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FDIC 2008: Leonard Carmichael Jr.

Fri, 11 Apr 2008|

Captain Leonard Carmichael Jr., Trenton (NJ) Fire Department, discusses firefighter heart attacks, the seat belt issue, and more. Is your department doing the right thing?



You don't I'm excited to introduce today's keynote speaker because when FDIC looks -- -- -- The advisory board has several qualities that we try to look for the first was always passion. We got that from Rick integrity. We got that from Johnny -- got. Honor we get that from Denny -- excellent speaking abilities well -- -- -- Tommy but I'd be -- and but most of all we look for somebody who has a message. And money Carmichael -- he has at all and he's gonna delivered to you today with a thousand pounds and energy and emotion all geared -- the heart of firefighting. When he's brutally honest and he pulls no punches and I'm sure that today's -- inspire impressed and astound you with this message. Leonard. He's a -- is qualified as a level two instructor with the state of New Jersey. He's -- deputy chief instructor with the mercy Mercer county fire academy and -- assistant instructor at the Trenton probationary fire school. He's an adjunct instructor at the national fire academy when he's the owner of fire training associates provides emergency response training. His associates through fire -- administration from Mercer county community college. He's seeking a degree -- Bachelor of Science from the administration from the unit New Jersey City University. He's also a full time dad and absolutely wonderful human being and he's. Going to close us today is that we are key -- speaker. You're gonna absolutely love this guy. Ladies and gentlemen our keynote speaker for today captain -- Carmichael. Good morning FB IC. -- was there have been last night. Thank you Bobby put -- warm introduction I started get a little bit nervous that start to get I think -- Looking -- Bobby in in in you know who is he talking about. His kid. I've been very fortunate to travel learn and grow in this profession I've shared many good times with information. And also many people in this game we called fire servers. I -- inside and organizations and -- by the way the person that they choose to introduce me. I am indeed honored -- grateful to chief Bobby hall -- that person today. -- a key contribute to our profession. He's a true gentleman Bobby is a role model and mentor most importantly a true friend. That we all can call -- brother. I'll let distinct and well publishing. Owner Bob -- a key. Executive director Eric Chase let vice president while whole conference director Diane Feldman in all the members of -- -- for this opportunity. There are many people work many hours -- -- day for this conference to do not receive the recognition they deserve. Please show your appreciation for their hard work and let him know what that we could not but the best for our party -- on -- by giving him a big round of applause. -- Indianapolis fire department all the support they give to this conference we -- -- job will be. To all the other organizations and affiliation to partner with the FDIC. We in the fire service say thank you and most importantly to all the instructors because that you that make a difference. So the fire -- do the right thing -- go home safe. I start today we're all things start. Got without him nothing of any real importance is possible with him anything and everything is possible. Our biggest dreams come within reach when we couple of faith in him with -- were for who's in determination. I'm very blessed honored and humbled to be here in front of you today that I know this is stored data so many people. My gratitude balance. I would first like to thank my wife -- my daughter Bridget you teach and -- -- Cause we get -- out every now. You teach and inspire me in I'm -- for god give you every -- To my mother June husband I know that you arguably today as you are with me every day. You gave me this foundation for this moment if it wasn't for your devotion support sacrifices tough love I would not be you today thanks mom. I also thank you for your continued support sacrifices that you've made. To the FDIC follows from all over the country -- warning to get. George -- -- a prominent business British philosopher renowned -- state that those who do not learn from history. Are doomed to repeat. Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it. The three questions that you will -- today that will hopefully registered in your mind when you leave this conference Mecca. Of firefighting -- and has been put forth before you today that is simply this. Is your department on -- right thing. Are your firefighters -- -- right thing. And most importantly are you doing the right thing. There's no surprise that far -- be described as one of the nation's most hazardous occupations. As of 2005 there an estimated one point one million firefighters in the United States. Comprising 313. Thousand career and 823000. Volunteer fire -- If you look at the -- reports there -- three distinct things -- stand out. -- -- that should signal a red flag. There seems to be a phenomena associated with all fatalities. It's called the domino affect. Everybody here's pretty much played down communicate right. What happens in one domino you load them all well. -- brother sister when he played -- comes over hits the one domino intends to be a domino effect. Heart disease responding returning from a long and -- ground safety accountability -- contribute to this domino effect. And then another little car. Looking at one thing that somethin' else -- our. And it will continue -- one -- three things happens one it will cause a fatality. Two that will cause an injury. Three somebody will intervene and do the right thing and prevent -- fatality and or injury that will ensure that everyone goes home. Prevention and intervention is our best defense that we can use to attack -- handle is deadly phenomenon. That contributes to -- part of fatalities when a yearly basis. When looking at some statistics regarding firefighter fatalities I'll like to sharing some information ask the question. Are we doing the right thing. From 1997. Up till now as of this -- 3875. Firefighters. Have lost their lives while on duty in United States over the past thirty years. This includes a 342 firefighters who died at the World Trade Center when that tragic day of September 11 2001. Excluding the World Trade Center that firefighter -- the average number of firefighter fatalities approaches a 113 per year. However for -- yearly average of a 151. -- -- on -- duty deaths in the 1970s the average death rate has declined 99 this for years is 2000. While the primary cause of -- duty fatalities remain sudden cardiac death the number such desperate years declined by about 13. However since the early 1990s the number of cardiac related deaths has remained constant between forty -- fifty per year. Well we all know. We all know that heart attacks account for 50% on the average of -- -- critically -- a year. And what the number of firefighters at one point one million you're probably ask yourself what's the big deal. We need to just accepted that's part of our job. Well I wanna share a story with you that includes a name that you may or may not know. -- -- -- Donna blue shields the white garlic Puccio. Who was at 39 year old career fire captain with the Jersey city fire department. He collapsed and died of a cardiovascular attack waddle vacation skiing with his family. How was the father of three children and left his surviving spouse the -- of his life not. Wondering how a man in the prime of his life could become stricken down. With a -- and we get deadly condition. I was left with -- in just the family race. She was left with many questions. Why -- Why now. And why so -- It motivated her so much that she begin doing research into the matter and to her surprise -- -- -- the fire -- are more likely to die. From a heart attack injury. Then and a far. How could this be. She was always concerned about the fire service and -- because of the obvious hazards that we face all the time up. Flash over building collapsed back drafts and it trapped inside of a burning building. She found out that most fire press pass -- the annual physical offer by the department. Due to suspicion of their records being secured or that there may be something found that would indeed be -- career. She also found the average physical check up did not focus on B key indicators of future trouble that are unique to the fire service. After researching her concern she founded a preventative health screening. For far far -- which provided confidentiality inconvenience. In a way of having all the screening provided at one location. At one time. What a wonderful gift. The goal of the program is to keep firefighters limited to that unwinnable occupational risks that they face. This program started by the surviving spouse of captain Dominic blue shield is simply call a different -- blue shield. The program is BC statewide recognition from in new Jersey state farm is mutual benevolence association. It has been credited with saving countless lives in the state of New Jersey. Over 60%. Of those who have participated. Were found to have some instance of early indicators of heart disease. Hypertension. Diabetes. -- cholesterol emea. Thyroid disease to. And also for some people cardiac an event that number does not. Not mean anything to you look at it this way. Look around the people newsroom just overran. That. Party activity got -- -- -- that. Six out of ten have a preexisting cardiac issue based on the statistics -- the bush -- program. That's just bush -- program. That. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving -- the right thing. Face in a mandatory wellness fitness program for firefighters to reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease. And improve cardiovascular capacity stated in an FD 15100. Which -- included medical evaluation. Any fitness evaluation wall with behavioral rehabilitation. Conduct mandatory pre employment pre place -- an annual medical. It valuations of periodic physical examinations which are consistent with -- FP 85082. To determine a candidate's medical building perform duties without presenting a significant risk to the safety -- -- of themselves or others. Clear firefighters for duty by a position that's knowledgeable and to what we do about the physical demands of firefighting. Provide exercise equipment in all fire stations and establish a designated work -- time -- duty. Provide authorize. The external. Automated defibrillators. On all your apparatus. -- insure that all personnel trained to use and -- everybody -- all. I was amazed when I looked at the growing trend it is manifested itself in the past four years which in addition to the one which had just mention. Responding to returning from a long lost. Needs to be examined because via vehicular Chris is -- -- remain the second highest cause of want to do you freaked out. More than to every ten far -- talents in 2007 occurred when responding to returning from an incident. What were some of those domino effect contributing factors you might dance -- keep appearing with this issue speed of the lack of seatbelts contributed to too many deaths. Value for strict messaging for training and recertification that is in -- -- -- -- PA standards or that. One was not follow -- there was no one available. While seatbelts -- -- would not necessarily factors and all these fatalities they were contributing factors for most of the in 200615. Firefighters die while responding to. Or returning from emergency exits with fourteen firefighters. Died while responding to -- emerged gets it and one died while returning from an emergency. I would not read you all the events I would like to mention shares some of these are solves. The New Mexico firefighter was involved in -- crash while responding. To an EMS call. His vehicle entered a -- let the roadway and crashed into -- utility pole guess what. He was where -- seat belt. But North Carolina firefighter responding to his personal vehicle to a smoke investigation was killed when he struck a tractor trailer that was -- a -- what. Fall may have contributed to the crash. In Indiana chief lawsuit was killed when word -- he was driving rolled up multiple times rolled over. The chief also was -- -- one of the roles. The Minnesota firefighter was killed when response when he fell to stop the stop sign was struck by vehicle at an intersection. It 20082. Years later again I would read you some of the -- events that have occurred this year and again I would ask you are we going the right thing. -- responding to -- motor vehicle accident warm up a firefighter was ejected when a privately owned vehicle that he was operating left the roadway rolled over. The fire prior passed away from his injuries are reports indicate that again guess what. He wasn't wearing a seatbelt. A -- Pryor was killed a motor vehicle accident while operating -- -- response to a residential structure -- While responding to the station port automatic -- -- fire prior experience shortness of breath and collapse. -- choir -- -- -- CP yards transports the hospital we passed away. Firefighter Christopher Brian -- age 47 was a member of the Amarillo Texas fire department for one year. When April 23 2005 and fill out this fire truck responded to a -- died two days later from his injuries. Brian was not wearing his seatbelt. -- that pledge is simply this the -- -- I pledge to wear my seat belt whenever I'm riding -- a fire department vehicle. -- further pledged to ensure that all my brother and sister fire -- riding with me wear their seat belts. I am making this pledge willingly to honor Brian -- my brother -- -- because wearing seatbelts is the right thing to do. On Saturday may thirteenth 2007 while responded so call. Arlington Texas quit number -- was involved in a rollover accident in there were no injuries. -- -- -- They were wearing their seat belts. This is a fine example of what this pledge is all about. The -- quit seventy go home to their families. This is one less -- that our Brothers and sisters could have attended. All -- directors of the get an -- association of fart cheese has signed -- seatbelt clicked. And additionally all the board members who are active chiefs have attained a 100%. Compliance of their departments. Why can't you do -- same thing. Thank you international association of -- -- for supporting this. As of right now there -- approximately 48000 members nationwide who have taken -- pledge. They're going to -- thing. Arguing -- fire department wanna do right then we gonna give us lip service. It's that would should implement -- four standard operating procedures on emergency vehicle operation. It sure all drivers -- fire department vehicles are responsible for the safe -- operation of the vehicle under all conditions. It sure all drivers of fire department vehicles received. Driver training at least twice a year or as often as necessary to meet the requirements of in -- 1451. But not less than. Twice a year. Established and implemented for standard operating procedures -- emergency vehicle operations. Develop comprehensive apparatus made its programs and guidelines that include regularly scheduled inspections. Documentation and ensure that all apparatus -- taken out of service -- defects are identified and are repaired reported placement service. Develop and enforce SOPs for seat belt usage. And most -- sure most importantly. It sure that seat -- for all right positions aren't proper working order prior to each shift in his short of our partners wherever. Each year firefighters becoming trapped in -- oriented represent the largest portion of structural far graphic -- It 200764%. Of wallflower quite -- fatalities occurred while performing emergency duties. Almost 42%. Were structure fires -- nineteen caught or trapped. Again -- last Q are we going the right thing when it comes to firefighter accountability and safety. You can take a look at all the -- reports and his a lot of them out there. And the domino effect begin rears its ugly head at all no accountability procedures in place of the accountability -- to -- those resources on C. No its its safety officer. No ripped through -- No communications and -- lack there of no use -- the national incident management system. But the PP usage. Company also the chief losses this messages for you. As well as it is for the firefighters -- more importantly for you because you set the tone. You set the standard and whether you believe that you are not you are role model. You do the right thing and ensure that dates that when you set the example of which you want your people to file. Put all your PPE lead by example to show that you are a true leader. Not only in your department went to the people who have -- and mentored you throughout your entire career. Especially the hot truckers and all classrooms trumpeted FDIC. Use a mandate amid system at all appearances to a shortage accountability takes place. And you know we're all of you people -- -- ground. It amazes me still to this day watch some -- do not -- would have federal mandate called wins as nationalist imagine system. The -- system is a very simple system to use and implement the problem is that -- familiarity. Breeds content. Because we've always done -- that what. Do you -- this system is not that difficult to do in order to be good see you know what you need to be three things. And I can ask the -- from flash over because they know there's so you can't tell me answer. What is simply duck -- in delegate. If you do those three things you can be an effective as -- -- So do the right thing and implement the follow. Establish and implement and it's a command system were written standard operating procedures -- -- -- part. -- -- department personnel should be thoroughly trained in this system. Every seat periodic refresher training in all training should be document. It shorted accountability -- personnel at the fire season maintained. It's short of personal accountability reports are conducted in an efficient organized manner the results are reported directly to the -- It sure supervisors remain accountable. For all operate under their supervision. The most importantly insure that you have a team continuity. Of at least two people to comply to -- into out. -- -- -- all training exercise are conducted -- -- were in that PH standard fourteen growth rate. If forced a requirement -- all far present -- ranks where their PP whenever there's a chance. They might be exposed to a toxic or oxygen deficient atmosphere. To some of the politicians out there. Who were doing -- right thing. -- -- fire service we applaud your efforts. For giving us the resources to staffing and equipment that you provide this so that we can do our job each and every data we go to work. Because of that we -- appreciative of your efforts. This message is -- some of those parties that phrase -- each time there's a social agenda which can benefit them for election. Re election social benevolence or community satisfaction. Don't sit there and say. That you love us and we're the best thing bosses sliced bread and weren't Republican I always -- financial crisis. You wanna use those as pawns threatened layoffs and continue to play Russian roulette with the community's public safety at risk in order to balance -- but. The right thing you give us the -- -- resources. Provide -- -- mandatory -- recommended for us. To combat our only fires -- the -- the weapons of mass destruction -- -- -- anyone. Of our communities today that don't give us lip service give us customer service. I have the opportunity every year. To work -- some outstanding individuals in the flash over -- later. Led by lead instructor -- -- tall and assisted by -- -- this is just one example of the many hot this groups within this. Within this conference that are pop okay that reinforces the students to do the right thing. BB baker Bruce burials anti Byron. Don -- well Brett Morse beat callous Thomas do you reds though Britain -- -- Jenkins mark Nicholson. Jim goal Jason Peterson who -- here what it's George pollster change we. -- -- Frank Rich. Eddie says you know Joe -- Bryant went through -- port a flasher routine which focuses on preventing that deadly domino effect from a car. The right thing for all of -- instructors. That it sacrificed time away from their families to come here. And -- want to use their skills that they have learned it acquired throughout their career. But if you don't want a dual forty instructors. That have trained you to -- of people that you work with on a day to day basis. I would like to thank acting director -- -- atone for allowing me to come to this conference. And every member of all rights in the city of Trenton department of -- and birds and services organization for all their support. I am blessed to be involved -- highly motivated collection of individuals who operate at a high level each and every day they come to work. Doing the right thing for -- people that you work with side by side so that when there's a crisis you know we'll have you back. But if you don't wanna do the right thing forty structures that have trained you you don't wanna do it -- right people that you work with. There's only one important reason besides yourself. Of why you wanna do the right thing. I would share something with you. We sort of caught my and it sort of sums up everything that I was saying here today that it's actually eight cartoon. And it was actually put out by Paul Holmes. And -- were -- forty. -- Did debt you'll be going now for ten years and much has happened. I grew up strong crowd just like you want it. -- graduate high school with honors achieve a college degree and will graduate very soon from the fire academy myself. But I'm writing this letter from the simple joy of telling you. -- I'm getting married. I wish you can -- I wish you were here what we got me -- I wish you would have simply buckle up that debt. Do the right thing. So that everybody goes home safe and sound. Do the right thing so it should go home and see your family. -- right thing for -- people that you work with. -- -- right thing. To all of those people who have encouraged me it's supported in -- public safety fire service profession. And there are many retired retired chief Jeffrey board she's -- Sydell Billy Duke's. Deputy change the way and endowed well James Smith Mike Smith illegal Federer really shoulders. Retired chief Michael Robinson who read -- here in -- foresight. Superintendent national -- have adopted Dennis -- Deputy US if they director -- Dickinson branch director -- would retired deputy chief Philip McLaughlin. Ed gonna cry Chris Matt needs time -- -- from sim lab and everyone else from the NFA it has so many others who are not here today. I simply say thank you and remember. People are -- Not what you do the right thing. Which you do it so that you can go home to your family and your people can go to their family. Thank you very much -- a -- conference.

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