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Post-And-Beam Wood Frame Construction

Tue, 26 Jan 2010|

Paul Dansbach, fire marshal for the Rutherford (NJ) Bureau of Fire Safety, examines potential firefighting concerns in a post-and-beam wood frame residence.



-- -- -- Paul that's back and welcome to fire engineering training minutes there won't look at some of the hazards of firefighters -- -- while operating at a fire. It wood frame building under construction. The original construction this ruling is posted -- wood frame will point out some of the features of the original construction. At some of the features. Created by the renovation that could -- -- hazards to firefighters. Original exterior wall is woods' -- is post -- being -- the top we have. How are being that runs horizontally. Into the corner post. What we see at the bottom in between the -- days is the code required fire stopping the fire stopping here is -- -- or blocking. Without that two by four blocking any fire in the basement which -- up when they start walkout. Diagonal bracing in the wood -- system will act as a -- stop. The diagonal bracing is not located throughout the building that -- race is typically found. At the corners and it's like Warner went outside corner of the building. As we look up -- we can see our original floor joists run at right angle to this exterior wall. That indicates that this exterior wall supports both wore a ball. We also noticed as we look over the ceiling in new toolbar for stealing has been in school all below the original floor -- The installation of that -- by fourth -- system has created an additional combustible void space. Should fire car and -- rule. And get past the interior -- a drywall or a fireworks are often that combustible void space. That virus has free run throughout this -- area. In the original construction. And plaster ceiling it would -- plaster ceiling was installed. On the underside. Of the floor joists that provided an opportunity -- -- got in between -- Word choice to run it at fourteen and a half -- space -- decide in the building. So the fire spread potential of this -- has changed. Drastically. By the installation of that while we're two by -- fueling creating that additional combustible void space. This is another part of the building this is an interior wall that has been framed outperforming bubbles flood wall with a combustible void space. In which they -- going utility. Hot cold water line. And a -- waste and event line. And what what this -- creates is again another combustible void space for -- to extend into. This void space or -- originate in this -- -- -- stand up through the sport utility -- Up around the plastic -- -- -- line which extend off into the well floor -- assembly and then eventually up to be war -- to a back room on the world well. As we continue along this wall we've seen a mystery element actually Brett that is part of an interior. -- The opposite side of this. Is -- is a wood burning fireplace. The concern with any interior chimney is and reliability of the chimney should it. A and mortar -- go bad the fire heat from the far place could extend into the wood framing and ignite the wood framing. As we move along we see another combustible board space we can see these common brick of action. Again as and other combustible voice breaks that we used to -- some -- -- up verdict -- were the structure. And -- far that extends from the chimney into this white space might ignite the wood framing. And expand vertically through the -- Configure a look at the building. We're now go look at a wall that was an original wall to the structure a ripple through the structure. And to bubble -- Same concept same -- problems seem concerned that if the fire gets into this combustible walls things. It's -- -- combustible void space to grow in intensity the fire would stand vertically. Through that space we do have a little bit of a fire stop but when our interior finish is on the face of the starts there will be a gap. The fire can extend vertically. Hit the underside of before ducking a -- and travel horizontally. Through that combustible void space to other parts of a structure. Any part of that combustible void space that's created by the worst feeling assembly that interconnect with -- -- -- and other vertical void space. -- extend the fire vertically through the building -- will void spaces especially older structures instructors are renovated. Create some significant challenges to firefighters. Firefighters need to worry about -- will void spaces where to anticipate where combustible void spaces will be located in the structure. And aggressively. Open up walls. Removed the drywall remove the interior finish the check for fire extension we can only extinguish the fire there we can find -- far. Another feature -- I wanna point out at this point is the underside of the existing stairway. There is somewhat of a combustible board space. Created by the interior finish. That conceals the underside of the stairway. Should fire extend into this combustible void space. It will run vertically. Along the other side of -- Steelers stairway. What we see -- -- -- we see a one inch board that creates the tread foolish fairway at three quarter inch vertical Reiser. We have to understand that the stairs are not constructed. With the same amount of material. As our floor joists are soul which fairways like -- burn row of war before Joyce and the floor -- will -- -- Again -- stay away. Firing a stairway. We need to consider -- we're getting up and down from the war about. We're up on the third floor of the building. The roof above us has been replace. The -- has been replaced using dimensional lumber. Through that construction. -- used Joyce payers to support the ceiling rafters. Rejoiced higher in a steel -- that is nailed to a beam or a girder and supports the -- -- The connection. Uses this similar materials it uses steel connecting to the war. The steel -- softened and weakened -- fire. And they Joyce Meyer gets its bearing surface early Joyce gets very service from the hangar which is supported by the males. We're gonna walk over -- will get a more traditional framing method that provides a different. Means of support for the ceiling joints. Up here we have a very traditional method of framing. And that framing is where the ceiling -- overlap. But -- at all -- are bearing at all. And be bearing surface from the ceiling choice is achieved from the top play of the -- like war Boeing Walt. This is a much better. More secure more collapse resistant connection than the connections constructed. Using George tires. Today we pointed out some of the features of a post and beam wood frame building all -- should be encouraged to visit buildings on the construction within their -- -- plumber response area. Understand local construction features and concerns. Thank you for viewing this video segment.

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