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Ladder Locks

Fri, 2 May 2008|

Mike Ciampo shares tips on leg ladder locks to use when venting windows or during rescues.



It. Watch this firefighter. Rate this window without performing need to proceed -- you. Without using an -- locker room the firefighters and dangerous -- off the latter advanced one. Now -- -- technique called the arm lock. First -- come up to our position just below the window we don't wanna be up to eyes of the smoke and gases -- -- our face. -- reaching the senator the latter with a left arm. Remembering the tool to the back. We're gonna line it up to the window or not just gonna come back and swing we're gonna take a practice swing and line up that we're about to swing. -- smashed window changed. Notice that the tool is keep me locked into the latter. I'm using the tools -- brace if I had -- switch sides I could quickly. Switch arms. I go to another side window. Remember -- perform the arm -- it's very important that we split the wrongs and put. The tool behind us we don't wanna be around both -- because when we swing which -- -- our hand. On the outside beam. Also it's very important that we don't choke up on the tool. Because -- we go to string that tool that the outside in the latter and for -- and editing window. In a fire academies were taught to basically block unfortunately many of -- -- -- performance like blocked due to having large boots. Mary materials and -- bunker gear prisoners designated. Throughout my career I try to solve this situation and drug makes compensate for for us -- -- over the way Clark called hill. -- blog H I LL. Or to perform this like -- when the firefighters climbing a latter. Proceed up the -- -- -- take his left foot endorses senator he wants to go all the way to deal. As a -- climbing motion progresses those steps left and right through the rock now -- -- -- And -- connected. Also I go walking right back it was capped his -- you'll hit the wrong about it's very important that we take this right knee. And bridges side if we -- the right -- and has shattered the rear rates will slide causing collateral to fall. So it's very important just aren't that like that -- quarter. Now -- there's. -- leg lock in combination. With -- on lock. Another point to mention. Is when we work well for either side of the latter we can change lags on this -- In the fire service the training is cover a lot of material and fortunately -- -- a big part out. What do we do -- woman or civilian is Andy -- a baby at the window. We're climbing -- latter and normally we have to accept a child with both hands. We don't have anything grab on to the latter we cannot get our -- -- satellite lock position. I'd like to demonstrate a leg lock called hyper extent leg lock or hell HDL -- As a firefighter will be climbing a ladder. -- -- the woman leave the baby in the windows that you're our please please look I'm in a going to be climbing. I'll be right except the child when I'm gonna do is. In my -- both legs and press out press press. I'm pressing on both -- with the right lag. It's my strongest or try to favor that -- -- come up a little bit on my toe trying to press my knee underneath the wrong. Iran's basing his fourteen inches so I have 28 it's a national movement for me now I can except the child. -- -- -- -- -- Go back to my hands. One -- -- very important to discuss about there's every firefighter has a different body style. Some firefighters were short -- will find they cannot get their knee up to this position and we should not be a part -- out. Just be balanced and boom. If not you still can press -- press press the fire broke your doctor -- Another important factor here. Some firefighters it said to me after training lieutenant why can't I come up on both -- what happens is a -- -- -- -- -- any movement. Causes -- -- backwards especially on a narrow.

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