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Pull-Back Roof Cut

Wed, 13 Jan 2010|

Lieutenant Mike Ciampo of the FDNY demonstrates how to perform a pull-back cut to open up a roof.



-- -- -- Fish and this is gonna focus on -- rules. Prior to going to -- lives -- goes straight forward and perform he entered the latter invented aluminum daughter. To take the balance analyze. What do you do is -- size -- the gutter with fruits of spikes shoes here between displace as go to that that was the latter. As -- -- suppliers are behind his perform. Are -- -- stand in the daughter. Outside the bounds collateral -- the latter will have a rigid platform rest confidence. Prior -- owner rules make sure you have your full complement of firefighting tools. And also wanted to ensure good climbing acts as -- firefighters doing. Behind this. As he gets in -- is very important that he sounds a -- rules stability. The good -- and tool. -- also as he makes his transition from prior to the roof you know uses bodies were placed on with a fireplace and move. Today extra minutes in a focus on the pullback -- that are roof open we're gonna do is. Many homes have plank roofing underneath our inspection cuts will tell us about what I've -- -- have underneath. In order -- limit our cards and reduce time and opening up the rules would you make less cuts with a sore. To pull back method. In this particular. Videos or show us news and where the upside down you will be -- series of three to five cuts. Our first cut will be. I've -- Daryle Ward. They'll come over to order a -- a little knock out cut. Remember again we -- bring -- our parents we want to intersect our -- of this lovely. Our next. Will be straight across. Remember. A good experience -- you're so ugly. Follow -- of the -- single first rate cut this prevents -- the sludge Gainer of the blade. We get to the other lagged we also gonna make another not -- Again remembering over -- your card slot left. National gunned down. -- -- -- -- -- As we can see. There was no bottom cut line that needs to be made the roof that is why he won by -- one by. Once you put our -- anywhere -- open up the rules. It -- flight backwards and Bridget -- into the boards. Enabling us open up the roof in the attic space below. Now we -- our cut our next procedures -- knock knock him. We news editor Margaret abroad and -- duo promote our knock out and I come down. This allows us to insert -- hooks into his spot. So we can begin blowing up the -- towards. Remember once you pull the -- shooting back we're going the editor horse race is very important result was a top floors ceilings. Remember don't stand directly over -- -- He got a patent escaping heat -- in plain. -- my Jabber guys who watch this segment and trying them it's.