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Week in Review: April 9, 2010

Sat, 10 Apr 2010|

Bobby Halton reviews this week's major fire news.



Hi and welcome to fire engineering as we can review on -- -- editor in chief of fire engineering. And education director for FDIC. This week were being brought to you by our friends at EV DO. That's what folks who made this beautiful podium -- -- asked him for FDIC. As well as the fire engineering podium you get -- made by EPO. Go to EB -- Dallas dot com that's EVO. LLA -- dot com for more information about your department or your organization. Can have the actual flyable latter as a podium. Be proud be proud of what we do and go to -- Dallas dot com. And see the fine line of products that are friends that -- you know make and now the point of view. This -- -- point of view I'd like talk about it disturbing trend that we're seeing which involves using criminal prosecution. To try to improve safety in the fire service. In the fire service were about continuous improvement continuous improvement is about learning you can either learn or you can punish but you can't do both. We talk about criminal prosecution. -- firefighters. Who -- working at dynamically complex events fire events. Where decisions have to be made with very limited information under tremendously trying circumstances. Where the pressures are incredibly. Brutal on on on the decision making process now we're gonna overlay that with criminal prosecution. Where hindsight makes everything seem so clear. We've got a problem. You see the people who don't go to fires don't understand how difficult they are the people who don't go to fires don't understand how things happened so dynamically. They read a report after the fact and they assume that a followed be followed -- That's not the fire ground. Criminal prosecution is about punishment. We -- about improvement. Improvement means we have to learn the only way for people to share their experiences. The only way to get people to be open about what happened. Is through non punitive reporting much like we see in our firefighters near miss program. As long as we can talk honestly about what happened we can learn from the event -- things we need to always remember is that criminality crime involves intent. The bad guy or bad gal one out there meaning to do -- -- -- There's not a firefighter alive that's ever gone out to do anybody harm on the fire ground it's just not in our nature. So we have a problem right there the people on the fire ground doing the very best they can. Given their experience their training and their understanding of the situation at the time. According to my opinion here -- point of view we have the issues we -- punish all we learn you decide. But in point of views opinions -- about learning punishment is reserved for people who intend to do -- Now to FDIC. We're just two weeks away a week for me two weeks for -- but remember April 19. We start the hot program and the twentieth. Fantastic lineup if you're -- -- hot -- haven't registered. Register now class is literally -- filling up I think of the 22 classes 23 classes I think thirteen or fourteen or sold out. Go to the site. Now you'll see the sold out -- -- plenty -- great spots left open in tremendous opportunities to get great learning workshops are still open a few of those have sold out but we got 78 -- Remember the general sessions 187. Classes. Everybody from. Everybody from leadership down to forcible entry. You can't go wrong it's that it's the -- show for reason 82 years of excellence started in 1928. It's FDIC. It's the grandfather of all shows and talk about special events the main program this year. On Wednesday huge announcement unbelievably important announcement you wanna be there to hear it and remember we also -- -- about that -- so wear your dress uniform. We're gonna have a tremendously important announcement courage and -- presentation. This year -- will award winners Eric -- from Yuba city California you wanna be there to see this man win. And he gets the 35000 dollar prize and the ray Downey courage and valor battle it's our congressional medal of honor you wanna be there. Wednesday evening Bruno does brutal and friends -- -- unbelievable it's still -- believable. Two hours of nonstop laughs and insight from Bruno and his favorite people from the -- of our service. Then on Thursday. We have another huge announcement the -- program. Fantastic news you wanna be there to hear it you don't want to be somebody hears about it second hand you wanna be an FDIC with the news breaks. Huge announcement on Thursday and a very important announcement long overdue. Something that the American Forest Service has been working on for over fifteen years finally it's gonna be reality and you wanna be in the audience to -- that. Plus a lifetime achievement award winner gets he gets his award that day and the instructor of the year Thursday night. Absolutely fantastic oh once that I -- the fools bash. Don't forget Wednesday night after -- -- the fools bash biggest party of the year that the fools bash. Thursday evening. We get done we go right over after classes at 6 o'clock we're going to white river's park -- we're gonna run the ray Downey courage and -- five K run or walk. Come on we gotta be healthy we got a lead by example join -- we've got about 500 people so far going to be there. We're gonna go right from there we're gonna do -- five K righted to stop drop rock and -- the Indiana rooftop ballroom. Food beer. Bands. Unbelievable time Indiana ball -- the five K run -- FDIC dot com click on. The courage of dollar fund run even if you can't be there for -- twenty books that's how we fund the -- -- courage -- -- foundation. That's how we fund the award every year. So remember FDIC this year you've got -- program you've got -- -- it fools -- you got -- -- program Thursday and then you've got stop drop rock and roll the five K run. Unbelievable time. And the vendors this year pulled out all stops a thousand. Of the best manufacturers. Of the best dealers. In the world showing the very latest the brand new equipment only an FDIC. It's the granddaddy -- -- shows since 1928. It's the place to be if you are serious. About being in a fire fighter and I know -- more. I'm -- -- from fire engineering. That's the news I'll see it FDIC. And --

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