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Hoseline Advancement

Fri, 5 Feb 2010|

Joe Berchtold of the Teaneck (NJ) Fire Department discusses considerations for engine company members advancing a hoselines into the fire building.



It. In this bloodstream and it's. We'll be talking about it dancing -- line into the -- -- on arrival into company mean the size of the structure to determine the proper amount handling suppose. They're going to need to make it the ability to successfully. Make it -- this unify. The rule of thumb is always at 150 -- like the -- line in the actual room that's on fire as you're working like. Firefighters as they get off the apparatus we'll have to do this mental size up and -- man. The next thing fire by a slot to determine is whether or not -- grant dates with board nozzle or five -- I will leave this up to each individual department and -- standard operating procedures. As firefighters calling for the building. They want to be checking conditions around looking overhead. For any fire any traveling over their head. They want to be searching in front of them for any laws or did victims that might -- -- yet been found. Anyone -- the conditions that the crawling over to make sure they -- not roll over any openings in the floor or fall through the floor. They wanna keep the -- -- eighteen -- in front of them so that it's out for -- -- use that back a person wants to be no more than three feet behind the -- person. And a third person to be staggered about ten feet behind. The back up first this is being -- at the line basis successfully. And quickly to the scene of the fire. At any Benedict turns. You'll need to stacks the line around it and make sure it does not it -- working. What's the line is -- it also must be in sort that you not have any scenes between apparatus in game and the actual not. Any key in the line we'll drastically reduce the amount of water that will come out of that not. Firefighters will then stretched a line drive as far as possible -- possible. Getting him as close -- -- -- the fire but not putting themselves in jeopardy or allowing themselves to be caught off guard or overrun by fire. Firefighters -- detected the work. Verify that they have a fire. Operated on the safe side of the door. They will next couple lines large. What's it going starts it'll be the line out of -- in the city but we'll watch. As an open the door work necessary ports opened the door to make their way you. Likely it is the why. I'm Gilbert sold and this has been another training minutes.

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