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Teepee Cut

Tue, 16 Feb 2010|

Mike Ciampo demonstrates the teepee cut, especially useful for opening up a high-pitched roof.



-- -- -- -- In this segment very miserable over another -- to -- -- -- Very often it's used on roll down gates and -- a commercial establishments. However we also -- roof. Normally it's triggered a -- with a high pitched -- boards underneath as the shooting. The fire broke -- is making a cut -- -- TP cut. Come now to diagonal lines in a knockout. Knock knock out it'll start pulling back the roof -- The roof -- -- separated it seems that the boards and it grew steadily original. This technique works very well -- a basket with our high pitched roof Harvard and worked -- different platform -- the bucket. It's very sick to work tower a lot of guys here because -- -- -- rules that fire bars and slide off Houston firefighters we'll demonstrate on a little. How to cut those -- Once we complete our carts. -- -- -- -- Sometimes and we have a knockout punch the president lacking when you make -- cut that -- -- all right through by itself. Our position oil output though it's had in -- began to open rooftop. Most -- -- -- report. Pull to get the roofing material often. We have to remember -- head is as diverse as the reason -- it was prior giant rival. Right -- replica of ahead right on the joints -- try to get it underneath and instead of pulling back we're just gonna. Put pressure upward. -- -- material unit we have the right -- Joyce. -- -- up and I just makes it opening up that much easier. Remember this is a quick and easy -- the performer on high pitched roof don't entails three quick cuts. To diagnose and one knockout cut. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --