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Wood-Frame Building Under Construction

Tue, 27 Apr 2010|

Paul Dansbach looks at some of the dangers firefighters face when fighting a fire at a wood-frame building under construction.



-- Paul that's back -- welcome the firings during training minutes. Today we're going to look at some of the hazards of fire -- might face while operating -- wood frame building under construction or renovation. One of the most challenging fires a firefighter -- present that way it is a building under construction. Any wood frame building that from the construction we have to consider the lack of interior finish is going to lead to rapid -- development. There are few other features of a building under construction. That should be noted that present some significant hazards to firefighters. If we look up above we see what will in the NBA finished open well that finished -- well will -- completed. Be surrounded by a -- The railing. When completed will provide safety for the occupants reporting in -- the open well right now as we see the structure on the construction. We -- temporary well consisting of two by fours. That's your -- what will prevent any of the treatment from falling into the open -- unfortunately a firefighter walking across -- war. Is likely if they don't see the construction feature of this building. They might fall through that opening. So that open while during construction creates a hazard to the firefighters. Another unique construction feature to this. House is. The construction of an elevator shot. Here we could see the contractor has installed. A couple pieces of two by. To create a guard for the trades people. And for the firefighters we see this guard installed at the lower level. As an indicator for -- fire for the crawling that there might be an open well at that location. There's open -- vertical opening opening in the floors also all. Won't allow for rapid vertical fire extension in this building that has no interior finish. Another area of concern for firefighters will operating in the building and the construction is an open stairway. This is the existing stairway to the structure -- part of the railing or wall has been removed. This creates a full -- -- for the firefighters. Even attempt regard -- across the stairway is incomplete and not very stable. Firefighters operating stretching -- hose like could very easily dislodged. This temporary Rleal. Begin creating an opening for the firefighters. -- wall. Another point the past and -- about any building on the construction is that conditions can change almost on a daily basis. This is the existing -- at some point time during this renovation. This stairway will be removed. And replaced with a new -- so there will be a period of time where there will be no stairway. In this they're opening. Again keep in mind that conditions at the construction site can change almost on a daily basis. Fighting a fire wood frame building on the construction presents immunity challenge the firefighters -- the time to visit construction sites in your jurisdiction. Thanks for watching this video on how to save that he.

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