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HUD Windows

Tue, 18 May 2010|

Mike Ciampo discusses accessing HUD windows, a form of window protection used to secure vacant residences.



Mike -- welcome the tournaments. And today's segment or -- -- -- -- window. It's a protective covering over windows -- uses secure vacant buildings so no intruders and -- it. It's very easy to recognize those into two by fours across an upper to -- across race and a large -- of plywood on the inside. I'm this will be across stories -- horse races you reconnect -- right threaded rod. Which we'll do is -- completely brutal window and this is back there -- spanning the window frame. So that you just break this border -- -- who still to a two by -- securing his place. There's numerous ways their taxes. -- -- hand tools we -- -- power tools. One of the masses that we're gonna show it is they're gonna point out here. -- the two by fours are worn and weathered many villages split of what the point will be able to break the two by fours. Once you break a two by -- The ball that is still going to be here we'll have to drive that brutal plywood. Bush is back again. That will release inside -- -- have to be careful of there's once we remove the outer braces and knock the carriage bolts that are threaded rod but this whole -- doesn't take off and fly. Is especially throwing -- working on an upper floor. There's also another technique that your users just -- your acts and splitting a two by fours comment. And splitting -- trying to break them. To release these bolts. -- -- Grow a little bit slower. An older -- was with -- firefighters. To put this Italian by -- prior outward. -- and we were tight the bolt cutters. Get into that space and try to snap the threaded rod little more difficult you could see how much room you need. The get in there targetable -- Simpler method is to use your -- saw. In today's world there -- bridges -- razor blades in -- using carbide -- diamond tipped blades. I'm in this video -- and abrasive best organized dealers. Recommend on a diagonal angle. Or -- cut to two by four and the -- -- Most firemen don't think that it composite label cut would actually burned right through. We're going to both positions that -- cut. One rose sixty point -- engineers. Yet another -- -- or operate on the upper floors. One firefighter were cut top and bottom and this firefighter here would -- the point loud and it. -- -- Securing a piece of plywood. I'm going to cut the other ones in case -- Dubai for braces on his I would -- It's obvious you -- plywood it would go flying and injure another -- on the fire ground. Now and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Remember -- Arkansas. We cut this let's start slow try to -- started Rubin here. It would go for our camps you might run on us at WZ abrasive wayward -- -- -- Rashard starts slow. I get that starter news broke her to go and -- awful rpm with this off. Remember always sizes up in this installation and they've put him and backwards -- -- credible coming out through. You gotta lower section is just a carriage that sometimes they'll reassess them over and whatever to get -- that a -- by foreign -- is harder to get out. As you can see a -- in. Well our yams are try to rate up to -- our opinions once my group cut that would -- abrasive blade cut right through rewarded actually burns it. We're going on an angle and also because -- to have the ball pop right out. If you notice up top we -- two by fours are ready start to fall off. We -- to be careful or operate and that's why start -- once I cut out. Cut low -- that's I go I came to resign -- cut the other two. Direct window -- And I executed building to protect me. Next -- of our objective areas where a beautiful there's a lot. And ride the ride back into the building to release -- top and the same for the bottom sometimes -- -- life. -- -- -- -- Now the window is still I'll -- right across brace. Endures -- spiritual and back he's back -- -- once you're not brought back -- and there'd be -- across braces for all the -- she can go fly. -- -- -- -- -- -- --