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Firefighter Rescue Drag

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Dan DiRenzo demonstrates how to use the firefighter personal harness to drag a downed firefighter to safety. Sponsored by Globe.



-- over the future of the murder. Get the best product that's animation all driven from the copper based what the proper road. And our strong -- your router network that's -- you tell the story. I want firefighters. We'll be in the from the we're -- back every day we're gonna bring them. We're providing the products -- gonna help them do their -- that. And then runs and misstatements -- -- continued lots of -- upon personal Mark Hughes in reference to apply for rescue groups. This review laws in government situations as well as your book -- that and you -- ordered his personal cars equipped. Over here we'll do is we assume that our water is down and do some that the situation taking what we -- a little note. Appointment training and it's gonna do is to -- -- Little hearts were -- once again not the -- away from this unit conversion. He's gonna -- single strap. -- site and put that that this kid. Five players now quickly 3045 for removal use pat. Remember if we're going through that -- -- Because hugs and -- that low pressure regulator. You know incomes and the popular -- Five for now comes -- -- career he -- in the thought the -- I looked -- far -- up. Allows us to obtain access to about neck area of she yet he deploys -- popular vote -- personal more. He wants to go to check that utilized to connect to. In consideration need to be kept here -- -- Iran is nothing -- that with your comparable. Does point out you're out they accomplished through fought for -- He can now utilize the strongest. Bosses of the body with his life he swears off these rated drag those -- was the stuff -- already -- -- -- now in line. This can also be utilized at the font or and -- this conversion either was well. He squares off. He squats down at this point now he's gonna sort of thought -- -- using is unanimously to remove fought for. Disadvantage here is the thought that we can't really see too much and we wanna believe laws ordinance so just what he can -- it -- -- over. Well on the pump your -- through his legs. Having vision now to see his sense of direction as well as you -- in his hands out awards got thoughtful proposals senator -- hip hop in the removal. -- -- So we've now taken up brothel owners -- -- that once again utilizing those like. -- optimal situation where we went up. You would get up to the level where -- freshman who are looking -- far gone and conditions are in trouble. Think she's you go down far number she's -- we have to get our partner Delphi for up. -- offer traversal -- as -- before. -- -- personal harsh becomes a single shot pulls. To -- that you. What's this is done this before his -- for removal. Who now come around to the shoulder -- there. Being forced to stay -- due to conditions. -- open ports as far as. The constitutional. -- To get locking up low pressure line. Bring the fire for about down there encountered in high heat conditions forcing -- to the ground needs to get this a fair safe refuge he can at one point particularly over. And all -- -- well positioned on the ball does he -- himself up that was roughly support in the -- of us. The segment on about you bill frank Richard Walters show you now what you can -- to do that -- position. -- is like down. Pushed off -- -- strong like staying low moving into safe area. Another option that people would you like here is where if we had to remove a single file for. -- do -- and expensive situation. This was the secondary that's what's will be developed here. Situation while we're far quarters then there may not have Ashley -- in the found previously on the death of five or not -- engagement gotten so. We'll do here throughout the social causes but there at that point whether internal or asked him. Without thought -- personal horses deployed a straight powerful. At this point got taken out violently that -- -- royal family -- so it keeps in line for the body. Biggest consuming they had theories that they don't put conditions where we -- -- to heat one probably opening that. I'll -- put up some -- it's just for the fun referred to written into the -- Keep an up close as much as possible. The pocketbook is present the top. Keep his approach shot keep -- that. We do that up what next if you make sure that the closures we have the closures -- -- of -- -- closures on a little bit ago. At this point we -- change direction we can use this for oracle without supportive applause music for horizontal. Changed direction. To help distribute the latest bought it next to it -- to drive. Our question -- -- -- living in the pockets. In the fashion of just rolled up that thing if you -- you -- book about -- -- -- when -- -- format. You wouldn't think you'd implement -- that happens as it could not up in the situation we really need. Fishing conditions. It's far from now we'll deploy his. -- The same technique can you -- to personal state broke. Without this is geared -- investment funds -- sort of -- salon these aren't they broke for him. This point takes the -- -- -- -- -- He takes a close loving president of gap is anchor. -- run up through the popular vote which -- -- direction bring -- who wanted to avenge the output typically half especially go great distance. He goes extreme with -- out multiple. The people who fought for what's -- the end. Good lord god. We'll continue to do this until he's got -- -- areas removed from the building. This is just so often can be utilized and then apple -- -- at me. Hopefully -- -- put these views but if you do get a situation now -- river. Like to thank our sponsor that famous quote and -- they --

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