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Tool Tips

Mon, 19 May 2008|

In this truck company training video, Mike Ciampo has energy-saving tips to help firefighters pull ceiling and make inspection holes.



It. And it's very attacked -- today of opening up with a hook with a large had assembly. Normally what we think this book we're gonna penetrate the ceiling. It's very difficult to make our initial purchase also the size in the -- Has a better chance of hitting a Joyce through the ceiling a quick and effective packages. As you know -- And punch a hole one look back so we don't hit anybody else who hit -- Now we've made a purchase point. Duel with pod world check and they -- another partner now connect -- holes. Now we have an initial purchase point for easy -- into the ceiling. You can also use the but -- tool. To perform many inspection holes -- -- my checking for fire extension. Firebird and paper book and just -- -- -- -- Making quick inspection holds numerous raids. For fire -- national. I socialize flashlight out. Make sure there is no insulation. Blocking his view it in check require extension. It's very important. That we go beyond. The -- that's on fire to make sure that is not extending -- firm. And numerous fires fire -- inclined to lay down their hand tools on a -- -- -- on the floor. A good thing to do is take your house again -- into the wall now firefighter can proceed. Pulling open a ceiling. And when -- -- Chirac and thus all fall. He still remembers -- is tool is it's not very.

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