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Bucket Positioning

Wed, 1 Jul 2009|

John Riker demonstrates how to position the aerial ladder bucket for the most effective use of your master stream.



-- I welcome the training minutes. In this segment we're gonna show you how to position at power -- -- bucket. -- it's an action and reach and penetration from your -- -- was designed to keep out water. Directing the -- stream onto the -- -- counterproductive operation. Let's see what happens -- -- -- tower ladder to the windowsill. Check our reach and penetration into the building. I like to think of the tower ladder. As an extension of -- Just like -- -- enough. It directly through that window -- and operate -- on the opening up the ceiling. -- -- -- can also assisted year old mobile operations. The powerful stream to bring down on top worst feelings. Plaster walls. Once a tower ladders used inside the building -- of the building your chance to have the water -- -- The added -- creates a dangerous condition. And never operator tower ladder in the windows -- personnel on that fire. As you can see. Proper positioning of the towel out of pocket -- the window -- provides maximum reach and penetration into the fire building. That's where the fire is and that's what we want -- -- today. Thanks for watching them don't like.