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New Haven 20

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Footage from a press conference by the "New Haven 20" after the Supreme Court decision on their reverse-discrimination case.



-- Yeah. -- -- The latter. That we -- The life. -- Try to get back. There. What might say god that. -- at some point. Spirit of all right want. Today. Are delighted. Opinion is quite clear. -- Okay. That one -- Guys work hard study applied himself network. Carry baggage -- they left on their own time. They're all heroes and they stood up not knowing where they weren't keeping an altered it's position not know when it. So I think it's phenomenal that everybody stepped forward to -- but there's. Their ballot and you work hard you can. -- in America. This -- that could. And for all New Haven -- and the rest of the country. The right thing make. I don't know. Typical problems. We think the -- -- Flights at at. Rights and -- what specifically is available. -- A democracy. We're overwhelm them. No not at all this. Everybody here -- overwhelming support throughout the fire house where this case. So people understand they want the most qualified -- officer at the. -- -- -- -- -- I was overjoyed. -- humbled at the same time. Knowing that. Early on in the east. It wasn't just when he -- That would fight this battle it was firefighters across the country. And public safety in general that want to put this stuff that it hopefully we struck a significant blow. -- State Supreme Court. Hadn't made up thing. That. -- -- together. Without me. It's -- -- bad. The truth is seeking. We're all gonna get if -- -- That again. On what -- I'll be -- ultimate geek speak Roman. It was worth it. Every minute on it. Well I think the import of the. That's. About politics. And fracture. In lobby. -- I think. -- is that. Right. -- -- --

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