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Rolldown Gates

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

John Buckheit of the FDNY discusses size-up tips and two methods for cutting through metal rolldown gates in a commercial accupancy.



It. Hello I'm John Buckeyes were back within nova training and it and that today we're gonna look at a very common forcible entry problem -- well down security -- When you. You encountered these gates what the first step is to select the proper -- You wanna make sure that you're working on the store that you want to get into often about smoke showing across several storefronts. And your best -- is to take a moment. Two. Look into and size up and try to slip the prop the -- One way you can do it is to -- that -- -- -- wolf person or -- team. Let's see if they have indications coming off the roof but could help you select from the multiple stores that might and -- to -- another method you good news is you could -- -- thermal imaging camera. And see if one of the storefront towards show more heat than than one the other ones that can help guide you. The selecting the proper door and that's the critical first. Before you put your team and the place the trying to stores. What we're gonna show you now is how do. Approach one of these stores using house or couple -- in opening -- So the firefighters approach to escape they re evaluated this is the propagate the store that one candidate who they saw they just one padlock -- went -- with house or they cut that lock and very simple operation. There's just a few. Things you gotta watch out for one is some of these locks -- -- -- Locked. So you're gonna have to cut all sides of the staple of this locked in order to get -- remove that -- Another problem is. Very common -- is this 2000 -- and to cut the -- properly define the key way. And then go up two thirds from Nike wearing -- horizontally across that's gonna I'm cutting through this portable lock that'll -- you in this locked. We have an example of a lock that was sort Carter a fire. And it was caught the wrong location they went about little less than half way up from the key anyway and -- block -- locked on the world country. Another problem that sometimes recount the -- The -- will be protected. They'll build a -- metal box around a lot -- differentiates and so forth. And it makes -- -- lot that it's more difficult so we have multiple locks on a wall down gate. If we have -- -- -- fortified. And the yeah. Emergency warrants -- we -- fought or something really serious we're gonna cut the slats and and open the -- that way we're gonna show you that next. We have a roll down gate that we've determined that we're gonna cut the slats to open and get into this occupancy. On this too many blocks ward the gates shows signs that it's gonna fight us if we try to open it it's maybe as in the news and -- number years. -- sometimes. Fire and he will -- it. And give you what time trying to open it and added since we're gonna do what we've done for many years and make a triangle cut. -- years ago we should just make the cut. And the problem is that it would shift and lose it's integrity and -- sword fight to -- the whole time so. Current thinking is to not complete the cuts and Australia that not let them -- -- In reality we would reach up -- -- as we could comfortably with saw. And we would make -- caught. We -- go all the way down to the bottom. And then rather than have those who cuts and to sacked because at the whole day is gonna begin to shift then we would caught. And we would leave. That in intact. Now we're ready to go we would go back and finish the cut this interior section would fall out. And we can begin our operation. -- also pulled the -- And then that it would go. Now gonna demonstrate. The second most common method and we're actually gonna cut the gate using what's known -- that this list. If you're gonna use this -- -- you have to make sure that the skate is actually open a bull. What you gonna do is you're gonna make it caught a vertical -- It has to include the -- of both the -- that slot and all the slats below. And then. You pull the slats and the gates should open. What -- used to do was -- -- caught it and then make up purchase and pull the slat. Well over the years we've realized. If we maintain the integrity of the gate. -- -- purchase points first. And then caught the operation goes a lot smoother. Another factor you know just to keep in mind if you're gonna do this cut some -- gates are recessed. War sometimes the -- -- -- gauge they're gonna wanna make their initial vertical cut further towards the center. So that you can bend the slats around the to -- and Poland now. And what will gonna demonstrate -- right now. You just look. Two firefighters. It's -- the yes last cut method and like I said it initially he made his purchase points before he caught that keeps integrity -- makes it easier to do. The second part try to came in he made a vertical -- He made sure that the cut included. -- the -- that's locked and at least one a ball and then all the way to the bottom. Now they're ready to to pull the slats when they pulled me slaps the day it will open you that the full height of the -- that's an advantage of and -- that. -- the triangle cut. Now they're gonna commence they have trouble you'll see a couple methods where they can work together to glide the slats -- Now -- using that -- that -- pre pre made its voice flat. And its -- came out rather easily who's gonna go to the other side. And now you have a slap that game a little trouble because to -- isn't perfect the other firefighters gonna jump in and give some driving force. Drive that's slide off. And now they're gonna attack the middle -- He's using the -- the -- to get the we have a frame. And that driving it off. And that's it you've got into the store. We just showed due to really good ways to get through these gates but I just have to put out a little caution. You will find on the gates these are common in strip malls. You open open web you're gonna have to dual boxed card to vertical cuts and horizontal card get rid of this -- -- -- Applebee's. We have another -- it gate this is a sample of that it looks like. That type negate what they have these plates in here that are gonna prevent you from pulling the slats. Vote you may not always be able to -- -- you might have to revert back. And do that trial. And lastly. There's a lot of gates that's found really in the industrial commercial world. And you can recognize and it flat. There much Specter gates -- can be double sided the -- and not global. First action push on this date figure out that you had this -- type a date. Get on your handy talkie call for novice or -- probably gonna need to worry and three blades to get through this -- And you gonna have to cut a -- Carter or -- -- that in this day will come into. I'm John -- thanks for watching --