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Tue, 13 Apr 2010|

Mike Ciampo reviews tips for performing VES, including accessing and entering a window and search techniques.



I'm large sample of in this segment turns. In this segment oratory about -- yes that and there and search. Many times -- is -- the performance. In order to get through her room. Where -- -- by fire front and then maybe a victim trapped. To be actually take the -- go out completely been through this of the latter throat and do it and tools. This video assume that it's going out the window and that pop out the window doesn't exist just showed method to get into the window. -- -- -- in my hand tools I would say. It's footnote in my how to. Climb a ladder. I would inform my -- went over I would take the window. We've cleared -- -- the curtains and blinds. We want to let it blow for a minute case the bedroom doors open it -- -- -- gases come right out here in light up. As we get up there without prior to our three most firefighters are -- this down the floor. We like to sweep the floor for us what the victim is here at the window and was their worst injury it'll come up. Used -- building to protect us. -- -- -- Sat on the floor -- -- it has dropped out in the US and British out of solid floor when it -- You -- I'm protecting my face. I'd have my pastries on with the building. So our client believe the look outside. America but. For my left end here grab a run from her transition then. Leg up. Slide back quickly -- low and -- -- -- position of the windows wider I could slide back marked made in remote -- There's windows tighter I'd put my head. As you can say. This is my last want to hold onto the ring dim -- -- I -- out -- former head first ladder slide. Now that I'm in the window and in the room I can respect go -- get my six foot hook. And bring that it. Some Hutus prior -- entering a room that they the six foot -- and openness illustration -- -- -- -- fire conditions above. -- -- And -- -- yeah excellent. I should point. Smokey gas -- problem. Remain here. Who do want to purchases. Or its allies times -- workers empire. The closet door whales -- more -- years ago. And most homes when the windows and doors record for -- for gross violation. We brought to us most -- -- are as -- as -- very resource. If you go aren't there -- I blown hot. Yeah. Marketers. Really sound well. Close the door. You know on certain that your hands. Yeah search. And they're. Cool. There's another -- also use them to tools and partners like we take this is put. Who knows -- that Wright -- wall. Yeah and I won't play there we're here we're -- -- -- and who. We're gonna do well. This is an endless source yes it is accurate way though but also increase our whole -- were wrong. Reserves. Remember once we're -- -- an entire -- we actually our safety point. However most barbers are taught to come back to the door -- free -- is slightly real have a heat build up there and I think we can reach out into the hallway of the hook. Or how -- -- -- reprehensible and search public -- There's still a -- will leave the door close. Will leave our safety exit. We're -- banners -- -- from the outside using these techniques were demonstrated in this video. Remember when your operating -- that there's no wonder if there's -- but the latter we use something on a building actors -- You're gonna uses there's simply take about -- -- at this stairs. -- the -- -- kick out. -- -- -- maybe a little bit different we'll out of Zagreb slide away from the building. I'm my example there's -- in this segment insurance.

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