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Kid's Bedroom FIre

Tue, 19 Aug 2008|

Buddy Cales walks us through the aftermath of an incident starting in a child's bedroom and discusses the signs that point to the fire's origins.



Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Here's a fire scene we've all been call to. Or will be equal to at some point in time and our careers. Either as a firefighter fire officer or the fire investigator. There's a fire to juvenile bedroom. Its parent examining the fire room that we could see first in the closet fire's taken place in the closet. -- evident by examining the interior cited the door. Which is almost completely consumed -- fire has taken place within the closet -- the closet door. Mostly in the closed position during the course of the fire -- -- jarring. On the molding on the left side of -- our. Jarring inside the entirety of the closet. The close of the fallen down -- a significant amount of fire damage that's taken place in the closet. In contrast to that. Another area of the room where there's almost the same amount of damage is on the juvenile that. Looking in the room in the contents of the room. We see that there's fires in many places within the room. This small scorch mark of a fire on a book. There's another fire. Inside an open Dresser draw. Yet again there's an additional fire. On a group both boxes of toys and books and puzzles located on a chair. As we start to look at the fires that have taken place in the room. It's clear that there's no natural mean for the fire to communicate from the bed to the closet with a -- -- the bed. And certainly not to the other areas where we note fired. Damage throughout the room. This fire scene is -- classic jewels I'll set fire. If you're the company officer that response here. We're gonna fire investigator charged with determining the -- in quotes the fire in this particular situation. You're gonna be challenged by several factors. Gonna be challenged by conducting an investigation that scene where the potential for. Ramifications coming back to -- me through press. Through denial of insurance coverage. Through -- -- in the community. Are high. You're also gonna have to deal with the issues concerning the interviewing of juvenile. How those interviews need to be conducted legally. With the rights of the juvenile protected at all time. -- gonna have to determine whether you conduct this investigation as a criminal investigation. Or whether one should determine the origin and cause of the fire. And are able to identify the juvenile responsible for setting the fires. If there's a program available in juvenile fire -- program some sort of mentoring program to get to juvenile involved -- In -- of a criminal prosecution. Or removal of the juvenile record. As we continued to look in the room and we conduct our investigation. We need to be extremely mindful. That the investigation we conduct this thorough. It's complete. And then it's conducted in a way to identify. And to isolate -- much evidence as possible within the rule that we can use this concrete and documentary proof to show what took place here. As we go through the debris that's located in the room and start to examine the different areas where the fires taking place. Specifically looking at the end here. -- -- of the door on the floor we notice a hand held disposable lighter. If we move back towards the area where that that is. We know with the door in the closed position moving over the lighter. That there is no fire between the door -- -- -- clearly multiple points of war. Again moving towards the bad. -- heavy concentration of fire located on the bad. And an additional lighter located in the center of the dead that started from now now. Looking again at the other contents of the room. We see how they now that having moved out -- extended have a heat is affected them during the course of the fire. Won't move back over to the Dresser. And starts examining the toys of the remains of the fire debris that this year and start to note again that there's an additional fire located. Within the the bottom Dresser -- it's obvious that there's no other potential -- -- -- cause for this fire given the contents of the room the occupant of the room. We start the couple that with information we -- through interviews with the first arriving fire -- with the inhabitants of the house the parents. And potentially the juvenile itself. We identify this is the fact juvenile set fire as we -- all this information from the -- C. We need to be firm in our determination and we need to stand with that determination. And we need to move forward with that determination even if we meet resistance through family or through other pressures. Clearly this is a juvenile set fire. Nobody else thanks for him.