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Two Firefighters for Removal

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Dan DiRenzo reviews use of the personal harness system when there are two firefighters available to help remove a downed firefighter. Sponsored by Globe.



-- over the future of the first. Get the best product best renovation. All driven from the comfort -- what the proper broad. And are drawn to your -- network that's -- to tell the story. I want firefighters. -- is the from the we're -- -- every day we're gonna bring. We'll provide the product you're gonna help them do their job yet. -- and then there and so. -- -- hears me continue us on upon personal -- Hughes who fought in far removed. Now that incorporate a second file servers where we talked about two single file for rules. This can be done in about an invention format or could also be done in the situation where you kind of -- buffer it through several operating prisoners. Here we are you felt confident with the go to expensive distance could be large commercial setting. -- forging packets -- father all the four ways such as far for up as we talked about yesterday conversion. The popular vote and that's the single strap a version with the personal mourners as well that's secondary action when we talked about growing up to -- This point we're gonna you secondary fashion point of through coat your lies and personal -- for the rescue file folders determined there's -- -- -- be removed. They reported popular vote. In other ticket up through the -- He wasn't just gonna focus on you laws not popular open to changes direction -- used to try to rescue device. That she dished out themselves -- the Caribbean on this -- As fit before we make sure we keep -- closed that way we're winning them to burn -- powerful. They have to put a piece of -- or piece of rope that that they may have. Through. As it comes through -- but to each other we're gonna point they're popular well. Looks off their personal horses. -- now come around. We'll -- go far for -- out like together. I -- together allows them to go to expensive distance -- load up on effort should be little between through breast. We're not I think everything we've done here as far as the actions concerns -- a real time. I was in the same technique that's instructor over here with these little 500. When do you want as well. That's done foreclosure involve the removal could be expensive where fatigue level such as these alternate. Think that the debate -- this point -- themselves. In love each other. This fall off ourselves here at this point next font -- will and the drive. As the for a communicate in -- -- he -- Actually. That shows how to effectively create distribute you will offset some fatigue level -- that now all environment. Now -- go to -- setting in the novel way to show real time effects of this. And they'll discuss sold the options for the firefighters you'll I was with important to personal horse -- -- farm commercial building. Would think we'll respond to our segment. Thanks for watching they say.

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