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Packaging the Firefighter

Tue, 7 Oct 2008|

Jim McCormack explains the actions of a RIT search firefighter once he has located a downed colleague.



-- okay what we're gonna talk about now -- packaging the five by the step that the first search -- it would take when he gets to the down five. To review the positions in assignments take a look at the last segment we went over with bit positions them assignments that'll tell you where this guy comes into play and what he's supposed to do. When we approached the downed firefighter usually -- firefighters -- -- find him. -- approach -- the first thing you wanna do with yellow outfits have found them and remember what we talked about. Wait till you get that acknowledgment if you don't get acknowledgment that he may be movements somewhere else. And they may delay the response to you so -- -- that have found them and I gotta love me I've got the victim of area. Wait for acknowledgment. And then immediately go to reset his past device that's gonna -- about the environment so -- it asked device so now it's a little more quiet you can get to work. The next thing you wanna do is convert his waist -- while the teams come in the U. Quickly get his waist that converted to the with a -- that so that you can use the -- dragged this guy so in order to do it. -- in this -- all the way. Before you actually disconnected if you do this you're not gonna have to drop a piece -- the strap. Once you get ready to -- connected through his legs but we've moved from the strap all the way. Some guys you can just disconnected put through his legs a lot of times it's -- -- -- just lifted -- leg up right now. And then disconnect and put the -- through. We're you gonna do that again you don't want to let go this -- you get it done once it's done you'll -- get up a little bit. And then you'll -- up Bullitt shoulder straps. And at this point hopefully the F -- guy is that true you can convert the F supply and you could you can go on -- -- -- this fire. So what we'll do now is with this kind of show you real time how this would look for the first right. So currently -- -- PE. Yeah. Oh yeah. Bush. Fish. Yeah.

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