. -- editor my coauthor. And a source of inspiration for role. So if you would. Please give yourselves a hand. You're here. You are the leaders and the Forest Service. Somewhere in this room there is someone that will be up here on the stage accepting this -- this award future. Because. This is the rule that is the leadership of the Forest Service. Your dedication your coming here in many cases -- your own time your own money. Shows the dedication that you so thank you very much for that. -- -- --

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