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Combination Fire Attack

Mon, 5 Apr 2010|

Joe Berchtold examines combination fire attack, in which firefighters knock down the main body of fire from outside a structure then proceed to attack inside.



-- I I'm -- sold. In this month segment -- training minutes we're gonna be covering company -- fire attack. Combination of fire attack is done when the firefighters cannot enter into the structure. Actually put the fire out the fires far advanced past and through the flares over -- Firefighters will attack from the outside to knock down the -- body -- fire and then go inside to do a direct attack. This combination attack will be -- with a wide spot. From the exterior the structure. Knocking down -- -- body of five. Firefighters -- lot of short period of time before making it back inside. To do a direct fire attack. To put the remaining fire out. And over all the five. What you see -- -- firefighters. From the exterior structure. Using a wide scattered fog through the window. The knockdown of the body of five. When they knocked down it. The main body of fire. It will then allow the trucks eventually for a couple seconds. And then reposition the line go inside. What you see here -- fire fighters entering into the structure. They have -- -- those -- they're checking fire conditions that they go. -- speaking their gloved hands up as much as possible. -- -- over their head. What we see here. Firefighters entering the door into the firing. They're now going to use a direct fired back. You finally. Now firefighters -- moving in -- finally. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The combination fire. It takes both reported anything and cooperates on the fire ground as well that communications. Out of part of -- companies work. -- -- -- -- --

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