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Fri, 5 Feb 2010|

John Buckheit demonstrates how to defeat various types of padlocks using hand tools.



I'm John -- and we're back with another fire in afternoon trading minute we're gonna talk about -- blocks. It's a whole area of forcible -- trouble and we got to know how to take care of it. Generally speaking -- to -- what types of -- we have what I would call light it blocks. We have heavier deadlocks. And we have the 2000 -- the hockey -- the circle. Usually off first attempt on the slots we're gonna take a palace or we're gonna cut the staple -- and we're gonna get through these locks rapidly. The problem is there are occasions when you don't have a sort of -- in either in use or it's not working. There are instances when you wouldn't want to use assortment -- Maria viable -- -- -- glory gifts -- this week. Those -- will actually start for there good incendiary so we don't -- even toward that. And there are times when the soil is you can't fit the -- into the location where with a -- it is. And there are other times when your remote -- the -- apparatus. And you're gonna -- that at least maybe commence with what you hand here a forceful entry tools or. Or some other methods. For the slight deadlocks that you weren't gonna use yeah apartments or you could use a ball caught -- ward you could use -- elegant and two methods one would be to put that -- point Paladin and they're gonna Lockett said it. And then apply force or have another member -- -- And that'll generally open these these liked it -- you could also put before. It across the ball a lot and twist and you'll get these -- -- with with twisting action. General speaking very very difficult to do either one of those actions on these -- dreadlocks. For the -- deadlocks if you wanna get him. Without using and how again going to be don't towards. Area all of -- reliable tools got no moving parts go for the duck bill very simple to use this wanna make sure. You're gonna put it into the locked in this direction so that when the other members strikes it it's gonna blow that staple open. Rather than it reported in this way it's gonna widen it. And it can track the duck bill and and you have trouble. Another. Possible tool -- good news. Is the pipe wrench. Either a three footer or two footer with a -- bar on it we used to leaving pre loaded. So that they could handle these 2000 locks. -- -- Opening would allow the slot that just puts that back to you gonna get a lot of grant and you're gonna get tremendous -- -- the school. If you need to -- simple way. If you wanna close it with this -- -- the sky. And without even really looking at it. It's gonna close the other way you really gotta fight it to me to open it -- the other way. We're gonna show you now using a lock simulated we're gonna simulate trying to take these slots with these methods. You'll see it's really a two man operation too many times I see one firefighter. Trying to -- tool on the -- really -- should have his partner. Place the tool on the lock. And the other part of provides via power to to get the job we're gonna show you that next. We're over here -- -- padlock simulator we're gonna show you how to take some dreadlocks. Other than using an idea what -- And the first one we're gonna do represents light deadlock which you can get -- but how again. And is two methods to -- -- One -- he's gonna use at that point he's gonna sedated he's gonna -- it. And then it's going to be hit forcibly by the -- and firefighter. Alternate method would be to put the Faulk on that's staple that -- Given -- twisting motion and that -- should should properties -- if -- -- wide network. Are you might have to put one -- and -- through the staple. Another one. And then go -- that through that -- So if you encounter like deadlock that may be no need to double back to the rig to get that -- Now we're gonna show yet. Alternate methods for getting what I would -- heavy padlock that's generally not going to be able to get it would -- -- -- you're -- have to use. The if the I'd branch or the -- will. Who are gonna start out with the hydrants now what I like to see there's two individuals. Use this tool because its heavy tool to long tool. So the second firefighter had grabbed the head of the tool. And the first wife writer is the power for this tool. He can help guard that -- onto the lock. And then they can twist and they get that -- and sexy very very effective -- Alternate to -- would be abusive adopt rule which is that it's an old tool as far as service I like it no moving parts president's remarks. Does what it's -- Does have to be inserted correctly. But they're gonna. They're gonna use forcible blows now that -- at least atlas. So we just showed you. It's very simple methods to get -- -- spent lots don't have a house or not. Able use of how -- And -- -- trees piece of equipment these techniques and it looks -- that we. -- I just want to address. Commonly used tool is all caught -- or from will use it if you don't wanna created any parents that had asked that to work on a white. Deadlock. What I did see a lot of guys don't do is they don't help the guy trying to use -- -- -- heavy tools -- long tool. So that's second firefighter doing guided on -- the state but locked and then he supplies power cuts that -- You're gonna you're gonna be fun with that if it's a light and block -- -- -- -- it's gonna give you -- Next that like to go over we're gonna look at a few instances when you can go through the locker. We're gonna leave you with one last word about dreadlocks. There are few occasions when we might attempt to -- would block it like it's not the easiest thing to do. Generally speaking we have this. American series Locke high quality -- That's protected with a plate. But the Texas illness so -- -- connected in there. Very very hard to pull its own when it really not gonna go for that but there are other locks that look very similar. And you really wouldn't notice a difference but you are actually able to get into these would it -- fairly strong screwdriver. Popped that protective plate. Did that -- -- that -- the can come out you can kind of dig in there with a screwdriver -- that's Olmert come out. And once that's done. Reach him with that -- screwdriver. And turn it and -- get into that locked. When we would do that generally is if we encounter a lot. -- where we didn't expect award in the occupancy. Maybe -- school -- -- up at night or commercial occupancy we're gonna at least attempts bought into gettin'. While we have now made it cool for via counsel to comment about laden. And you might have success you might not. Years ago we did try to use it the the Bim -- Pull tool would accordance grew and -- -- colossal is I don't see too many people use them anymore. Com. Sometimes we have little modified tools that you could carry in your pocket you could -- this and put your point here. -- in here turn this in -- that's on there. Generally speaking I I don't really like a mine I'm gonna go with a screwdriver. -- that played off. Begin their get the guts that locked out and then region and -- -- that -- Grassley just thing about the future. It might be possible so you idea. A low grade emergency someone called. Locked in -- whatever you gotta do an investigation. It's possible to get into these -- the way -- locksmith would -- for the -- small -- don't really of the protective cover the whole. Bottom of the lockers of protective cover you could take a three eighths inch. Bit -- cordless -- into drove right in. 2030 seconds just -- that risks and that's older region -- -- and screw driver. And you Lama that -- so -- the -- head that that might be some guys who consider. Experimenting. Some jump up cut and I hope you enjoy the art look at him.

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