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Week in Review: February 5, 2010

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Chief Bobby Halton discusses the week's major fire news, including his commentary on the recently proposed budget and cuts to firefighter grant programs.



Hello and and welcome fired hearings we can review. This week will be brought to you by our good friends at the FD and life foundation. If the in my foundation is hosting -- special operation symposium on Randall's island march 15 and sixteenth. Here's your chance to hear some of America's most experienced officers including Joe Downey nick the -- pretty often -- -- fight for Don -- Jim Dalton Mike -- Many many more to not miss your chance to hear the experts on special operations. In their own words did not miss the chance to meet them. Ask questions one on one. Don't miss your chance to tour at the at -- Randall island training facility it's one of a kind training facility for one of a kind of -- apartment. -- -- -- foundation dot org and register today for the special operations symposium march 15 sixteenth. And now to -- -- point of view. He was getting tired of every year having -- back to Capitol Hill with our fire service had our hand. It's long past the time when the federal government should need to be educated year after year on the value of -- well staffed and well equipped fire service. It seems absolutely unconscionable to me that our assistance to firefighter grant program that was once funded at 750 million under President Bush. And should be now up to one billion. Is proposed proposed last year to come and it just a 170 million under President Obama. This year the initial budget proposed by President Obama is a little bit better than is insulting and obviously poorly informed initial recommendation. Of -- 170 million last year. This year the budget includes 350 million for the assistance to firefighter grant program. Although this is an increase from the 170 contained in last year's budget. The figure falls far short of the 390. Million that was appropriated by congress for the current fiscal year. The grant program which received approximately. Three point one billion. That's three point one billion in requests for fiscal year 2009. Provides funding for critical equipment country. Apparatus that goes directly to the fire departments requesting it. It also provides for grants for fire prevention fire programs and firefighter health and safety research. The administration proposes 305 million for -- -- grant program. This is a sharp decrease from the 420. Million appropriate for FY ten. Say for provides grants for hiring firefighters. To help firefighters combat the current staffing shortages that are raging across the nation. The grants also enable volunteer fire department to assist with the recruitment retention of volunteer firefighting personnel. The administration's proposed funding the state Homeland Security grant program at a 105 billion. An increase of a hundred million for -- -- Good for the cops. We hold them no ill will the budget request also contains an increase of 223. Million for you -- -- The urban answers -- urban area security initiative. Bringing that program for proposed funding level of one point one billion. Again good mainly for the cops. If there's any bright light this current proposal the US -- administration's receiving a moderate increased. Approximately 342000. Over fiscal year 2000. This is at least a step in the right direction. Administration's proposed budget is meant to serve as a guideline for the federal spending. Congress will ultimately determine the funding levels for these programs. Now -- the time for all members the larger community and the fire service is a hole to get active. Contact your congressman and senators demand the funding be increased remind them it's an election year and firefighters vote. This year let's make a real noise will the current administration. Won't be able to ignore. And now to the news. Buffalo firefighters rescued a man trapped in his apartment. To buffalo firefighters rescued a man hanging out of the window on the city's west side. The man believed to be in his twenties was taken to Erie county medical center for treatment smoke inhalation firefighters responded to the alarm at about 3 o'clock in the morning. On 721 Ashland avenue. After -- from the other apartments reported the blaze when we got there there was a gentleman hanging out of the window on the second floor -- chief Jim Hayes. Firefighters from engine nineteen -- for knocked on the fire begin the rescue efforts as lieutenant frank -- forced his way to the second floor apartment. He went into the bedroom close the door behind him and assistant and then on to -- -- the latter. The fire broke out the second floor living room on the couch firefighters managed to confine the fire and smoke damage the second floor apartment where the -- was -- The apartment below is -- is also suffered some water damage to read more about it -- fire engineering dot com. Next story comes to us from Kansas. Salina Kansas. One person died and two emergency responders were hospitalized. And nine others were treated after being overcome. But carbon monoxide in central Kansas. A woman call the authorities after finding her -- unconscious. Inside his town house Wednesday evening. Paramedic and firefighter who went into the home collapsed. And had to be rescued by the firefighters. The two -- hospitalized. Seven Salina fire department personnel and a police officer and the woman who called were treated at the Salina regional hospital for elevated carbon monoxide levels. The carbon monoxide came from a car that have been left running and attached garage read more about the story. Go again fired generic dot com. DC firefighters rescued three young children from a fire the three young children -- left alone in her apartment when the father went to work. And had to be saved by DC firefighters after the apartment caught fire DC fire officials say the fire broke out around 614 area. Three children were found the back -- Children's Hospital -- all three children in critical condition. Firefighters from engine fifteen and rescue three entered the apartment -- found the children as they put out the fire. Through the kids -- on the bed and the third one was on the floor. Investigators say a burner that have been left on the -- those sparked the fire. Now we'd like to show your short video and interview we conducted with our friend Dan magic ASCII from nist the National Institute of Standards and Technology. We caught up to -- this week we were attending a U well -- That was studying how ventilation. Affects fires. We'll show you more video from that particular trip. In the near future but now. -- -- -- -- And -- we're talking about. Relations. Houses and hope. -- That people can act so it's -- All fires that you. Nightclub fire the line is you -- basically we're doing -- treaties with the model and it certainly helps people get a better. Visualization when it happened because -- typically see fire outside where the smoke was -- planes are now. You wanna know what happened inside what I was in the -- I have a thermal imaging camera crew constantly he everything what -- -- happened to the -- -- gives -- terrific insight that sort of thing. There's a key point here station nightclub firms that your -- fire happens we have witnesses and investigate the scene afterwards we kind of know where the fire -- -- don't know what happened. We're really trying to get to the models and the fire services. Prediction that. We don't exactly know what's gonna happen. What would want to learn what happens when you open or open windows and that's sort of the basis of -- computer are fighter trainers work mountainous. And data that's being created here well what does he just ran. It's just gonna help support that it no win because today -- certain limited to one or two rooms or. You know field test here and there were collecting data you know -- have -- complications into the real world you know kind of things. Hear Steve's going to be endless generates you know we can -- To Cobb County fire chief David Foster resigned Monday amid controversy over -- botched rescue in the early morning hours of January 24. What would become later a fatal fire. He had been with the -- for more than fifteen years and no reason was given for chief -- departure. However Ford -- firefighters were fired Friday after an investigation into their response -- that fire. Firefighters responded to call for help just after 1 am however no one got out of their vehicles when they arrived on scene and -- on -- -- fire. However five hours later that house was fully engulfed in flames and 74 and Portland was trapped inside. Internal investigation determined that the Foreman we're guilty of neglect of duty. Because no fire personnel among the initial responders walked up the -- -- to investigate. The resident would later this life that -- -- firefighters voted overwhelmingly. To save 147. Union jobs by agreeing to a five point 2% pay cut. And other benefit concessions union officials announced Sunday night. But that five point two was somewhat deceiving. For some firefighters those -- the concessions at up to about 20%. A friend of mine at Tulsa captain told me it's gonna affect him by about seventeen to nineteen. Thousand dollars a year yet he still voted and was very vocal in supporting these cuts to preserve these jobs. On the other side of that -- The cops who had a similar opportunity. Did not vote to preserve jobs and 149. Tulsa law enforcement officers lost their job last week. Stand may present it's also firefighters local said there's nobody else trained to do what we do. If we took -- 147 firefighters off the streets we would put this risk the city at serious risk. Fire engineering would like to salute the members of 442. Who agreed to accept the mayor's proposal which included this five point 2% pay cut. For seventeen months eight unpaid furlough days for the next fiscal year and the elimination of those benefits that for some of them. Can amount to a tremendous amount of money. Good luck to all of them in weathering the storm and we hope things improve for Tulsa soon. And remember the FDIY special operations symposium this march 15 and sixteenth. Is taking registrations now registrations filling up fast so get your spot. Go to FDIY foundation dot org today and register for the special operations symposium. On Randall's island march 15 and sixteenth. FDIC. The fire department instructors conference this April 19 through 24 at Indianapolis. Is also filling up fast. Register today for America's greatest fire service symposium. Conference and hands on training ever. This show will be the best FDIC of all time. Register today so you don't get shut out. -- -- many of the workshops. And -- classes which are selling out now several parts of filled up -- we expect to completely sell out the program. This year. On -- all from fire engineering. And remember be careful.

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