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Ladder High-Point Removal

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Dan DiRenzo shows how to remove a firefighter from a second-floor window by using the personal harness in a ladder high-point removal. Sponsored by Globe.



We'll lose the future the -- Get the best product doesn't invasion. All driven from the copper based what a broad. And are drawn to your news network that's -- to tell the story. I want firefighters. We'll be in the from the we're on their -- every day we're gonna bring. We'll provide product you're gonna help them do their job better. And ignorance in this series trim its realize. Personal point is that it removal -- first look at a before bonds. There -- various techniques that can be utilized through five players what we're gonna focus on here is a lot of -- removal with room. We'll -- laws enforce laws there's a -- -- Nadal fought for. This involves not -- that -- -- -- -- a -- -- a lot of the -- -- -- -- with the personal ones first real focus on its buttery. We got here is that -- -- along with Caribbean -- -- players can -- kilometer. When underneath virtual print both thought he's gonna send a lot with a -- appear in -- -- for being. He's gonna -- actually reached the highest loved -- -- the window itself. At this point he's gonna -- consulted with his personal hornets. Obviously it would log in is another set up is -- point. What's the high point. Established he's gonna take a letter vote -- -- between the two wrongs in -- to rescue five footer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's who fought -- there's. The ball to lot of. And to send the -- down the bottom two men who wrote. The rescue club well enough to position the bottom to -- the love a lot of as well us now in the road. We'll now go to the inside the shuttle bringing for the interior. Changes and the interior focus on the -- for packaging every -- in -- you. The -- president's not attract -- threat to the window. Next thing if there was packages five servers were removed. -- -- -- the personal harnessed as a fashion point. They're all options could be DOD device that should be. Do we mentioned that sensitive factors cannot make their horses to view was especially. So this point -- personal -- -- -- at some point. Go look at popular vote deploy it went up -- the -- -- to sit there are some form. That's as far first -- in this filibusters and grabbed the -- To bring the border reopens -- were ready to be employed in the popular vote. Popular book is opened up the -- What's inside closed not. They're gonna -- secure that so. Keeping that in line for the five -- parallel. And those -- -- -- being taken. So go over shoulder. Need to make sure this road was oversold and I don't think they'll fit -- spot for will go perpendicular. The fire -- -- removed via the face down feet first method. We will follow perfect down the negatives close their windows possible posture and -- -- they'll -- But -- in the extremities out. In -- pull for a first -- as soon as possible. -- source close -- the bus that when those possible. There's segment the body. Butler fuselage along structure may not be able to -- with that one motion so we the three point Luther. We like shots -- shops. -- of films and utilized uses handles there's just -- -- -- in the 54. At this point they're gonna go with a coupon lifted them into -- five -- -- your waist up lecture together overbay looking and they're gonna lift. As they get the file -- up who thinks their hips into the plot has. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go for the wake up and sold for. The five foot fence -- he falls in line. The rest of the coaches can be taken up on the line the five players now being -- -- transition to the outside Hartford. Another big transition of the -- five footer from the inside team outside. Of the butler probably rigged up -- -- -- -- control the outside our father. -- -- -- -- That this -- -- -- control and you look in the rope but the friction -- -- -- the wrong thing a lot of well -- in the calendar events that's created. -- blood in the pump your -- Well as far as it successfully removed from the upper floor blog. We're now that -- little exercise. Showing all this put together -- before removal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What we've seen here. It's just another option for a lot of hard -- removal incorporating the personal haulers. This can be utilized in all the previous techniques we've learned from a forum rules. Let's get thank you for watching that it's a little -- responsive. They say.

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